Writing Prompt Series: Home Alone


Hey, everyone! Since many of us are writers here, I thought it would be good to do a writing prompt series. My idea is that I’ll post different prompts, and then you can write out yours in the comment section. That way, the other commenters can leave feedback (if you want it). If you request feedback on your prompt, I’ll gladly do a review for you.

Today’s prompt is:

You’re home alone. Describe what you do when you are home alone or come up with your own story.


Here is my prompt:

With a sigh, I slide the window open. Sweat drips from my brow, but the fresh air will do me some good. All I see is darkness and the faint outlines of tree limbs blowing next to the shed. No sound enters my ears, and even the house is still. For a moment, a cool breeze caresses my skin, and I close my eyes, embracing the air from the outside.

Behind me, the sound of glass crashing to the floor snaps me from my thoughts. I jump, whip around, and sprint towards the noise. My mouth opens agape, and my sight lowers to the shattered vase under the table. The shards are all grouped together, in a circle, round and perfect.

My only thought is, How did the vase fall, and who scooped up the glass? No one is here, but me.

~ 142 Words


 I can’t wait to read what you write! If you want feedback, just post it in your comment. Also, these will be random, so don’t expect them every day =)


Get writing!


30 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Series: Home Alone

  1. “Is there anything more luxuriously-soft than worn flannel pyjamas, and fleecy socks? Is there any weight more welcome and comforting that a down duvet topped with a plush faux fur throw?” “I’d wager not”, I sigh to myself, as I employ herculean efforts to hoist myself onto my plush four poster bed…all fluff and give…nurturance and quiet understanding. And, as I settle into its warm embrace, I let my tears flow until a small tired smile makes its way from my grateful heart, and kisses my lips good night.

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  2. Oh-oh! Chalk it up to being very tired (evidenced by what immediately came to mind when I read your prompt)….I thought we were to write about being home alone…haha…so sorry…my brain is too tired to formulate a follow-up for your prompt just now…but, I will check in tomorrow and see if I can add something to what others have added…I think it’s awesome that you’ve started this thread 🙂

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  3. I’ve been staring into my computer screen for too long. Not a single word written for my next book in hours.

    I didn’t notice the sky had gone dark. The rain clouds gathered as the sun set and their drops started to fall. Good thing mom brought an umbrella with her when she left. The shadow on my wall crept up and ate what remained of the sunlight. Inspiration had come at last.

    “How’s the story going?” One of them asked looking at the blank page on my screen.

    “Wow that’s pretty bad,” another one of them said.

    “Where would you be without us?” Another said.

    It’s a good thing I’m home alone tonight.

    It makes writing my horror stories easier.

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  5. It’s been raining for hours. An endless downpouring of tears from heaven, some would say. I just say it’s rain. From the back window, I can see it has flooded the garden. The stone fairy statuary stands as a guardian without an umbrella, and the birdbath has overflowed, the water cascading over its side to turn the once dry earth at its base into mud. In the koi pond,the fish move about unaware, or perhaps uncaring, of the rain. Behind my own safety of glass, I look out onto the gloomy morning and wish I were out there, running free between the raindrops, no longer hindered by this wheelchair. Perhaps if I climbed from this temporary prison, pulled myself up on the windowsill, and rolled myself out the window, I would fall to the muddy earth and be cleansed by the rain again. To lay outside, feel the world against my back, looking up into the sky and following the path of the rain as it lightly touches my face. Oh, what sweet joy!

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    • This was beautiful, Paul. When I first read this, I was speechless. The flow of your words and the emotions were amazing. I felt like I was the person in the wheelchair, longing for freedom and the fresh outdoors.

      This line, was wow – “Perhaps if I climbed from this temporary prison, pulled myself up on the windowsill, and rolled myself out the window, I would fall to the muddy earth and be cleansed by the rain again.”

      Thanks so much doing the prompt!

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      • Thanks so much! I really enjoyed participating in this, and hope you will do more things like this in the future. I really didn’t know what to write but looking at the pouring rain outside things just started rolling out on paper. Glad you enjoyed 🙂


  6. I’ve had a running To Do list since I was fourteen years old. I’m forty-six now and the list continues to evolve. When I do have time alone at home, its rare. Mainly because my husband has been recovering from not one, but two knee surgeries this year.

    I’m like my late Grandma Dolly in that I am mood driven followed by need driven. So I may need to clean my office but my mood dictates that I sit and crochet while watching my soap opera On Demand. I avoid the soaps while my husband is around as they aren’t his cup of tea. This is how he does much of his sci-fi and zombie watching, without me there.

    Ideally, my time home alone would be a full day so I could best indulge in my favorite past time of not having to watch the clock. I can crochet for an hour and then organize a bookshelf, freshen up the hamster cage and then color my hair if I feel like it.

    Coloring my hair requires half an hour of the dye setting followed by a nice shower and a special conditioner on the newly minted shade. the conditioner leaves my hair feeling like silk with a shine like a new penny. Then I may take a nap with three of the four senior cats we adopted – three because they stay out of the way of the fourth one for their own safety. If I change the sheets to something cool and cotton then the nap is guaranteed to be perfection.

    I do many things with my husband home but when he is out, usually with his family who lives out of town, I enjoy sole control of the remote. The fourth rescue cat, Harley, and I were the seedlings in our little family. We started together six years ago, a single and newly divorced woman and a no kill shelter cat resident. Since then we grew to three with another cat who has since passed, and two hamsters, one that has left us. Then we added my husband, and now we have the three cat siblings who are in their late teems. With this time home alone, Harley and I will snuggle more than when his dad is there. Harley usually sits on my crocheting so I can’t continue and I’m forced to pet him and shower him with love and sweet talk.

    There is a re calibrating for me that comes with time home alone and the ability to move, or not, without having to consider the effects I may have on someone else. I always feel better after some time alone at home.

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  7. I sit in the comforts of my bed, warm sheets and pillows covering my head. I peak out of my fortress to see if it’s safe, but all that I see is nothing but darkness.
    I do not loath the rain or the soft rumble of a distant thunder, nor the flashes of lightning and splashes of water. It’s relaxing and puts my mind into ease, as I work on stories that make me squeal in glee.
    But once the lightning hits too close, and my haven of light dims and goes, panic rises in my gut, and I’m left cowering in the dark.
    I shiver at the cold that bites my skin, I whimper at the shadows that creep in.
    “It’s not real,” I repeatedly say, “It’s my imagination, a hallucination.” Like a mantra, I continue to chant.
    I hear the soft patter of paws, my dog coming to my rescue as my tears fall. She climbs the bed, mattress creaking softly, as she makes her way towards me.
    A soft whimper matched my own, and my dog, as if to comfort me, licked my tears that fell gently.
    The lights went back on and I could finally see,
    That it was not my dog, but a monster beside me.

    This promt is about achluophobia, the fear of darkness.
    Please feel free to leave feedback!

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    • Wow! This was really good! I liked the description you had about the weather. It worked really well with this piece. If you added just a tab bit more sensory imaginary, this would be perfect!

      I also liked the unique subject you had about the fear of darkness. Awesome work!


      • It’s a problem of mine when writing, i get too focused on one thing (in this case rhyming my words which started out as an accident), and in this promt, i forgot to expand on the goal i originally had: to convey to the readers how achluophobia might be like.
        Thanks for the feedback, btw. I really appreciate it 🙂

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  8. There I sat in the glow of my computer screen, my eyes barely noticing the lines of words I was supposed to be reading. I had in the day done too much to list, yet I felt as if nothing had happened. Now as I stayed up late into the night, my mind turned to more pleasant reflections. Things like apple groves and freshly baked pie from an oven. Then onto a forest gloomy with fog and a funny little creature I chose to name…Grog. A creaking floor board woke me up from my oblivion, for it was late and I was home alone. I froze and listened for further indication from the floor, however the empty house was silent once more. Sometimes I pondered to myself, wondering if perhaps my house has a life of its own. With secret inhabitants that I cannot see, but who scale the walls and climbed my bookcase like a tree. But this was just fiction, just part of my imagination. However sometimes I look in all the nooks and the cracks, hoping to find evidence of the secret inhabitants tracks.

    [I love the thought of this new series. I always find that prompts really help me to write when I’m not inspired to write any of my current stories. Also know that I’m late to the party… been extra busy. XD Loving all the new ideas, keep up the awesome work! ❤ ]

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  9. Ahhh!!! I loved this! I loved the idea of wandering around the house and question if there is another world we cannot see. So creative!

    Thanks :3 I’m happy you like my random series =)

    I have a few other ideas I plan to post later. Thanks for stopping by!

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