How to Handle Another Writer’s Success



Before we get into today’s topic, I want to say thank you to everyone who did the writing prompt! I loved reading everyone’s writing :3

Oh! And here is a few updates from me:

– I entered my first short story contest on So far, my story has gotten all four and five-star ratings. I’m so happy about it!

– Clash of Tides should be done soon. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to do some rewrites and then send it to my betas.

– I’ll be working on 9/Nine Realms and my short stories next.

Ok! Now for today’s topic. I’m sure some, if not more, of us struggle with this. How do we handle it when a fellow writer is doing better than us? Well, I’ll let the following describe the various emotions:

  1. The shock, you know, the part of you who is like how did they sell more books (or get more readers) than me?


2. The keeping your real feelings on the inside because you are trying to be nice. Inside you are like,

giphy (80).gif

3. The, “That’s cool, yeah, I-I-I’m ok.”


4. And the one where you just cry your eyes out (yeahhh, I’ve done that. I thought Clash of Tides would have done better online).


5.Overall, though, this is how we should handle a fellow writer’s success:

giphy (83).gif

If a fellow writer or writer friend is advancing further than you, don’t hate on them or get too depressed. I know it’s hard to do sometimes, and I also struggle with this. I have a writer friend who is way more successful online than I am, but I also recognize our target audiences are very different. So, what works for her will not work for me, and it happens. All I can do is improve my craft, keep writing, and not give up. Writing isn’t easy, but remember, we need to support each other^^

I never want to feel like I’m in competition with other writers again. Before, it was a horrible experience, but hopefully, with my blog, I can promote change =)

How do you handle another writer’s success?


34 thoughts on “How to Handle Another Writer’s Success

  1. I feel that in the writing world it is almost as if writers believe that we have to be better than each other, we’ve got to get more views, better ratings and everything. Of course we want to write great stories, but we shouldn’t try and ‘win’ against fellow writers. Personally I love it when other writers are having their work appreciated and loved. Of course I’d love more reads on my work, but that and other peoples work are completely different. Great post, yet again! ❤

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    • It does seem that way, doesn’t it? I also think it depends on what community you are a part of.

      That’s a good way to be :3 Thanks! And I think we would all like to get more views on our work, but it is what it is. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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  2. I honestly don’t care if someone else gets more reads than me on wattpad. I just keep writing even if my story gets zero reads. A writer shouldn’t feel down if his/her work receives less reads. Things will pick up, just patiently and passionately go on writing😊

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    • Hahaha – I’m not on Wattpad anymore, so I agree with you =) However, I also think it depends on a person’s goals. If someone is trying to gain readers or expand their platform, and they are not getting reads, then Wattpad wouldn’t be the place for them. There is nothing wrong with writing passionately, but if something isn’t working, it’s time to move on.

      For me, Wattpad was a waste of a time and waiting patiently and passionately did nothing for me. Nevertheless, I am in a better place now since leaving that website. Thanks for stopping by!

      And sorry if this came off kind of defensive – I REALLY F**** HATE Wattpad =)

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      • I tried my hand at but it was too confusin for me at first and then there were the paid upgrades, so I just chose wattpad which was less hassle free. Anyway, can’t wait to read ur stories since I’ve still got my account👍

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      • Oh, I agree with you! took me a while to figure out, and yeah, the paid membership is annoying. I do like the site, though, and I already have a membership through the year.

        Hmm, thanks. I don’t know if I’ll be uploading my long stories online again, but I will have my short stories =)

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  3. Haha. I love this post, and it’s closely related to the post I have coming out in the morning on the dangers of comparing yourself to other writers. It’s great to have like-minded writers who are wanting to encourage and inspire other writers. I remember the first comment I sent you was on a post where you were feeling discouraged and I believe you said you felt like a failure as a writer. You’ve grown this blog by hundreds of followers since then, and that was just a few, short months ago. Know that while you’re putting all these positive vibes out there and inspiring other writers and at the same time pushing yourself forward in your writing that that is the very definition of success!

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. =)

      I do feel like a failure a lot, but I try to encourage other writers because I don’t want them to feel like me. Self-defeating thoughts is never a good thing. Thanks for stopping by and commenting^^

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      • I hear you. I just recently realized that as I write my posts, they’re kind of like pep talks to myself too. There are different ways to try to train yourself to think, and different ways to work through fear and self-doubt, but you have to constantly remind yourself to practice them. My hope is that in the future the fears and doubts that try to hold me back now won’t be an issue, of course there will be new ones, but hopefully I’ll be stronger at that point to take those on when they come.

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  4. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your authenticity and encouragement in the face of disappointment and niggling insecurities….you really are such a light and I never tire of what you have to share and how you share it…thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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  5. When I first started writing, sharing, publishing, the market seemed small. Self publishing was the kiss of death, and it seemed there weren’t that many writers out there. Now, it has exploded across the internet, and I sometimes have to fight those nagging in my head that say to me, why aren’t I more popular? Why didn’t you have more readers? This is a natural thing to question ourselves about, but I have put it in my head, no matter what, I am going to keep writing my stories. If it reaches just one person, or a few people, I am happy. My only comparison or competition should be with myself. My goal is to write better today than I did yesterday. There are no failed writers, or even bad writers, where I come from. Every writer is unique and writes from a different place. Each writer has merit, and though there are some who are more popular than others, it doesn’t mean you are crap. It just means they have found a way to promote themselves and their work successfully. Maybe the rest of us will get there someday, maybe not. But the thing is to just keep writing, keep putting your work out there. Stay creative , for a writer is not always determined by success. A true writer is determined by their dedication to the craft through all obstacles. Keep pushing on…

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    • That is so true! There are so many writers on the internet now, it’s almost too much. Those nagging thoughts are so annoying. I wonder that all the time, but I know since I left some old writing sites my readers have gone down. I liked the way you wrote this, “A true writer is determined by their dedication to the craft through all obstacles.” Those words are so true =)

      Such inspirational words by a wonderful writer!

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  6. The problem may be with the definition of success. If you measure by number of likes or readers, then that says little about your writing. That same mistake was made in the last presidential election where we equated number of viewers and followers with the substance of a man. Let’s not do that.

    It’s far more constructive to measure success by the quality of your written work, judging first by a bar you set for yourself. Other people can help you evaluate, but you have the final say. I set a high bar for myself and am not yet satisfied, but I consider myself successful if I am improving every day.

    Hemingway didn’t have a Wattpad account, and he did alright.

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    • I can see that. I do view public success based on numbers. If you don’t use numbers, then how do you measure public success?

      I know for my personal success that is different. I would say for my personal success I’m not doing well in that area either. As for Wattpad, ugh, I hate that website, but that is another story for a different time :3

      I think my writing is alright, but I just wish it was better, you know?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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      • I think we underestimate the number of failures successful writers endure.

        When self-publishing, we aren’t put through those grueling rejections, but maybe we should be. Maybe that’s what improves our writing, because rejection forces the writer to rethink everything, every word, every plot, every motive.

        I’m just as guilty. I put things up at my blog when I know I’m not really ready. I’m impatient. I want to see results.

        The idea of writing through years of obscurity without any validation is terrifying, yet we know that’s how many successful authors have done it in the past. The adage, “no pain; no gain,” applies.

        A.M., your writing is alright, and it will get better. Public success, as we know too well, doesn’t necessarily translate into personal success. And who would want that?

        Quality before quantity. You can do it!

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      • That’s true. I believe we don’t see all the failures successful writers have. For self-publishing, I feel rejection is when readers don’t like an author’s book. So, if you self-publish and don’t get many sells and reviews, that tells me the book is lacking something.

        I used to be like that on Wattpad, but I don’t do that anymore. The putting work when I know it’s not ready yet.

        It makes sense to write through years of no validation since that’s how you improve. I feel in our quick feel good society, people can’t do that anymore.

        Thanks! Sometimes I wonder about the whole “public success doesn’t translate into personal success.” Through my time online, I’ve seen the internet is more about quantity than quality.

        In the end, who really knows :/

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  7. I’m on as well and I love it. The feedback on the work and the friendships you gain are incredible. You can do reviews and earn gps to help with the cost of the membership. I’m elusive4lyn over there. Hope you come say hi.

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  8. I’ve been seriously writing for over three years now. In that time I’ve written two novels – one of which has been rejected all over the place xD

    My only success so far is a short story for a collection coming out this year.

    Things move so slowly along traditional lines. So slowly in fact that I’m finally taking the plunge with self publishing! I’m taking it slowly and learning everything I can before I put it into action. My point is success is relative. I imagine we both enjoy writing, but you’ve been far more active than perhaps I’ll ever be, and because of this more people have read and enjoyed your work.

    Keep going ^_^

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    • Things do move slowly with traditional publishing =( I think self-publishing is a good thing. It gives you a chance to get your work out there and gauge your readership. And once you get those dedicated readers who like your work, they’ll be happy for you once you have a publishing deal.

      Thanks! I’m sure once you get those short stories out there, you’ll some readers.

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  9. I would congratulate them and mostly take it positive or if it’s too much I just simply choose to ask them for tips, and also come to terms with it using other methods. Or I just choose to shut down the internet and take a day off from it, and giving myself time to think about it so that I can move on. It’s natural to feel jealous and I guess I just deal with it offline.

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    • That’s a good way of handling it. In the past, I didn’t handle my jealous well, and I had a tendency to stop following people or I tried to talk to them less. lol, this blog post was pretty much about myself. However, now I congratulate them and share in their success =)

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