50 Word Story: Trapped


She creeps along the dark hallways, searching for the doorway to freedom. The King of the Shadow Realm won’t let her leave; no matter how much she begs and pleads. In his ebony kingdom, she is his sunshine, a shimmer he won’t extinguish. Eventually, he hopes their love will blossom.

~ 50 Words 

Note: Hey, everyone! I felt like writing something today, and somehow, this was born. I hope you liked it! Also, I’ll have a new blog post coming soon! I know some of you have been asking about Clash of Tides. I’ll post the next chapter soon, but I’ve been busy finalizing the ending. 

Oh, and if you want to post a 50-word short story in the comments, feel free!!

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25 thoughts on “50 Word Story: Trapped

  1. What a mean King of the Shadow World…I’ll probably be cheering for him, won’t I… XD I loved it! ❤
    Now my random writing. 😀
    [The truth was she didn't even care anymore. What was she to do after all? Everyone expected her to be a tearful wreck, so had she at the start. He hadn't loved her, the answer was simple. Love would fade over time along with the scars, for such is life.] (50 words)

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    • Thanks! Haha, if this was a full-length novel, you might cheer for him. I was thinking the Shadow King is actually protecting her, but she doesn’t see it that way.

      Ah! I liked your 50-word story =) All the love and heartbreak. Awesome work. I like short stories because they help me ponder my word choice.

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  2. Wow, I don’t know if I could do a 50 word story, but I’ll give it a shot later and post in the comments. Your story is amazing. Puts me in the mind of the movie Legend, or perhaps Labyrinth. Either way, this would make an awesome full length story, and I think you should consider it for sometime down the road 😉

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  3. Okay I sat down and tried this 50 word thing. Don’t know where this came from, but hey here it is….

    Outside my hotel window, in this place I have come to spend my last days, there is color. Not color, as in blue skies, green grass, or pale seas, but rather painted people, their dark skin awash in bright, vibrant shades, beckoning me to join in their celebration of life.

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      • Thank you. Glad you liked it 🙂

        The idea for this was basically someone going away to die or spend his last days. Because it was such a short write, and I wanted to give this an element of interpretation, I tried to keep it vague. However, my idea of it was he went to India and in the act of the wanting to die instead discovered life by witnessing the Holi festival, an annual festival of color and community. Hopefully that doesn’t spoil your own interpretation of things 😉

        I’ll be looking for more of your writing prompts or challenges 🙂

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      • Hey no problem, thanks for asking. To attend a Holi festival has been on my bucket list a long time that sometimes it seems to invade my writing. I really enjoyed the challenge to craft something with so few words. I look forward to any more prompts or challenges you may come up with. 🙂


  4. 50 Words that could be a teaser for a book or short story you’re looking to publish! Brevity is a skill as well.

    Here is my 50 Words:

    She held his roughly bearded face in her hands, hands she always felt were not delicate enough for a woman but just right for her. She never considered she’d fall for a beard, tattoos, long hair and piercings, yet here she was, claiming him forever, til death parted them.

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  5. I love flash fiction. To convey an emotion, give insight into character, and tell a story in a finite space means making every word count. I’ve even been experimenting with pieces shorter than 50 words lately. And here’s something worth looking into if you like flash fiction. There are literary journals that publish pieces like this. In particular, there’s a publication called 50-Word Stories.

    Here’s a piece I wrote called, “Eternity” that I thought I’d share:

    Cool grasses cradle my back. Fireflies flicker. I inhale the sweet, damp air; at peace for the first time in five years, three months, and nineteen days. I could lay here beneath the black sky for eternity. Instead, I rise and kiss my husband’s tombstone before slipping into the shadows.

    Thanks for sharing your flash fiction and giving us the chance to share ours with you as well. There are other journals that have varying lengths for flash fiction. Another that comes to mind is called 200 CCs that wants stories in the 200-word range. Happy writing!

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    • That’s why I love short stories! When I write them, I really have to think about word choice and my sentence structure. Really? There are publications for just 50-word stories?! I need to check those out.

      I loved this line, “Cool grasses cradle my back.” That was beautiful. You’re welcome! I love reading everyone’s writing. I figure most of us are writers, so we should share our work once in a while =)

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  6. I really liked this! Would love to see more of these drabbles from ya. Y’know, it’s rare these days that I critique another’s work, but, ugh! the old editor in me is yelling at me to suggest two possible edits to you regarding the word eventually (yeah, I know, I’m a syntax nazi).

    1. He hopes their love will blossom, eventually.
    2. He hopes, eventually, their love will blossom.
    (or, depending on how dark/ominous you want it to be)
    3. He hopes their love will blossom. Eventually.

    Of course you must take these suggestions like you would a mere grain of salt. It’s a great drabble, regardless 🙂


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