Own Your Titles (For Writers)

I hope everyone had a good week! Unfortunately, the first part of my week was getting over this sickness. If you are wondering about the lack of updates, it was because I was ill, deadly ill. However, I’m better now, and I want to start writing again.

So, for today’s topic, I want to discuss, owning your titles!


When I first started writing, I called myself an “Aspiring Writer.” One writer – actual, a few writers – told me I’m not an aspiring writer. If I write, I am a writer (period). I understood what they meant, but I didn’t feel like a writer.

For one, people weren’t messaging me every day to read my stories or ask me to update. In fact, weeks would go by where I didn’t hear from anyone. I used to think, well, a “writer” has readers who love their stories and can’t get enough. I didn’t feel I had that, ever. It was rare that I felt people genuinely liked my work and wanted me to keep writing.

Recently, when I saw my follower count on WP, I realized I needed to change my thinking process. I needed to own my title. Now, when people ask me what I do, I say two things:

  1. My boring day job I hate 😛
  2. I am a writer and a blogger

Yep! I say I am a writer and a blogger. To my surprise, the questions start flooding in:

  1. What kind of stories do you write?
  2. How do you keep up your blog?
  3. What do you blog about?
  4. And the question I hate, “How much do you get paid?”

I tell people I’m working on the last one.

But! The important thing is to own your titles. If you write to hone the craft of writing, you are a writer. If you nurture a blog, then you are a blogger. Don’t let the lack of getting money, followers, or anything else keep you from your title.

Say it loud, and say it proud, I am a writer!!!

(sorry for the bad language, but I loved this gif)


Have you owned your titles?

(To bring more appreciation for others to my blog, I plan to do blog highlights in the future.)

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45 thoughts on “Own Your Titles (For Writers)

  1. I have a difficult time owning my title as well, even though I’ve technically been published. I’m not sure why this is. Maybe when you tell people you’re a writer there’s this level of expectation that they have for you and if you don’t meet that you feel inadequate.

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    • I know what you mean. When I tell people I write, they want to know what stories I’ve published. I tell them I don’t have anything published yet, but I don’t let other people’s expectations bring me down. You can only focus on your own accomplishments. Since you’re already a published writer, you are ahead of most people =) You should be proud!

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  2. I started own like that too, my about me section of my blog made it evident as I had clearly written ‘I am not a writer but I wish to become one, one day’.
    I also had thought you had to be publishing books in order to take such a title, until a reader who kindly offered their advice to tell me that I was a writer, and that I was being modest, and there shouldn’t be any shyness in saying so.
    A well over due piece of writing that was much needed.
    Thank you for writing it.

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  3. Great post! I feel many writers need to own the title, myself included. I do use that title, but I sometimes don’t feel that I am, though I think my output lately says I’m doing something on this iPad besides playing mahjong;) I think I feel more comfortable calling myself a storyteller. The reason for this is when I am writing I put myself in the mindset of I’m sitting around the campfire with a group of friends and I’m weaving a tale to get us through the night.

    When I self published my first book, I had a difficult time with titles. There were some who said, okay you’re an author now. I didn’t feel any different than before I published, other than having a sense of accomplishment. Still I owned the title, but to me Stephen King is an author, I’m just a….storyteller. So, yes, own your title, or come up with your own variation of it. You deserve it. After all once the pen touches paper and you write that first word, you are a writer! 🙂

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    • Thank you! I’m so happy you liked it :3 More writers really do, but I think it’s hard with how people view writers or artist in general. Really? I think of you as a writer =) However, I do know what you mean. I think you should stick with whatever title you feel is right^^

      Thanks so much for commenting and adding to the discussion.

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    • It’s just something I’m trying out. It’s a website that lets people donate money to you. I don’t know if I’ll keep it. I saw other writers do it, so I figured I’ll see what happens.


      • Thanks! Lol, I’m sure I won’t get anything, but who knows what will happen =) The donations would go towards artwork for my characters and a cover for my self-published books.


  4. I think this is an important thing to do. It’s hard though because its so easy to learn how to roll our eyes and say “Everyone wants to be a writer” until someone is Stephen King. I think if we start talking more and more psoitively about writing and the importance of writing “owning ” our being writers will be easier. Plus its great to support each other.

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    • I totally agree! We need more positivity about being writers and not letting others bring us down. That’s why I want my blog to be a place where writers can connect and support each other =)

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  5. This post is so inspiring for me! I honestly am stuck between wondering if I am an aspiring writer or already a writer myself, and this post made me feel like “yeah! I write stuff, I am a writer” and to further push that point to push myself to write more. Thank you for this!

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  6. I did have some difficulty owning my title, as I didn’t feel I was that good a writer to be called a writer, but now I think quite differently seeing how I have grown as one. And that I guess that I have to do that, so I can just write everyday and not quit otherwise I can’t really find the motivation to write.

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  7. One of my pet peeves is seeing ‘aspiring writer (or author)’ in a bio. Congratulations, you are NO LONGER ASPIRING! You are WRITING. That’s excellent. Also, regardless of illness, you’re STILL A WRITER, it just means you need to take care of yourself (and try to make notes of any hazy story ideas as best you can in your ill/drugged-up state) so that you can get right back to it.

    I hope you continue to feel better, get stronger, and write smarter. 😉

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  8. I still struggle with the title as I have grown up around people who thought being a “writer” wasn’t a real job. When I was a journalist I had friends who said my job wasn’t a “real” one. I’m no longer friends with these people but that mindset is hard to leave behind.


  9. Yay, yes, absolutely. Well said, now to go off and practice it again at the next ‘wincing’ opportunity. No qualifying ‘buts’. It is funny how people not in the arts of any kind assume that one surely must be paid for these endeavours! Own your title – yes!

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  10. Haha, I love your writing style! I feel like you have the same views as me and you have a similar writing style! Keep up the hard work, you have already inspired me!

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