Blog Tip Series: Responding to Comments


Hey, everyone! Did anyone watch the game yesterday? I’m not a big Superbowl person, but the ending was so wild! It reminded me to never give up :3

Anyway, back on topic! Over the weekend, I reached a milestone on this blog I never expected. Thanks to all of you wonderful readers, I have 1,133 followers. That may not seem like much, but it’s huge to me! This blog is my first online accomplishment, so, I want to give back by sharing more blogging tips. =)


Now since I’ve reached all my blogging goals, I want to focus on my writing goals. Don’t worry, I won’t be giving up my blog =)

Today, I want to talk about responding to comments. If you follow my blog, you know I mentioned this in the past, but I want to have a deeper discussion about responses.

When you think of your blog, what words come to mind? For me, I think of the word “Social.” After all, having a blog is part of social media. That tells me I need to converse on my blog. Now, I’m sure you are wondering why that is important. Well, it’s simple, really.

If you want to gain more followers for your blog, then interact with your readers. And when I say “interact,” I don’t mean responding to comments with “Thanks for reading.” I’m saying have an actual conversation with your readers. I won’t lie to you, it’s a big pet peeve of mine to see bloggers respond to long comments with “Thanks for reading.” If a reader takes the time to write a long, thoughtful comment on your post, then have the same decency. Showing you care about your readers goes a long way.


Here are some tips on how I respond to readers:

  • Respond to every comment on your post. It may take a while, but it will show to your old and new readers you care.
  • Actually read the comment and respond accordingly. Don’t respond with a simple “Thanks for reading.”
  • Make time to respond. Finding time can be hard, so maybe take an hour every other day just for comments. (This is the technique I use)
  • Engage in conversation. Have a discussion in your comment section. If the reader responds to you, keep the conversation going (for as long as you can).
  • Visit the reader’s blog! Visit your readers’ blogs and comment on their posts.

Honestly, I have unfollowed bloggers who didn’t respond to their comments. I know it’s hard sometimes, but engagement is important. My blog wouldn’t have grown without it. So next time you get a comment, respond to the reader. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it :3

P.S. After jumping around to different writing websites, I feel the WordPress community is the best one to engage with.  And also, Clash of Tides will be finished by the end of February!! Super excited!

How do you handle comments on your blog?


59 thoughts on “Blog Tip Series: Responding to Comments

  1. I respond to each comment, but sometimes, since I primarily post micropoetry, I often only receive short, “This is awesome,” or “Love it,” which doesn’t exactly facilitate conversation. If someone adds a little more, I will too. I actually really enjoy those deeper conversations. I’m working on adding more depth to my blog in the near future in hopes to engage more with my readers. I’ll see how it goes. 😊

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  2. Congrats on hitting a milestone with followers! Great job. … As for blog comments, I’d love to respond to comments but at this point I don’t get many comments over on my blog. Of course, I don’t post over there as often as I should so that may have something to do with it.

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  3. Hey Bradley!

    I absolutely agree that interaction is the best way to connect with our blogger community! Even when it is all virtual, there is a sense of a society building up here – with absolutely no discrimination or whatsoever! When we interact, it makes us feel that we belong here! This surely doesn’t come with a “thank for reading” comment but something much more! And, I love the way you have used gifs to express your thoughts!!And your style of writing is casual and intriguing! I have a question for you… Should the blog writer always post the last reply to every comment? (because I have had blogger friends who would respond to me and like to end the conversation)… Is it necessary that I end it?


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  4. It’s rude to ignore comments…

    I think that if they don’t intend to respond to comments, they’re better off by just disabling the comments.

    As for replying with a generic “Thanks” to long comments, they should try harder.

    Nice post BTW.

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  5. The super was epic. Awesome you have that many followers.
    I think responding to comments makes your readers/followers come back. They also like the person to feel like a friend
    Negative comments are so hard to ignore but responding in a neutral way where it’s not passive or aggressive is the best thing to do haha

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  6. I didn’t see the game, but I heard from others that it was a wallop of an ending!

    This is such a valuable topic. Social networking is just as important as those face-to-face interactions. We can all start conversations on the biggest common interest that we share: writing!

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    • The game was fun, and the ending hit me in the feels!

      Thank you :3 I’m so happy you liked the topic. It wouldn’t surprise me if social networking overtakes face-to-face networking one day. Yes! Mostly writers read this blog, so I think it’s important for us to converse with each other.

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  7. Congratulations on reaching your blog follower goals and things, Akaluv. I’m so happy for you!
    As for comments, I always try to respond with more than just “Thank you” even when they just say something like “Great post.” I also try and personalize the message by including their name if I know it (or at least the name they are most commonly referred to) I just feel it adds to that feeling that you appreciate who they are too.
    Personally I’m looking forward to getting into a pattern with study and stuff by March so I can start focusing back on the blog and writing side of things. Even with tons of stuff happening I still try and respond to comments quickly and interact with my fellow bloggers.


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  8. I usually don’t get many comments, but when I do, I try my best to respond with a relevant response, and I also try to do it in a timely manner. Now, I’m personally trying to leave comments on other blogs to put myself out there in the community. 🙂

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    • That’s great! It’s always important to show you read the person’s comments^^

      That’s great! Once you start reading more blogs, you’ll meet new people and more people will find your blog. =)

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    • So true! It annoys me so much when people don’t respond, especially if they got a long comment.

      I always thank people for their comments, because it’s nice to know people read my work and want to talk to me :3

      Thanks so much for adding to the discussion.

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  9. Totally agree with you, Akaluv. It’s so important to respond accordingly to every comment we receive and to put in the effort to write something “meaningful”. One new thing I learned here is to “engage in conversation”, often I’d just write 1 comment and stop there, instead of continuing the discussion, so that’s a very good point. Thanks for sharing, as always. 😉

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    • Thanks! And it really is. People take time out of their day to comment, so they should get a response.

      You’re welcome! I always like starting conversations. Some people have really good ideas, and you can network.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

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  10. I am so un-guy I don’t even watch sports, but hey I’m sure I enjoy stuff other men my age think are stupid. Just watch my face when someone calls anime a cartoon. Grrrr…lol.

    Hey congrats on your blog achievements. You really deserve it, as you have a very engaging blog that is constantly inspiring me. I always look forward to your posts, and I am happy to see you will be working on “Clash Of Tides” this month. I really miss that story.

    As for the topic of engaging through comments, I have to admit I sometimes have a loss of words when someone comments about something specific within my work. I’d like to think I’m humble, and so i hate to come across as a writer with an ego. Usually in those instances, I try to offer up something about the writing process or inspiration of whatever they were commenting on. I do make it a point to thank them for reading and commenting though, because it truly does mean a lot to me that someone has taken time out of their day to read my work and say something about it. But as you said, a simple “thanks” isn’t very engaging at all. So I try to offer more and hope it can start a conversation:)

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    • Hey! I didn’t forget about this comment. You write long comments, so I want to give you a decent reply =)

      I hate when people call anime cartoons. It’s so annoying > < I don't think Berserk can be called a cartoon.

      Thanks so much! I'm still in awe this blog has grown so much. And yes! I'll be posting Chapter 20 this weekend. These last few chapters are important for the second book =)

      You've never come off as a writer with an ego to me. I've seen a lot of writers with egos, and most of them I've found on Wattpad. I like the way you respond to readers :3 And I agree, we should always thank people who read and comment on our work.

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      • Can’t wait for new chapters! 🙂 and I have to give you credit for how I respond to commenters and people who may visit my blog. Your blogging tips have been invaluable to me in how I am trying to achieve some growth and a closer connection to those who take the time to comment. So big hi five to you for your amazing blog and all the subjects, including your own stories, that you cover . Keep writing, or as they say in Korean dramas…Fighting!!


  11. I’m excited to hear that Clash of Tides is almost complete. What an accomplishment!
    I enjoyed the tips for commenting. I actually have learned some of these, just by observing and participating in your discussions. Currently I find it easier to comment on other people’s blogs than I do responding to people’s comments on my own. But I’m working on it. I enjoy participating in these conversations, so it’s important for me to create that environment on my blog as well. Thanks for the tips and providing a great community!

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    • I know! I can’t wait to get the manuscript finished and rewritten. =)

      Really? Thanks! Haha, sometimes I feel like that, too. On other people’s blogs, it’s easier to engage in conversation. Probably because you don’t have to worry about responding to everyone on the post.

      You’ll get there! It just takes time and a lot of posting.

      Ahh! Your last sentence brought me to tears. I’m so happy you feel like I’m building a good community here. That means a lot to me. ^___^

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  12. I agree. I’m still kinda new, so I’ve got maybe 5 or 6 comments total all across my blog. But I do try to respond to every comment that isn’t just a “great post” or “I like this,” since all you can really say in response to those is “thanks.”
    I always get warm fuzzies when I return to someone’s blog that I commented on and they’ve replied to my comment. That’s a special sort of happiness 😄

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  13. Well said! That was very short and to the point, and I liked that!
    I try to respond to every comment on my blog too. Sometimes, to be honest, it can be difficult to really strike up a conversation when all they give you is a compliment. There’s nothing wrong with that, you just need the right material to start a conversation.
    That being said, I agree with what you said about the laziness of “thanks for reading”. I mean, I still tell people that because I mean it, but I still try to say more than that!

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    • Thanks! I try to keep my posts short, but to the point.

      Sometimes, it is hard to respond to everyone, but if make time, we can do it. Oh, don’t get me wrong, short comments are fine, but there is some bloggers I feel can do more.

      I used to leave long comments on many blog post, but only like two out of ten bloggers would actually respond to me. That, I find lazy.

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      • Yeah, it’s definitely frustrating when people don’t honor my long comments. Maybe I overdue it sometimes though, and I don’t even realize it!


  14. I love getting comments – short or long. I try to respond right away, but sometimes I have to stop and think about what I really want to say. Especially for the longer comments.

    I can’t imagine not replying. That would just be weird and rude. At least, that’s what I think.

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  15. Well said, as a newbie to blogging looking for people to connect with, this is very helpful indeed. I will now unfollow people who don’t respond to my comments no point in knocking on the door of any empty room


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