Writing Prompt Series: Disguise


Hey, everyone! It’s been a while since I did a writing prompt, so here it goes!

(If you are new to my blog, these prompts are for all readers and writers. If you would like to participate, please post your story in the comment section.) 

In 50 words, write a story about someone who wears a disguise and reveals what they really are.

Here is mine:

In the cover of night, her milk chocolate skinned changed. When darkness arrived, she was no longer human. Jewels covered her form, glowing from the moonlight reflecting off their surfaces. Humanity considered her just a black woman, but at night, she was the goddess of the stars, sky, and moon.

~ 50 Words

Happy Writing! Please post your story in the comment section, but only if you want to ^__^


37 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Series: Disguise

  1. His wheelchair by the bed, alone at last. A sigh of relief sent a shiver through him as he rose and stretched his cramped legs. Lights dimmed he opened the envelope holding tonight’s target. No not him, not my brother. Another sigh, this time regret. He reached for his rifle.

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  2. Awesome prompt. Your entry into this was very well written. I loved the imagery in just a short space. I had a tough time with mine, but here goes:

    He stood by the window, blood caked to his face. His lover did not stir upon the bed. He had tried to hide who he was from him, but all disguises fall away in the light. He stepped out onto the veranda. Kissed by the sun, all pretensions fell away.

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  3. Alex poured a cup of his wife’s favorite coffee blend while she rested in bed. Grief over attempting to conceive a child for more than a year consumed her. He would do most anything for her. Gently flicking a spoon, he mixed in sugar and a pulverized birth control pill.

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  4. They were inhabitants of the same body: two souls, one light and one dark. When the fire arose, they sought out only the carnal and sexual encounters behind strangers’ closed doors. When the blue spirit came out, calming love prevailed. Tonight, though, he brought them both to their knees.

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  5. Kind and generous was the man. Always smiling, always happy. But on the night of the blood moon, he transformed. Hideous fangs sprouted from malformed jaws, and his body became monstrous. He looked around with horrid red eyes. Then he saw me and I knew. I was his next target.

    This is my first time doing one of these so… yeah. Anyway, I loved your short prompt. It was very vivid and I loved your description of the woman.

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  6. “She leads a war of brutal power and her name is hated by the realms she invades. They say, she brings only destruction and her lips twist into a smile at the truth. The rule of demons are crushed beneath her feet, for that’s what happens where an angel treads.”

    You know I love these prompts! Your story is so beautiful too! I don’t know whether mine technically fits under disguise but it’s what my brain gave me so I went with it. 😀 ❤

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    • Ohhhhh!! Nice one! I liked that description of an angel. I wasn’t expecting that twist at the end. You blew me away with this one ^_~

      Thanks so much! I’m so happy you like my prompts. I liked your story, and it worked well^^

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  7. The mask was supposed to protect Misa from all harm. That was Lord Conrail’s words, his promise.

    Lady Laentrea told her the truth. The mask was not meant to protect her. It was meant to protect him.

    Misa stood before the Lord and smiled.

    She removed her mask.

    And he screamed in terror.

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  8. My wife watched lovingly as I worked on my latest project. She was one of the few who truly admired my art. Other people just didn’t understand. I lowered my scalpel, pondering my work. “She’s beautiful darling,” my wife said sweetly.“This may be the best Glasgow smile you’ve done yet.”

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