I’ve Returned!


Hey, everyone! How has your week been? Well, I’m finally back from my trip. For those who are interested, I went to Sedona, AZ with my family. From there, we did the tourist thing and saw the Grand Canyon.

Honestly, the trip was awesome! It was peaceful looking at the red mountains and listening to the water flowing. If I ever decide to make a writer’s retreat, it will be in Sedona.

During my trip, I reflected on who I am and where I want to take my life. Sometimes, we need to break that daily grind to think about our own selves and desires. My biggest goal for the rest of the year is to have no more self-doubt. A fellow writer on Writing.com told me “If people tell you your writing is good, believe them.”

Now, I think the worst thing a writer can do is receive praise for their work and not believe their readers (fans). That’s exactly what I did, and I won’t be doing it anymore.

Also! I came up with so many story ideas while on my trip. I can’t wait to write some new stories and blog posts. Here are some pictures I took:

Also, I wrote a poem about my experience:


As I stood on the rusty colored dirt road,
my eyes were fixated on the scene before me.

Giant rocks, as they formed through the ages,
captured my sight and entranced me.

Their shapes were mountainous, scary,
but they held an alluring beauty.

Under the desert sun, my worries emptied,
and I reflected on my reason for being.

For I am a writer, and the written word is my course,
and bringing worlds to life is my path.


Next week, I plan to post the following:
Book Review (a fellow blogger’s story)
Chapter 21 of COT
New blog post

Here is my to-do list for the rest of March:
– Write my entry for the Short Shots contest (Writing.com) 
– Finish my prep month (Profile showcase for Writing.com) 
– Upload the revised chapters for 9/Nine Realms (For review on Writing.com) 
– Write my next short story for publication (Submissions!) 
– Sign up for my Creative Writing class for April

Question: When readers tell you your work is good, do you believe them? (Of course, there is always room for improvement, but do YOU believe your stories are good when readers say it?)


13 thoughts on “I’ve Returned!

  1. You sound rejuvenated after your trip, Aka. Your poem does a lovely job of capturing your trip, and your mind shift. I like to hear the confidence. It also sounds like you spent your time well being with family, reflecting on your writing, and making goals for the future. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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      • I think my confidence is usually 90% faking it, and 10% genuine. I keep at it though with hopes that one day it will be 11% genuine. Haha Whatever it takes to keep writing.


  2. Welcome back! Love the poem 🙂

    Just thought I’d chip in on this one…several times I’ve put a story up thinking it was pretty lousy, and then got great feedback. Other times I think a story’s pretty good but no one else agrees. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I am terrible at judging my own stories. So really, I have no choice but to listen to the readers…

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  3. Glad that you enjoyed your trip! And it is always good to reflect, we only don’t always have the time to do it when you are in your daily ritme.
    Yes, I do think you should believe it when a reader says that your story is good, that is a great compliment. They took the time to read your story and have enjoyed the time they have spend on it. But I think you also have to listen to the ones who give feedback on your work.

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  4. Lovely picture! It’s super awesome to hear how rejuvenated and inspired your trip helped you to feel.

    Fortunately, I have a fairly easy time believing it when other writers praise my work and tell me that it’s good. I think this is mostly because the feedback I get is from fellow writers in a writers’ critique group, and I’ve seen them be somewhat unrestrained in their critiques before, haha.

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  5. Welcome back! After seeing some of those wonderful red rocky landscapes and lush greenery running by the rivers on a most precious tour in 2008, I’ve had the fantasy of a writers shack in Sedona too.In fact, In fact, I’d almost be glad of it being my last abode!

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    • Thanks! Sedona is indeed a beautiful place!

      I know what you mean! I told my guy I would love to live there. I could get back to the writing and nature. Yes, the rivers are so soothing. I already want to go back :3

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