Using Your Talent (For Writers)

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Today’s post is more personal, but I figured I would share it with everyone. People say writing is an art, but writing isn’t visual like most traditional art. Let’s say, for example, drawing, graphic design, and acting. Nope, writing isn’t something people can see without using their imaginations. So for some, reading and visualizing a story isn’t easy. I figured that’s why most people say, “I’ll wait for the movie or TV adaption to come out.” Or, “Why read it when I can watch the movie?”

People say writing is an art, but writing isn’t visual like most traditional art. Let’s say, for example, drawing, graphic design, and acting. Nope, writing isn’t something people can see without using their imaginations. So for some, reading and visualizing a story isn’t easy. I figured that’s why most people say, “I’ll wait for the movie or TV adaption to come out.” Or, “Why read it when I can watch the movie?”

For those who write and read, we know those people are missing out on some great stories. And of course, books usually cover more than a movie or TV show will. So as writers, our work is harder than traditional artists who create beautiful pieces for people to ponder and stare at.

Now, you may be wondering what’s the point of this, and I’m going to tell you. Point blank: use your talent. A few years ago, I was always on DA (Deviantart). If you don’t know what DA is, it’s a place for artists to share their work. So think, drawings, gifs, photography, and more. On DA, fellow artists would draw pictures for other users. The same can be said for artists offline. For example, if a friend is sad, you can draw a picture of them with their favorite fictional character. Those artists use their talent online, and offline.

As writers, we should do the same thing. If you are a writer, use your talent not just to write stories online, for publishing or for yourself. Also, write for the people in your life who love and care about you.

This week, my mother was upset over something my brother did, and I tried to think of ways to make her feel better. Of course, we talked about, but then I thought, “I write! Why don’t I write her a poem.” So, I got my thinking cap on and wrote something short and straightforward:

There is no reason to be mad,
so please, don’t be sad.

Here is a simple message to say,
I am here for you now and always.

Dedicated to my mother, Evelyn. 

I know it’s not much, but it’s a way to use my talent to cheer her up. If I were better at drawing, I would have drawn her a picture of the landscapes she likes. However, that’s a skill I’m still working on. So next time someone in your life is sad, use those writing skills to make them feel better. After all, it is your talent. And besides, if your friends and family see more of your writing, then they may read that book you’ve been working on or, they may finally say, “We have a writer in the family, and it’s (you)!”

Have you ever used your writing talent for a friend or family member? If you did, what did you write them?


26 thoughts on “Using Your Talent (For Writers)

  1. Excellent points, Akaluv. That poem was absolutely beautiful. ❤

    On a separate note, I think most people prefer to watch the movie adaptation instead of reading the book because it's easier and less time-consuming. Even though the books are usually richer in content and storyline.

    Great article as always! 😉

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    • Thanks! Ahh!! I’m so happy you liked the poem.

      That’s true. These days, most people don’t have time to spare on reading. I’m glad you liked the article. Thanks for commenting :3

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  2. I used to dabble in songwriting and my step-dad (a musician) discovered one of my songs. He told me it was very good but when he showed it to my mom, she scoffed and immediately assumed the song was about her written in an over-dramatic way. The song was called “Forgiveness” and it’s about learning to forgive (no one particular). From then on, she just assumed everything I’ve written was a dramatic over-exaggeration of her actions.

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    • Really? I think some people need to realize that not everything is about them. We can have others in our lives that influence the pieces we write. It’s nice that your step-dad liked the song and enjoyed it. I’m sorry your mother ruined what could have been a good experience for you. =(

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      • It’s okay, as I stay in China, I’ve come to find out it’s not just my mom, her whole family is like that which sucks. It just matters one person likes it. My step-dad even tried to put some music to the lyrics with his guitar which was so cool.

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  3. Great post! I love using my talent of writing to make my girlfriend happy, or express my feelings to her. She really enjoys it and I’m glad that I can use writing to make her feel that way!

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    • Hi, Joanna!

      You totally should! I started doing that with my family, and they are finally starting to believe me about this writing thing lol.

      And you never know, you may be able to sell some of your birthday poems to a greeting card company.

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  4. I can do a little bit of art, but I like planning and design and travel, but I wouldn’t say I’m especially strongly talented at those things. XD I have definitely made things for family and friends. I like doing personalized poems but I’ve created short stories for friends in the past when they are feeling down or something special happens. It’s a way of sharing your passion by writing something relateable directly to them. 🙂 Great post as always!

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  5. Excellent post, Aka. You make a good point about using your talent to do something nice for someone else. I think I’ve done that, but I didn’t really think about how I was using my talent. I forget that writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so a lot of times it’s just something that I do. I wrote individual thank you notes to each member of my writing group for Christmas telling them why I valued them in our group and what specifically I had learned from them.
    The other part of your post had me thinking about the number of people who read, because you’re right that a lot of people wait for the movie. It reminded me of data reported by Statistic Brain from 2016. They reported interesting reading statistics. Thirty-three percent of high school graduates never read a book after high school. Forty-two percent of college students never read another book after they graduate. And 50% of U.S. adults are unable to read at an 8th grade level. Now these are statistics for the U.S. I’m not sure how they differ from other countries, but it’s kind of alarming. It’s interesting though, when I look around at my friends, family, former colleagues, and acquaintances more people don’t read books than those who do. I don’t think that was something I noticed until I started pursuing writing seriously.


  6. This is a really good post. There was one Christmas that I remember where I wrote everyone a story. And a mother’s day too. 🙂 *sighs fondly* good memories. I agree with you one hundred percent! We should definitely use our talents to brighten up peoples’ days!


  7. Lovely post! Yes, we should use our skills and talents to the full and if they can help others, then all to the good. I wrote my sister a poem for her 50th birthday, which was also linked to my novel (about sisters), and within that a pink kunzite ring is symbolic of inner peace – so I got her a ring of this type too. I don’t consider myself a writer of poems, but it just came out of me – and I thought, where did this come from? So proving, that if its in you, you must let it out.
    On another note, as a painter (and of detailed style), I have to say, that I consider writing far more challenging a creative pursuit, for its sheer complexity and juggling of imagination and craft.


  8. I’m not just a writer – I’m a story teller. I like to tell (mostly funny) stories to cheer people up. I also write poems on Christmas menus and party invitations. There are tons of ways we can use our writer tools.


  9. I currently write fanfiction on I am quite familiar with deviant art. I only started writing seriously in the last year or so. It’s been a little over a year. Like most people I talked about writing a novel in my spare time, however like most people I never did. But last January I sat down and wrote my first actual story. It was a Dragonball Z fanfic. Which was in my comfort zone. The first few chapters were awful to be honest. However the more I wrote the better I got. I realized that writing is a skill that we must practice and hone. Someday I may be good enough to publish but for now I hone my craft on fantasy and genres that are different. From the comments of the readers kind enough to leave them I have made them laugh and cry, which is all any writer strives for. I want them to feel and be invested, to celebrate and be uncomfortable basically all gamuts of human emotion.

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  10. How thoughtful and compassionate you are! 🙂 I fully appreciate your perspective/observations…I agree. As for writing in hopes of helping/uplifting/comforting others…I do this often…whether writing someone directly or posting messages on my Facebook page….and, obviously, my blog posts are meant to fit the bill. Thanks for sharing your gifts 🙂


  11. I’ve wrote a letter to a lost lover, it’s still hidden, I’ve wrote a letter to make a friend feel better, and I’ve wrote my brother a letter, I’ve wrote my lover a letter and a poem ..

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