Burnout (For Writers)

Hey, everyone! I’m trying to get back to my normal posting schedule, so please forgive me for not being on track. To give you a quick update, I’ve been working on plotting out 9/Nine Realms and doing some world-building. For my past stories, I didn’t do enough world-building, so I want to improve that with 9/Nine Realms. Once I get the world and lore done, I plan to start writing the rest of the story!

For today, I want to discuss “Burnout.” I’m sure that everyone knows what burnout is, but if you don’t, here is the definition:

“Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.” – Google.com 

This is the definition I’ll be discussing today. As writers, we’re always writing, always thinking, and most importantly, we want to grow our readership. If you focus on everything we have to do as writers, it’s easy to burn your mind out.

Hell, there is:
Character Design
Author (writer) Platform
The Actual Writing
The Actual Writing 

Cover Design
Finding Beta Readers
The Actual Writing

That’s a lot, and really, we don’t want to do this to our manuscripts:


I can add more to that list, but I feel this is enough. Basically, there’s a lot of stuff to do. In a way, being a writer is a job, but sadly, a job you don’t get paid for, yet.

If you look at the list and oh, let’s add “read other writers’ stories too, then it’s easy to burn yourself out. Remember, take a breather and relax. We want to write, publish, and get our stories to our readers, but burning ourselves out won’t help.

In the past, I spent every waking moment writing. My only focus was to get better, to make my readers happy and grow my readership. However, in the end, it was kind of pointless. So yeah, I improved my writing skills, and some readers enjoyed my work, but sadly, my writing obsession hasn’t paid off for me.

Maybe I was rushing it, or perhaps I didn’t take the time to breathe. Once in awhile, do this:


The important thing is, don’t burnout! When you burn yourself out, you can’t write, you can’t focus or think, and you’ll be miserable. If you find being a writer is overwhelming, take a step back and relax. For me, when I get super stressed about my stories, I lay down, close my eyes, and imagine the world I’m writing about for fun. Maybe closing your eyes and spending time with your characters will relax your mind. What I mean is, don’t work, just shut your eyes and go into the world of your imagination.

Question: When you’re overwhelmed with your stories, how do you relax?

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33 thoughts on “Burnout (For Writers)

  1. This has happened to me so many times! When I start to feel burnt out, I just have to make myself stop. I shut down my laptop and do one of three things: play piano, listen to music, or read/watch something (depending on my mood).

    Each of these things is creatively stimulating for me, but it’s not actual progress on my novel. It’s good because it keeps me in a creative mood, but it lets me take a breather and focus on something new for a while. Then, I come back refreshed and usually with some new ideas.

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    • I haven’t heard playing the piano before – I like that one =)

      I feel stepping away and getting refreshed is always helpful. It’s hard to come up with new ideas if we’re only focused on one thing for too long. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!!


  2. This is such a timely post! I feel I’m on the edge of burning out and I blame it on giving up my job to write solely. Next week I’m going back to two days a week in the real world, and I BET that gets me fired up to write again. I did 4.3K words today and did not find any joy in it. That’s the whole reason I WANT to write, because I enjoy it. If there’s no enjoyment (and bugger all money) why am I doing it? Thanks. Great post.

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  3. When I’m burnt out, I draw and sketch. I make art. I also go and take a walk, maybe go drive somewhere. I also read, usually the usual genres I enjoyed before I started writing full time – suspense, thrillers, and literary fiction. I also like listening to music which usually helps get me back into the swing of things. Glad to see you back!

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  4. The only thing that seems to help me is to take a break from fiction altogether – which is what I’m currently doing. I tend to rotate – work on fiction until I burnout, then work on non-fiction until I burn out at that, then back to fiction and start the cycle all over again 😦

    Nice to see you back 🙂

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      • Non fiction is my day job, so I write about whatever the clients ask for. I’d love to focus on fiction full time, but unless a wealthy benefactor shows up I guess I’ll have to keep rotating 🙂


  5. Great post and tips, Akaluv! It’s quite common to get burned out eh, I’ve been feeling it too lately (preparing for a uni exam). I guess it helps to take a break here and there, recharge our neurons’ batteries, and get back to it in tip-top shape.

    P.S. Love that cat gif ahah, so adorable. ❤

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      • Yea, just to get another degree (in Psychology).

        Well Akaluv, now you’ve gotta make a post with pictures of both your cats! Haha 😉


      • Hmm Akaluv, that question was rhetorical, right? I feel pretty stupid, lol.

        Anyways, I was just kidding, feel free to write whatever, always enjoy reading your posts. Later 😉


    • Thanks! It’s something that’s always worked for me. I want to work on the lore of my story, but rather than constantly thinking about it, I’d rather just dive right in and put myself in the world. That’s probably why I’m so addicted to video games. lol

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

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  6. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m just starting to head down this road ‘seriously,’ and the lists of things I ‘should be doing’ make me a little crazy. (Ok, more than a little :)) I find that the supportive people in my life keep me going- my husband especially is good at talking me down when I start to get negative.
    The cat picture is fantastic!

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  7. This post is so timely. Really life itself with its many obligations burns me out let alone the tasks that comes with writing/publishing and then marketing your book. Unfortunately my writing was affected to the point that even writing became a chore. When that happens I have to take a complete break from writing and unwind whether it’s through music or some other leisure activity. I like your suggestion at the end to imagine spending time with your characters. It makes the characters feel that much more real. While I’m mentally recharging, I like to ruminate story ideas or conversations my characters would say to keep my creative juices flowing so that when I have more time and in a better head space I can return to writing.

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  8. Been there, done that many times already. Normally I just have to step back and take some time in which I work on nothing, though that makes it that much harder to get started again. I normally burnout after NaNo months trying to get the word count on top of a lot of the Evil Day Job and other things going on. I definitely burned out after my first publication though once all editing, formatting, promoting, and all that jazz was finally over.

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    • The “Evil Day Job” is enough to make me burn out. If I have an awful day at the slave job, then my creativity is like zero. I understand what you mean! So much work goes into being a writer that it’s like having a second job on top of our day jobs.

      I hope you’re doing well though =) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

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  11. How to relax? Not sure if this counts but I stay up working until I’m about to collapse… and then I go to bed with an audiobook on (Although I wake up in a sweat with my heart pounding and regretting everything I worked on the previous night, so yeah, it probably doesn’t count).

    Also, thanks for you comment on my new cover art, it got deleted because I updated it with newer post, but thanks all the same, I’m pretty stoked about them.

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