Video Games and Writing – Part 2

Before we begin with today’s topic, I wanted to post some updates from me. So, over the weekend, I removed all my original stories from online, but for Why you wonder? Well, my original stories were online long enough. Now since I’m working on the rewrite for Clash of Tides (and hoping to submit it at the end of the year), it’s time for a change. Going forward, I won’t be posting my full rough drafts online anymore. To everyone who read my stories, thanks for the support! I won’t lie, the journey of posting my stories online has been conflicting, and I can’t say I enjoyed it. However, with this day and age of the internet, it’s something I needed to experience.

If Clash of Tides gets picked up (which I doubt), I’ll be sure to let everyone know!

Now for today’s post!

If you follow my blog, then you know I’ve posted about this before. Lately, my time has been spent playing this:

1 - Zelda Breath Of The Wild Title GIF.gif

It’s been years since I’ve returned to my video games ways, but with all the good games out, I couldn’t resist. The Legend of Zelda games is one of my favorites! I especially love Link’s character.

In addition to playing Breath of the Wild, I’m also working on 9/Nine Realms right now. My goal is to get the rough draft of 9/Nine Realms done before the end of the year. 9/Nine Realms is my first Epic Fantasy, and the world-building is difficult for me; however, Breath of the Wild has inspired me to try some new things. So like my post before, I want to point out the benefits of playing video games and being a writer.

1. Experiencing an adventure – When we read books, we’re following along with the characters on their journey, but with reading, we’re not interacting with the world the writer created. With video games, especially games like Breath of the Wild, we get to actually experience the world. Of course, I don’t mean with the five senses. I mean we get to explore the world and learn about the lore.

For example, let’s say in your story, you need more experience writing puzzles in a dungeon or sending your characters on a quest to recover something. If a video game takes place in a fantasy world (it’s own world), you can experince that in the game. From there, you can build upon that inspiration and write your story.

2. The lore – When playing an Epic Fantasy game, you learn about the lore of the world and how everything ties together. Sure, you can read that in a book, but it is fun when you see images of old gods and royalty in games.

Thanks to Breath of the Wild, I was able to get inspired for 9/Nine Realms, so I’m excited to see how the story progresses.

I mean, come on, look at theses:



Question: For you, what is the hardest part about world-building? When it comes to world-building, what inspires you?

Thanks for reading! I’ll respond to all comments tomorrow!




16 thoughts on “Video Games and Writing – Part 2

  1. I also draw a lot of inspiration from the video games I’ve played. Mainly horror games, but also story-driven RPGs like Final Fantasy and Transistor. I actually created a pivotal action scene in book two of my trilogy based on this amazing song from Final Fantasy X!

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    • I love writing scenes based off video game music! Some of my best work was impaired by video game soundtracks. After all, I feel video games are just interactive stories =) Thanks for commenting!

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  2. I love the concept of open world RPGs, and am also a fellow addict. As for world building, my struggle is toning it down. Nobody cares that Bob the Carpenter, who is off scene and never visible, like strawberries covered in gravy. 😛

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    • Open world RPGs are the best kind of RPGs =)

      Ah! I know what you mean! I do the same thing. I like to include every detail, even if it isn’t that important. Lol, poor Bob, no one cares about his story. Although, strawberries covered in gravy doesn’t sound too good.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

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  3. Oh my god I love Breath of the Wild! Unfortunately I don’t have a game console to play it on but I’ve watched people play it on YouTube! It’s a fantastic game and like you said video games can help us think about the worlds we write.
    The thing I struggle with is not crating the world itself but actually incorporating it correctly into my story and making my characters interact with it.

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    • The game is so much fun! I can’t stop playing it, and almost every waking moment I’m thinking about the new places to explore and sidequest to do.

      I feel many writers have that issue – not actually crafting the world and including it in the story. When it comes to Epic Fantasy, this is a big problem for me, too. I try to practice world-building by writing one shots connected to the main story.

      Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by!


  4. World building is hard period, especially in fantasy stories where you make so many things up. I tend to take things I already know and twist them or mix them up with other things or create something off of something else on my worlds. Then I start playing with words in different languages or similar words to create one for what I’m building. Other times the inspiration just comes to me, or it takes a long time for it to hit me out of nowhere.

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    • That’s true, world building is hard. Oh, I like the idea of taking different languages and creating words based on that. Ugh, it sucks when inspiration takes a while to come through.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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  5. I hope the rewrite for Clash of Tides goes well, Aka. I have every confidence that you will find a place to publish it when you have it finalized.
    The things I find most difficult with world building is that as you establish rules with how things work in the world, you can find you’ve painted yourself in a corner and you have a paradox where you need all the things you’ve established in your story to be true, and then you find two parts of your world come together and contradict each other. That’s very frustrating. The other thing, and it’s easier for me to pick out in other people’s writing, but I know it’s in mine too, is when you create some very intriguing aspect in your world, and it doesn’t play out in the story. Unintentionally, by the very intrigue of the item, you’ve given it more importance or weight than it should have, and it leaves the reader wondering why you created something so interesting and then never did anything with it.

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    • Thanks, Mandie! I’m excited to do the rewrite, and I’m hoping to improve the story and fix all the errors. That’s so sweet of you. I really hope Clash of Tides finds a place in the publishing world, even if it’s self-publishing.

      Yes! That’s so true. I had that happen with Clash of Tides and 9/Nine Realms. I feel with world-building, as writers, we can do so much, and it’s easy to forget little details like you said.

      Thanks so much for commenting!!

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  6. World building detail is difficult for me. I have the big picture but what my characters see & experience gives me pause. I guess that goes with incorporating it, like someone stated above…
    I never thought to look to video games, some of my inspiration comes from tv shows, same concept I guess.

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    • Thanks for commenting! I feel the big picture is easier to build, but the little details are the hard part. The little details are the ones I feel writers need to finalize the most.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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  7. Hope everything goes well in the rewrite for Clash of tides, since I know rewriting can be quite a bumpy road to take. Also, for me, the most difficult thing about world building is really knowing how to make the rules sound logical, even if it is horribly wrong but must have some good reason why it was done by all in the first place. . Sometimes, certain rules don’t make sense and beliefs can be irrational. And sometimes, I found out I wrote myself into a paradox too. Which are all hard to remedy and balance, and at the same time make the world seem real.

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  8. Hello, I am a fellow blogger and I gotta say, I really like this. I love how you discussed different pieces from a game you’re currently playing to inspire you to continue writing and creating new story ideas. I actually plan on creating my own fantasy like stories in my teenage years haha. If it was possible I was wondering if I could your contact info to hear more about your thought process on stories. I think it could help someone like me a lot! If you were interested you can contact me here: and even check out what I write haha. Hope to hear from you 😀


  9. It’s fun to play games where your so involved in the story. These games make it difficult to put them down, but when you finish the said game, “its a memory” you’ll always remember that journey.


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