1500 Followers Writing Contest!

I still can’t believe it! This blog has reached over 1500 followers, and as such, I want to do something fun for everyone. The focus of this blog is in writing, reading, and the writer’s journey. So to celebrate all things related to writing, I’m holding my first writing contest!


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The prize is a $25 Amazon gift card for the winner. My hope is the winner will find new stories to read and check out some of Amazon’s indie’s writers who need support.

What is the writing contest you ask? Well, I decided to do a novel writing contest based on the first three chapters of a story.

I’ll be looking for the following:

Do your first three chapters engage the reader?
Does the writing flow well?
Do you have a hook, established a hint of backstory and a specific setting?
Is the writing free of many spelling and grammar errors? 

When writing a novel, it’s important to ask those questions. The first few pages of a book are critical in getting readers interested, and if it doesn’t capture the readers’ attention, then it’s hard to grow a readership.

For the contest, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing or what genre you write in. I’m just looking for those four criteria.

If you want to help judge the contest, please let me know. Of course, if you decide to help judge the stories, you can’t submit your own work.

If you want to join the contest, please comment with the following:

Your Name
The title of your story
URL where we can read it

I know some writers don’t post their stories publicly, so if you want to keep it private, that’s fine. While judging the stories, I can also leave you a review if you’re looking for feedback.  Please let me know if there is a passkey to access your work. You don’t have to post the passkey in the comments section. If anyone wishes to email me with a link to their work, that’s fine too. You can email me here: Email Me.

I’ll announce the winner on August 26th!

I hope you’ll join my contest! Submissions are accepted until August 12th. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Let’s get writing (or editing)!

Get writing

(Please note: I know some of you have given me awards, and I’ll posts those next! I’m just so swamped with things on here! But I promise I’ll do it.)


29 thoughts on “1500 Followers Writing Contest!

  1. Oooh! I’ll enter!! I have the first 5 chapters of a book I’m hoping to publish up right now, so I’d actually love to know if people find it engaging! (If prologues/prefaces don’t count you can just skip past it.)

    Your Name: Pagan Malcolm (P.S.Malcolm)
    The title of your story: Lanterns in the Sky
    Summary: “The stars are lanterns. They are lit by angels.”
    Everything was normal for Lucy Maisfer until the day a star fell from the sky and hit her.
    That’s when the strange dreams began, and she learned about the Starlight Princess- who must not under any circumstance be reawakened. But with her best friend going off the rails, and a deranged popular girl blackmailing her, it turns out Lucy only has two options; save her best friend, or save the world.

    URL where we can read it: https://www.wattpad.com/432099038-lanterns-in-the-sky-starlight-chronicles-1-updated

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  2. Congratulations for 1500 followers, as for the writing contest, for the time being I don’t really have anything that I think is worthy just yet. Since I have barely started on editing(I’m only reading what I have written and pinpointing where I need all the work to come from). And my other work in progresses are still first drafts in fact.

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      • Hi again! I updated my summary, but here it is. I put the original summary in my post about Wattpad, so it may look familiar, but I needed it to change.
        Name: Kate
        Title: Snow and Roses
        Summary: Max Snow has always been uncomfortable in the spotlight. But dating Rhiannon Rose, the most popular girl at his college, meant that everyone was focusing on him. And after Rhiannon’s sudden (and mysterious) suicide, he’s being looked at more than ever.
        Joanna Mayer is an old acquaintance of Rhiannon’s who meets Max. Gentle and intuitive, she is a breath of fresh air amidst all the calamities in his life. But could that intuition get her into trouble, especially with her growing concern for Max’s mental state?
        Fred Sakamoto saw something the night Rhiannon died, something he’s been keeping a secret. But he’s afraid that revealing it will cost him, especially his friendship with Max. But he may need to speak up, and fast.
        June Deacon was Rhiannon’s closest friend…and she doesn’t believe that Rhiannon committed suicide. She’s determined to do anything to uncover the truth of what happened that night, her investigation bordering on obsession.

        When Max meets Joanna, he finds hope that he can heal after Rhiannon. However, their growing friendship (and possibly more) is complicated by Rhiannon’s shadow lingering over him. How can he become close to Joanna when he can practically hear Rhiannon calling him a murderer?

        Told from multiple perspectives, there’s always a story behind every relationship…some darker than others.
        Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/112229810-snow-and-roses
        There we go, I hope that’s good.

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