Updates and Life

Today’s blog post is just some updates on me, as some things have changed recently. I do plan to post a new topic soon about world-building and balance.

Here are the updates:

If you haven’t already noticed, my Wattpad account is deleted. After years of unhappiness there, I ultimately decided to let the account die. I wanted to pass it on, but I felt it’s best to have a clean slate. Over the years, there was too much drama, bad blood, and my fanfictions were always overshadowing my original work. Though I’m sad about deleting the account, it needed to happen.

If you read my stories on Wattpad, thank you for the support! I do have good news for my readers. I’ve joined a new website, and I’ve uploaded Love for an Angel there and my horror stories. In the future, I also plan to post the Clash of Tides ending too (and the unedited chapters). However, please know the story is going through a rewrite (that won’t be posted online), but any feedback I can get will be appreciated. If you want the link to the site, you can contact me here: Email Me. I’m still on Writing.com for improvement, but this new site is to build readership. Trust me, I won’t be moving sites anymore. I’m done now. Where I am, is where I stay.

I also have some new stories I plan to post in the future. I may post 9/Nine Realms there and Dawning Dragons.

If you want to know what sites I’m on, just email me or post a comment.

2. I got my first rejection a few months back. I didn’t say anything because I was too upset and busy, but I’m good now. Rejections happen, but you have to keep going. I’ll be submitting short stories again to magazines soon. 🙂

3. Writing contest!! Please submit your story! We want to read them and offer feedback if you request it =)

4. I’m taking a break from Twitter right now. I stretched myself too thin with so many social media sites. A smart writer told me once, “Don’t get so caught up in social media that you forget the writing.” I was forgetting the writing, so I’m taking a break.

That’s it for me! Recently, one of my readers reached out to me and encouraged me to keep on writing. I wasn’t fair to the loyal readers who supported me on Wattpad, and I apologize for that. There were many things happening in the background with other writers, so that added to my annoyance and frustration, but as I said before, I won’t be moving sites again.

Lastly, life is a journey, and none of us are perfect, so I ask for your forgiveness.

Other than that, I don’t have any updates right now. There are only five months left in the year, so let’s make them great ones!

Question: So far, what have you accomplished this year, and what left do you want to do? 


26 thoughts on “Updates and Life

  1. I am glad for you that you have deleted your Wattpad account since you got so much negativity from there, which you don’t deserve. I hope, you experience it as a relief. How is the rewriting of Clash of Tides going? To be honest, I can’t wait to buy myself a copy 🙂
    When it comes to writing I haven’t accomplished that much, but I don’t mind it that much I am going to work on it for the last few months of 2017.

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    • Thanks! It was time for the account to go, and I’m so glad that it’s gone! The rewrite is going well 🙂 My beta liked the story so far, so that boosted my confidence. I always say write when you’re ready. You’ll get there ^__^


  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re sticking to the stories that you’re passionate about, even amidst all this change. Also, I would love to hear more about your horror stories, as well as the rules for writing contest. I may have a submission in mind 🙂

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  3. Thought starting a blog would make me finish my novel sooner. Instead it’s making me take a closer look at it and I’m going over it an eleventh time before submitting it. As a result it’s taking me longer. 🙂 Cheers and thanks for sharing.

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  4. Just self publish, let the readers decide. Write your stories, get them professionally edited and slap an awesome cover on it. I’ve absolute faith you’ll find your audience, who’ll love what you do. As long as you’re not expecting a get rich quick scheme, and have realistic expectations, you’ll be set.

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  5. Glad for you too that you manage to find another site, I guess my greatest achievement was successfully finishing my first novel after two years of trying and at least six failed attempts, and also finally figuring out what kind of writer I was(it seems that self publishing might be my best option given the nature of my works), also finishing a novel which I hope I can traditionally publish(I tuned the series to the market specifically.) Finally, wish you the best of luck and thanks for sharing

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  6. Thank you so much for sharing your struggles and triumphs…your realization that you needed to distance yourself from toxicity is relatable (BTW, I really appreciate that you connected with me via your “like” for yesterday’s post). You are gifted and talented and you will definitely find an increasingly-wider audience. As one who loves to write, I am sooooo happy for you that you have a true passion for writing…it’s the best feeling when it all comes together, isn’t it? Anyway, thanks for being here… 🙂

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    • You’re welcome! I wanted to comment on your posts, and I’ll do it soon. I definitely needed to get anyway from the negativity of that website, and I’m in a better place now. Being around negative people is never fun, and they suck our sprints dry.

      Awww thanks so much! You’re so sweet =) I just want to find people who like my work and be in a supportive environment. It is a great feeling ^__^

      Thanks so much for commenting on my post^^


  7. Thanks for sharing your journey so far and everything good and bad … you are an incredible writer, and I know where you’re coming from talking about taking a break from twitter and leaving wattpad. you need a fresh start sometimes, and that’s completely okay. those that love your work will follow it no matter where it ends up! lots of love xxx
    Abby – http://www.seafoaming.com

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  8. With all that’s going on and you continue to write.. you’re rather amazing in my eyes 😀
    Thanks for letting everyone know what’s going on and that we can contact you~ That makes it feel like you care about us, which, clearly you do~
    For this year I’ve not completed much, especially not as a writer… I’ve just been working and saving money, trying to learn how to drive 🙂 and, I guess just trying to figure out what I want for myself..

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    • That’s so sweet of you…seriously, you’re going to make me cry. I really like writing, but I had to get away from that toxic environment.

      Of course! I know many readers supported my original work, so I didn’t want to leave you all hanging. I do miss talking with everyone, and I care about all of you^^

      Unfortunately, I felt like the fanfiction overshadowing my work wasn’t helping me with my writing goals, so I also needed to leave that behind.

      Working and saving money isn’t a bad thing. Haha, it’s something I need to do more of. How is the learning to drive going? Figuring out wants in life is hard, especially because there is so much we can do. What would you like to do?


      • You’re welcome, I guess.. I’m just being honest 🙂

        Yeah.. I’m on DeviantArt and have two one-shot fanfics.. I don’t think they’re that great- one of them is unfinished- but they’ve the most views of all my other, original things on there…

        Learning to drive is going great, actually 😀 I’m pretty good at it – just a bit nervous when I sit in the driver seat.. All that’s left is to practice and go for my full licence!

        I’ve considered going to college, but I’m not sure what I should go for.. College is expensive and I don’t want to go and hate it and waste thousands of dollars… I mean, I was thinking about going to college to be an author.. but..
        I have so many doubts :[


  9. Well done sorting out your social media, Akaluv. I’ve joined some facebook groups for writers to select 2 favourites based on their level of supportiveness and lack of toxicity…life’s too short and precious to put up with undesirables! I agree with Lilaia above about writing for the love of it rather than anything else, if success comes along, fine, that’s an added bonus. I have felt a huge relief in getting my first novel out there, no raging success yet, but a few lovely reviews. I suppose my goals for by the end of the year are to do more marketing for this (which I hate) and most importantly, to finish the first draft of my second novel (cos I want to write this one quicker than I wrote the first!)

    Wishing you all the very best with your writing, Akaluv, keep on enjoying it


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