Looking Back: Inspirations From 2017

Hey, everyone! How are you doing this weekend?

Unfortunately, I’m not feeling well today, so I’m sitting in bed. I figured this would be a good time to write a blog post about 2017. But before we get into that, I do have a few updates for everyone!

  1. Clash of Tides is still going through beta, but I already have notes for the second draft. I’m excited to work on the second draft of the story.
  2. I’m still posting the first draft of COT online for all those who want to read the ending. Remember, you can find updates here: Find Me.
  3. I haven’t forgotten about 9/Nine Realms, but I decided to rewrite the story, so it’s going through some editing.
  4. I do freelance writing now, so if you ever need a project done, let me know.

Now, back to the blog post! As the year slowly comes to an end, more and more bloggers are posting about their thoughts from 2017. Today, I want to discuss what stories inspired me this year for my own work.

And of course, I want to hear what inspired you, too.

Here is my list of the most inspirational stories from 2017:

I’m going to break down the list by following: movie, TV show, video game, and soundtrack.

Movie from 2017:

The Shape of Water

the-shape-of-water-poster-copy(image from http://www.joblo.com)

There are so many words I can write about this movie, but I’ll try to keep it simple and spoiler-free. When I think of The Shape of Water, I think of two words: beautiful and unique. It was beautiful because the love between the human and merman (or more like a humanoid mercreature) felt genuine. The depth of the main characters sadness and desire to help another lonely creature broke my heart. Unlike most movies I’ve watched, this presented unique storytelling I haven’t seen before. Of course, no story is perfect. The Shape of Water has its flaws, but they can easily be overlooked by the great acting and storyline. As someone who is finalizing their merman romance fantasy story, this was an inspiring movie to see. Also, it gave me ideas on how to plot the second book in my series.

TV Show from 2017:

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

magusbride(image from http://www.sevenseasentertainment.com)

Honestly, I just binged watch this show and manga this weekend. The world captured me so much that I just had to keep investing in the story. While some of the characters are cliché, I felt the world-building was excellent. The Ancient Magus’ Bride reminds me of a Hayao Miyazaki film full of magic and wonder. It’s almost like around every corner new magical beings are waiting to be discovered.

Video Game from 2017:

LOZ: Breath of the Wild


I already did a full blog post on this game, so I won’t discuss it again, but gah, this game was so good! Between the vast world, fantastic soundtrack and an incredible cast of characters, I couldn’t help but be inspired by this creation. Even though Link doesn’t talk in the game, his feelings were portrayed clearly by his actions. I can honestly say this story inspired me to improve 9/Nine Realms, which is why I haven’t blogged about that story in a while.

Music from 2017:

Nier Music Concert

I never played the game to this series, but I found this musical gem will browsing YouTube. As most writers know, some writers listen to music while they write. For me, I’m one of those writers. A good soundtrack helps me see a scene vividly in my mind. When I listed to the Nier Music Concert, I came up with like five new scenes in a matter of minutes.

If you’re interested, have a listen. It definitely has elements of that fantasy feeling.

Well, there you have it, my list from 2017! I’m actually proud of myself. All of these things are in fact, from 2017. Overall, I feel like 2017 was a creativity year.

If you don’t mind, can you share what has inspired you from 2017?


8 thoughts on “Looking Back: Inspirations From 2017

  1. Hi, Akaluv! Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling so good. I hope you get well soon.

    As to books that left their mark on me during this year, that would be ”The Mabinogion” (a collection of twelve short stories, the earliest prose of the literarure of Britain, namely Wales. Partly oral storytelling, partly mythology and partly folklore, the stories combine romance, fantasy, drama, tragedy and adventure), Arthur Machen’s ”The White People” (a highly imaginative short story based on Celtic tradition that blends fantasy with horror), Henryk Sienkiewicz’s ”Quo Vadis (a novel that takes place in Ancient Rome and revolves around the love story of a Roman patrician and a Christian woman), Pablo Neruda’s poetry collection ”100 Love Sonnets” (all poems are an endless and passionate hymn to love) and Denis de Rougemont’s ”Love in the Western World” (a classic work that offers a profound study on the psychological ideology of romantic love by analyzing all the great love stories from mythology and literature to the modern era).


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    • Thanks for sharing your inspiration with me! You always find such amazing work! I’m going to check out those stories and read them. I always appreciated your deep love of literature. ”The White People” sounds like an interesting mix. I enjoy horror and fantasy, especially if it’s in a classic setting.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting =)

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  2. There are many inspirations that have shaped this year. I think for me, it goes in this order.

    Book of the year:

    A bit hard to decide. Nothing has really inspired me in that way. Sad but true.


    Le Chavelier D’Eon

    Wasn’t expecting that I will love the one element of it so much that I will decide to take it make it my own. Yes, it was just that inspiring that I couldn’t help myself but steal. Don’t get me wrong, but I just couldn’t help myself.

    Music of the year:

    Calendula Requiem

    This was perfectly unique as I could think up many many stories using it. The way it is sung is a little on the old side of things which is just the way for so many of my works.


    Black butler, as usual, since I’m still reading it like crazy and looking into every single theory possible about my favourite characters.

    And that’s all the impactful inspiration I got this year. Hope you will feel better 🙂

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    • And that I didn’t expect that the show you were watching was the same that I was intending to watch. And listened to the opening song which became the inspiration of my Nano work when it came to the mood. Well, guess it’s going up the list of anime that I plan to watch after all.

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      • Ohhh Le Chavelier D’Eon is one of my favorite animes. I liked the twist they did on the main character. In real life, he was a man who dressed as a woman, and I liked how they explained the reason in the anime (it was pretty creative).

        Hmm, I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking inspiration from something, but you don’t want to copy the idea too much. Oh! I hope you like The Ancient Magus’ Bride. It’s a slow anime with little action, but it’s more character-driven, so it’s a refreshing change from most anime out there today (you know, the fighting, action, and dramatic characters).

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      • I usually won’t, maybe just that little bit of the world which I fell in love with. Otherwise, I will largely leave the rest of them alone and move on or just the atmosphere and tone of the story. Those are what really works for me, since when it comes to my ideas, I develop them my own way which ends up with something I will say still rather different even from my own source inspiration which I used for the world.

        Yeah, I learned that I prefer those kind anime too. Looking at the kind of anime I enjoyed, tend to enjoy those on the slow and more exploratory side of things rather than ones just purely focused on action.


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