Sharing a Post: The Truth About Wattpad Stars

1/7/2019 – This post has been edited due to the other poster removing their blog post. If you still want to read the post, feel free. I also made a follow-up post to this one called The Truth About Wattpad. That post is updated with the most recent information about Wattpad. 

Hey, everyone!

I’m sure based on the title, you’re wondering what today’s blog post is about. Well, the focus of today’s post isn’t about me, but it’s about one of my fellow writer friends and their experience with Wattpad as a company.

In the past, I’ve mentioned different writing websites: the good, the bad, and most certainly, the ugly. I know I may come off as “bashing” these sites, but I only want to share my experiences and prepare others for what to expect.

Of course, I know many writers like Wattpad, and please don’t let my experience stop you from using the website; however, just proceed with caution.Truth

To new and experienced writers, especially those that want to publish, please don’t let anyone pressure you about your stories. If you don’t feel your story is ready for publication, don’t rush it. Publishing shouldn’t be a race, it should be a journey, and once you feel satisfied with your work, then share it with the world.

Remember, you don’t want to end up like this:


If you want to discuss this topic here, then please, post your comments and let’s converse! Hmm, I guess I could ask questions about this.


33 thoughts on “Sharing a Post: The Truth About Wattpad Stars

  1. I will feel that a lot of them are shady. I have to admit that none of them particularly seem like a place to get an audience. As for the author heck I even read her work before, just the first two chapters. It was rather good, and well in recent light I have decided that I will post nothing on Wattpad when I wrap up my last work.

    Well, for me I may think of all of the forms of publishing. But at thf end of the day, I’m going to set up a website of my own for me works. As a lot of them fare a lot better as serials rather than anything else. But I am going to pursue a traditional route first, since I do have some novels which I do want to write.

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    • I do agree many of these online writing websites are shady. I’m noticing the best thing to do is use them for a while to build up a fanbase and then create your own website.

      I’m glad to hear you want to move on from Wattpad, and I wish you the best in your new endeavors =) Personally, I don’t want people to think I’m bashing the website, but more warning them about the reality of these sites. Like most companies, they want to make money, so it doesn’t surprise me about the pressure and shady business practices.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about publication. In the end, I feel writers need to do what’s best for them. As always, I wish you the best for publication, but you still have time to build yourself up^^

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

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      • Well, I have really gotten the reality of it as it is. And there was one Wattpad author who has done that, she has a very popular book on Wattpad, and set up her own website where she charges for extras. I say that she is at the point where she can because her fan base is large enough.

        Thanks, same to you too. I have to admit that you’re doing the right thing, you’re simply telling them the truth and letting them decide for themselves. I’m a writer who holds a very neutral view to Wattpad, such as building a fan base with a work that I can bear to part with posted there which gained me a lot of reads and followers.

        And same, I have to say that there isn’t a completely right way. Trad publishing has its flaws as well as self publishing, it’s just a matter of choice, opinion and suitability.

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  2. I’m not in the Stars program so obviously I can’t speak to Holly’s experience, but I can say that for me personally, Wattpad was pretty helpful when I came up against plagiarism issues. As you know, Wattpad makes you select your preferred copyright license when you post a story on the site. That means as long as you select the appropriate copyright license, your work technically is legally protected. When my copyright was under threat, Wattpad offered to help me with a DMCA takedown (which thankfully wasn’t necessary).

    Personally, I don’t think one publishing option is “better” than the others. It’s a case of what the author wants for their work. There are serious pros and cons to every method. For example, a lot of people still consider self-publishing as a “last resort”, but for the self-published authors I know, choosing to go that route was a calculated business decision. I know far more self-published authors who make a consistent living off of their writing than people who go the traditional route.

    For me, I opted to publish online first in order to get valuable feedback. When I’m ready I’ll take the feedback I’ve gotten, rewrite this draft (which isn’t my first), and then decide how I want to continue sharing my work. Going this route has helped me build a community of invested readers, which will be valuable should I choose to go down the self-publishing route (plus I’ve learned a lot and have made some incredible friends and contacts).

    Authors just need to do their research (and due diligence) to figure out what makes the most sense for their goals.

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    • Hi Maggie! Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your experience with us. I’m glad Wattpad was able to help you with a plagiarism issue.

      I strongly agree with you that writers need to do their research first and be diligent. The best thing to do is to explore all options and decide which one works for your goals. In this day and age, it’s good that writers have many paths to publishing. Although I feel like for every success story (for example, Andy weir), there are at least 5-10 writers that didn’t make it. I know that’s the nature of the game, but it’s still a reality writers need to think about.

      As for building up the readership, I totally get that. Honestly, I feel like that’s the only reason so many writers use websites like Wattpad and Tapas these days. It’s usually just to get that base readership, and then they move on.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


    • The problem is that ideas are not protected by the law. The plagiarism talked about was not the word for word plagiarism – which wattpad would step in with – but the theft of concepts and ideas. All the research in the world can’t protect you with that kind of theft because there is no protection under the law, unfortunately. So the copyright licence selection doesn’t help at all with that for it doesn’t protect it.

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      • Hi Aimee! Thank you for mentioning that. I should have mentioned that in my last comment. Maggie, as Aimme said, there have been issues where other popular writers are copying other people’s concepts, which sadly, writers can’t protect themselves against. Of course, Wattpad as a company knows this is a problem, but they won’t (and maybe they can’t who knows) do anything about it.

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      • It’s frustrating and unfair (I mean that honestly – I’m just as pissed when someone tries to rip off my ideas) but this issue is definitely not unique to Wattpad. Legally, there’s only so much they can do (even when someone has blatantly plagiarized your work you need to issue a DMCA Takedown before they’re even allowed to respond. Imagine how much more complicated it gets when it’s ideas that have been stolen). Even traditionally published books run up against the issue of concepts and ideas being stolen and reworked without author consent or proper attribution.

        Ideas are considered intellectual property and they are protected by law. Unfortunately – especially in the internet age – those laws are really hard to reinforce. I just ran all of this by my colleague (a former IP lawyer’s aide, believe it or not) and she told me that even when you have a case, it can be a long and expensive process to defend your IP.

        It’s awful that people are shitty and choose to lift concepts or create things based on other people’s ideas without giving props to the people and/or works that inspired them. Being a creative means spending a lot of time building a digital paper trail and vehemently defending your work. It sucks and the struggle is definitely real.

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    • Hi Maggie, I just wanted to say that the whole copy catting wasn’t the problem I had with wattpad but it was why I left the website and writing online overall.

      My issue with wattpad was the fact that because of all this, I’d been bullied by ambassadors and one had lied to me and abused her power and then sought me and Aimee out twitter. I provided wattpad with this but ultimately, they didn’t care how their ambassadors were acting nor did they care about how low I was over all this. I had cried for thirty minutes to my talent manager over it. The following week, she asked to call me about it again but this time it was with the head of the wattpad stars (she didn’t
      even tell me in advance) and that was when they lectured me for 15 minutes and could tell I was clearly still upset over it and barely responded apart from the odd grunt. I think that no company should care about their reputation that much and they could have easily asked me to review their code of conduct (which does not mention anywhere about saying anything against wattpad, actually) instead of talking down to me like a child and pretending they were industry experts because their “husband was a screenwriter”. It was sad because they clearly knew how distraught I was but how they spoke to me was disgusting. My boyfriend recorded the last few minutes and I sent it on to Aimee and Alanna. I don’t think I still have it anywhere, though.

      That’s why I chose to leave the stars programme. Also, there are many stars and few have opportunities. I was lucky in that I had a few chances on the go and they weren’t happy because the people above the stars programme didn’t like how I was talking about wattpad (when I barely said anything against them…)

      I watched wattcon and I can’t spread that fake positivity where everyone can write and no talent or craft is required. That’s the message they spread. Also, I was told that only the concept of our stories mattered – yet they didn’t care that my concepts for both of my stories had been copied. It was contradictory and ultimately, they don’t know anything about writing as a company.

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      • Omg Holly I hear about what happened. I know how ambassadors are. I had one that I was cowriting with who didnt seem all that intrested in writing the idea with me so I told her i would just scrap the idea and she flat out told me if I dont write it she was going to. She was going to steal my idea and write it as her own. I continued to write with her and she changed everything in my book all the words i wrote she rewrote to make it sound better. I know i should have stuck up for myself and my writing but honestly i was scared she already threatened to take my idea. We had the book up on both of our profiles and she came along after te book was written saying I need your permission to get paid for the book. I wouldnt get any of the money. I told her i wasnt putting my name on anything legal without a lawyer present and she got spit fire mad. I told her we both would remove the book and that would be then end. I tried to mute her afterwards and wattpad wouldnt let me because she was an ambassador

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  3. I guess wattpad is quite unfair. As much as I’ve experienced on wattpad, I found out that it follows a pattern. People don’t try to write new stuff but try to copy others stuff. All the stories are fairly cliché and almost like almost similar. The whole plot has nothing interesting. The writers with inspiring and appreciable work are not even considered. Even the titles of the books are similar. Authors writing such stuff are found popular and have books with millions of views. But writers with worthy works are not even given a single glance.
    This is why better writers are leaving the community and the whole company is swarmed with boring books. Every reader is fed up of this and needs a change but the community is still not bothering to initiate a change.

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    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      I do agree that Wattpad follows a pattern, and I feel the company itself helps to get that pattern going.

      Yes, many of the plots, characters, and titles are indeed similar. I think when writing online that’s bound to happen, but as a professional company, Wattpad should at least try to promote the unique stories and not just the cliche ones.

      Personally, I know many writers that have moved on from Wattpad, and I feel more writers are going to leave over time. Hopefully, eventually, the company will try to repair their image before they lose more writers.

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  4. I’m not in the Stars program although I applied at the same time as another author and they accepted her within 3 months and me, never LOL I was in the other one where you earn ad revenue from your stories though. I can’t even remember the name now lol because after six months I asked to be released from the contract and they let me. I know a few Wattpad Stars who are quite happy where they are but I no longer post new stories there. The last one I posted was last year and that was my latest release which I then pulled the moment the book went on Kindle Unlimited. Moving forward, I don’t plan on posting my stories anymore as stealing of ideas is very rampant. I posted one that had a porn star for a hero 2 years ago and suddenly a Wattpad star came out with her story that had a porn star as her hero as well. I pulled that story down fast and am now finishing it on my own. With 9 published books and 2 audiobooks under my belt, I think I’m good lol

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    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Liz. I didn’t know someone stole your ideas, too. It’s so annoying when other writers do that, especially well-known, popular writers. If you don’t mind telling me, why did you ask to be released from the ad-revenue program? I heard that it doesn’t pay much.

      I agree – I think you’re doing very well for yourself and don’t need a website like Wattpad =) Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us. I’d say you dodged a bullet with the Wattpad Stars program anyway, given everything I’ve heard about it.

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      • I left because I made more in a month of affiliate income on my own than I did in a quarter. But it also annoyed me to read stories that had ads pop up every two chapters. I figured if I can’t stand those and actually stop reading a story, why the heck would I do it to others?

        I haven’t heard much about the Stars program given that I have a few friends who are Stars but that’s probably because they have the NDA thing. I’d rather keep my own royalties anyway and have more control over my stories.

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  5. Every single wattpad star thinks they are better than everyone else and that the rules don’t apply to them. They get special treatment. If they have a book thats be plagiarized they get the book taken down instantly. Small writers that get plagiarized are lucky to even get their ticket read by wattpad. What really pisses me off is when they dont intract with their readers. I’m a firm believer that without your readers your nothing. (Not in a mean sense) but without your readers on wattpad you wouldnt be a wattpad star. So why dont they at least respond to a couple readers.

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      • It is and I hate it. I can’t find a single place to post my writing that I like. Wattpad used to be great till they got money hungry. Hell my app doesnt even work half the time.

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      • Wattpad, as a company, is sooo money hungry. It’s soooo obvious that I’m surprised so many people don’t see it. And yeah, only the ambassadors like that website now. I’m glad I moved away from that site and that more people see what I was talking about.


      • I left and I haven’t looked back. I always tell writers when one door closes another one opens. Leaving Wattpad may help you find where you and your writing are meant to be =)


      • I just want to feel like i belong somewhere. I worked so hard to get over 3k followers and only ten actually have anything to do with my account. Its just depressing not feeling like you belong somewhere where you should because your surrounded by writers and readers

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      • I’m sorry to hear you feel that way, but if you don’t like it there, it’s better to move on. The only writers there that really get any interaction are the already popular ones.


  6. I have a love/hate relationship with Wattpad. As a writer looking to build an audience and gain some feedback, it’s great to see some of the books on there getting thousands and millions of views and comments but then I’ve actually gone in and read some of those titles and they aren’t edited, sloppy in the plot but still have huge followings.

    It makes me wonder if I throw up my unedited writing if I’m doing myself a disservice or if it’s still worth it to gain a following. I know not every book on there is going to hit large numbers and it makes me wonder how some books have so many views while others of the same catergory, don’t.

    Wattpad isn’t perfect by any sense of the word, but I think I’ll still try it when I’m ready to post again and see how it goes. I’ve posted on other sites, Booksie (free) and also (paid). Of all the sites I’ve tried, I feel like TNBW gave me the most critical reviews and I’ve met some phenomenal published writers who have become mentors the other, like Wattpad, is a hit or miss.

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    • I agree the others are hit or miss, and as for Wattpad, this post is just my experiences and opinion. I always advise writers to give the websites a chance to see what happens. Frankly, I don’t trust many of these writing websites anymore. I just learned another website, Tapas, will remove negative reviews on their premium content. It seems wrong to charge readers for content and then if they don’t like it, they remove the reviews.

      Sadly, I don’t feel like there are any decent writing websites online.

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      • I’ve never heard of Tapas. It’s a shame that there are so many issues with these kinds of sites. I know writers are beginning to just post on their own personal websites but it’s hard to drive traffic through and gain a large audience. *Sigh* It’s tough trying to do anything with writing sometimes.

        I reached out to publishers a few years back and ended up having a contract with an indie publisher that ripped my confidence and wallet to shreds before I was able to get out of the contract with a lawyer.

        Damned if you try to do it alone, damned if you try to do it with other people.

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      • I really wish these websites didn’t have so many issues, but sadly, they do. I agree with you about how writers are posting stories on their own sites, but it is hard to drive traffic to them. I know writers who are trying to build their platform using WordPress, but unless you have a bunch of followers already on another platform, most readers won’t come to WordPress.

        I’ve heard about those indie publishers, and I’m sorry to hear that you had that experience. That is so true! Damned if you did and damned if you don’t.

        I hope one day you find a website and a publisher that works for you.

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