A Sunken Place (For Writers)

Today, I’m not going to start with updates, since I’ll explain further what’s going on. The title of this post is called “A Sunken Place” It’s a reference to the 2017 movie titled Get Out. For those who don’t know about the movie, it’s a horror story directed by Jordan Peele. And no, today’s post isn’t about the film, but I wanted to mention a scene in the movie everyone can relate to. In the movie, the main character, Chris, is taken to the “Sunken Place.”

I know you’re wondering what this has to do with writing, but just hear me out. The director, Jordan Peele, said the Sunken Place is,

“The reason Chris in the film is falling into this place, being forced to watch this screen, that no matter how hard he screams at the screen he can’t get agency across.”


(the image was taken from  http://www.indiewire.com/2017/11/get-out-jordan-peele-explains-sunken-place-meaning-1201902567)

Now, Jordan Peele said more about this, but I want to focus on that particular line. Recently, I’m sure many of you have noticed my lack of updates. Well, for a while, I felt like I was in a Sunken Place with my writing. No matter how much I typed, no matter how much I grew my platform and planned out my stories, I felt my voice would never be heard. For many writers, I’m sure they feel the same way. In many ways, as writers, we often find ourselves in that Sunken Place. It’s a place where we keep trying and trying, and our stories don’t reach an audience.   

Even though I was in that Sunken place, I decided to focus on what I accomplished. So, if you find yourself in that Sunken place, please, free yourself from it. I know it’s hard, so hard, but you can do it.

If you’re in that Sunken Place, I’ve included some motivational and inspiring stories below:

Writer, Susan Sharpio said, “If you keep working hard, someone will notice.”
Lesson: Continue toiling while taking the long view.

(quote taken from the Writer’s Yearbook 2018 – Writersdigest.com)

I found an excellent motivational video here:

As the video said, “If your ideas could talk, imagine that they said, ‘If you die, I die with you, so don’t let me die because you are the only one that can birth me into the world.”

As writers, that’s what our story ideas are to us – we can bring them into this world, so don’t give up.

“Every time you fail, get up!”

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and that it motivated you to keep going. To continue the discussion, can you share your story of motivation? Was there ever a time you wanted to give up, but instead, you keep going? After you kept going, did anything good happen?

I would love to hear what everyone has to say!



8 thoughts on “A Sunken Place (For Writers)

  1. I’ve never wanted to flat out give up. However, I had mentioned on my blog a thought of posting less than I normally do just to give my readers a chance to catch up. Then, one of my readers (I think Sarah Doughtry) told me that those who want to read my story will read it. So, just keep on going. That totally made my day and is a thought I turn to when I need it. 🙂

    Another thing that keeps me motivated is the thought of all the big, upcoming moments I have planned for my story. If I stall out and give up, those parts will never be written, which would disappoint me a lot.

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  2. Sometimes, i feel like I should give up at writing but still, I never did. And nothing good has happened till now except that I think i’m getting good at it. I hope future holds more good things.

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  3. Awwww. We’ve all been in that “Sunken place” before. It’s a scary, disconcerting feeling. I’m glad that you’re endeavoring to rise above it. That’s the first step. I can’t say that I have all the answers, but I do understand what you’re going through. Nice to hear from you, it’s been a while!


  4. Great post, Aka. So many times I’ve felt discouraged, and earlier on there were many times I thought of giving up. Luckily, I crossed some sort of line where I stopped thinking of giving up. Many thoughts of failure and thoughts that nothing will come out of my efforts remain, but I realized I’m happier in the pursuit even if nothing comes of it than I ever was when I was just waiting for the day that I could write.

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  5. This post you wrote is fantastic. It really resonates with me. I am in that sunken place more often than not. I think what hurts the most, though, is when your friends don’t support you. Yeah, I understand strangers having a hard time discovering our work, but I would think our friends would be our biggest supporters, offering encouragement. But many aren’t. I can’t enumerate how many times I’ve had someone say they’ll read my work, never to do so.

    Of course, it still hurts when you post your work on public and people ignore it. Case in point, it hurts to see my work on Booksie get so little likes and and feedback, whereas I see loads of bad writing, smut writing, just get praised left and right.

    Yet, I keep on writing because it’s a form of therapy for me. I can’t function without it.


  6. I think about giving up more than I keep going it seems. There’s more disappointment than good most of the time. Yeah, sure, sometimes one small unknown reader can push you to keep going when things are bleak, but in reality… That push doesn’t last long. At least not for me. Something will always come along to tear it back down.

    I don’t really have anything that’s kept me going, I just…fall in and out of plugging along and pretty much giving up. Most of the time it’s giving up yet. I just can’t find a way to juggle my job with writing.


  7. I think it’s just hard to get through all the crap out there and find the good stuff. I think Clash of Tides is fantastic and from all other posts about this story I have seen on several other places people really like it. Don’t let the little negative voice get in ur way – focus on all the positives and don’t give up. Your gonna find the right place to post your stories to get the recognition u deserve. If I were you I would try to link Clash of Tides to that new show on Freeform channel named Siren about the mermaids. People that like mermaid stories will want to click on ur link and read it and will enjoy it just as much as I did. I mean – how do u explain I read it 2 years ago and am still trying to find an update to where you have written more so I can read it? I just ran across it and started reading it and was hooked immediately. I know I’m not the only one that felt that way and there will be many more to feel like this if u keep trying to post it anywhere everywhere – especially around mermaid stories and links.


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