Life, Middle, and Death

How is everyone doing? I know this year I’ve been disappearing and reappearing, and there are reasons for it. As I mentioned before, I want to bring this blog back. As always, there are many issues in the writing community that I feel need to be discussed. Before I get into future topics I plan to write about, I want to update everyone on what has happened.

To begin:

  • My grandfather recently passed anyway. I did see him before he died, but the pain still hasn’t left me yet. Since the beginning of the year, he had been ill, so I knew it was coming, but it still hurts.

  • The man in my life is also dealing with loss. Sadly, we’ve both lost family members in the same year.

  • I started a new book, and I’m doing edits on COT. Next year, I really want to query my work, so I’m trying to focus on getting the manuscript ready.

  • I’ll be taking programming classes. As I shift my career to more technical writing and web development, I plan to take some front-end development courses to hone my skills. Learning programming isn’t easy, and it takes time, patience, and studying to get good at it, like writing.

  • Next year, I also plan (or hope to at least) to move out of the Bay Area. If you’re familiar with California, then you know how expensive it is. Ideally, we want to move to a cheaper state.

  • Lastly, I went on a two-week vacation this year, so that took some of my free time, but the trip was great! It was relaxing to lay on the beach enjoying the warm air and cool drink in my hand. 

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m doing too much. I set so many goals for myself, but when life creeps up on you, it’s hard to do everything. When a loss happens, you gain a new perspective. With all the death around me this year, I want to stay focused on my goals, so I don’t lose sight of my way before the end comes.

My writing journey has had so many ups and downs and all arounds, but one thing I’m proud of is getting away from the drama that tried to destroy my creativity. I’ve seen writers do some nasty, downright awful things to each other, and I’m glad that I’m past that now.

I’m going to end this blog post here, but before I do, here are some future topics I want to discuss:

Monetization of Serial Stories Online
Does PC Culture Affect Your Writing?
Writing Outside of Trends

As a pre-question for the next blog post, can you answer the below question?

Question: Do you currently get paid for posting your stories online? (I’m not referring to Amazon or selling your story in e-book format? I mean on a site like Tapas, Radish, or inkitt).



6 thoughts on “Life, Middle, and Death

    • Thank you. It has been a hard few months, but we’re trying to cope. It is sooo expensive out here! We live in tech valley, and prices just aren’t dropping. I’m glad your friend was able to find a cheaper place.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  1. Sorry about your loss. And no, I don’t though I do hope too seeing as my writing improves if I wrote serials and consistently pushed myself for each other.

    As for programming, what are you learning? I’m learning programming and also IT as a field as that is what I’m majoring in and it will be rather side(it is meant to teach the field as a whole.) And so far I’m liking it as we have projects which gets us used to thinking us IT solutions for real problems.


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