The Truth About Wattpad

So, I’m sure some of you checked your emails and thought, no, not again, she is going to complain about Wattpad! Unfollow!

Well, before you decide to unfollow me or think this is a rant post, it’s not.

After reviewing my stats recently, I saw that Sharing a Post: The Truth About Wattpad Stars is the most viewed post on my blog. However, my friend removed her post about her experience with Wattpad a while ago. And of course, that’s her right to do so, and I’m proud of her for moving on.

Since I know people are curious about Wattpad not only as a website but also as a company and potential business partner, I’m going to post a link to a video a pervious Wattpad user created. In this video, she breaks down her experience with the company, the ambassadors she interviewed, and the overall information she has learned about Wattpad.

As of this moment, this will be my last post directly addressing Wattpad. Personally, I had a horrible experience on that website, and I want to leave all that drama in the past and move on. While some good things came from it, the pros didn’t outweigh the cons.

So, watch Jane’s video and make your own conclusions about the website and company. As you watch the video, keep in mind Jane is a young YouTuber, but that’s most of Wattpad’s target audience, so yeah…

No question today, but if you want to discuss anything, then please post a comment. I only ask, no drama, please.


7 thoughts on “The Truth About Wattpad

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      • I finally finished watching the video. Jane is very talented and creative with her information and hilarious editing tidbits. I want to learn more about And, I had heard about WattPad a long time ago. For whatever reason, I didn’t feel comfortable using it. I wondered if it was a true community of individuals free from subjectivity and bias. Based on the comments and the video I’m relieved that I didn’t join so many years ago.

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      • She’s very talented, and it was so nice of her to gather that information for everyone. Oh! is an online comic site, so you can read comics there, like manga.

        Yes! Wattpad isn’t the best website for writers as it’s full of toxicity. I’m glad you found the video informative!

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  2. Honestly I’m not surprised. But I have found my path and the best decisions came to me through the year I spent out of Wattpad. My writing did grow a lot, but it was only last year where I really stepped out of my comfort zone that I had really grew as an author and writer. And now I’m even more certain of my path.

    And that for me, Wattpad is really nothing more than a distant memory.


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