Who am I?

Thank you for stumbling upon my website. I’m an amateur author trying to find my own little corner of cyberspace to post my stories. I am certified in Creative Writing and have been writing for almost three years. My stories are considered more on the mature side, but in order to stay true to my vision, I want to write accurate depictions that reflect my premise. If you like fantasy, action, and romance, please check out my stories. For now, all my stories will be posted for free online. Enjoy!

Please drop a comment on my work! If you see any errors, please let me know so I can correct them. I’m still an amateur author 😛


15 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hey i started your book “Clash of Tides” but when i wanted to continue reading in chapter 8 it said that i have to continue reading on your block or in wordpress ( what is that even? I just know Wattpad…). Could you please send me a link? I very like your book und would like to read more.
    Greetings, Chiara ( Germany)

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  2. Your story Ckah of Tides is great! It encaptured me and I didn’t be want to stop reading it. If this story reached more people no one could deny your talent. Please finish it and tell me where I can read it! I want to know what happens. All the comments tell you you’re good and they like your stuff. What do u have to lose? Don’t give up!

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