Chapter 10: Genesis

Uriel, Commander in God’s Army


URIEL STOOD BEFORE LUCIFER, with both hands gripped on his sword, watching the fallen angel before him.

Lucifer’s third wing jutted from his back, and a devious grin was etched upon his lips. Lucifer’s pounding footsteps reverberated through the cave, shaking the mineral under his feet. Clumps of pebbles rained down from the ceiling; however, both supernatural creatures kept their eyes on each other, unwavering.

Uriel’s eyes glanced at Lana standing against the jagged wall, not moving. Her silver-black hair was draped over her face, like vines hanging from a tree.

“What did you do to her?” Uriel hissed through clenched teeth.

Shifting his gaze, Lucifer tilted his head to stare at Lana, watching her with inquisitive eyes.

“She doesn’t need to see this,” Lucifer said in a calm voice, maneuvering his body to face Lana. Lucifer’s back was now facing Uriel, and Uriel knew it was time to strike. However, before Uriel could attack, Lucifer spun back around, as if sensing Uriel’s movements.

With narrowed eyes, Lucifer parted his lips and said, “Lana always knew how I felt about heaven, about him,” he said coldly, “but that didn’t sway her feelings.” Lucifer took two steps towards Uriel. “Lana wanted to bask in his glow, to feel his warmth and love.” Lucifer shook his head and creased his brows. “In time, she will understand – to know of his true nature. Her conscious has been sealed away, but soon I will create a new world. Earth and heaven will be mine.” A deep growl rumbled in his throat, and he stopped frozen, standing like a statue before Uriel.

“You truly have fallen…” Uriel said, with a voice filled with pity. He stared at Lucifer, sensing the dark aura emanating off his form.

As his lips twisted into a sly grin, Lucifer opened the palm of his hand and his white wings started to shimmer with a shadowy light. “I have not fallen, archangel!” Lucifer’s eyes widen, “I have awakened.”

Black flames burst from Lucifer’s torso, filling the cave with luminescence darkness. Uriel jerked his head, raised his arm and darted his purples eyes from the blazing fire. Quickly he leaped back, expanding his wings to full length.

My sight, it burns. He groaned as he kept his eyes closed; the burning sensation throbbing in his pupils.

“Lucifer!” He snapped his eyes open, despite the aching he felt. He gripped his sword and lunged towards the fallen angel with swift speed. Lucifer was standing motionless before him, with half-black, half white wings unfurled like a bird.

A smug smile tugged at the corner of Lucifer’s lips, and he didn’t stray from his spot.

Why isn’t he moving? It’s a trap! Uriel thought as he flapped his wings, flying back in haste.

Lucifer swung his arm to the side and extended his digits. A single black feather rose from his third wing, hastily flying towards Lana. Uriel darted his eyes towards her, watching a gleaming barrier surround her form, encasing her.

His sight shifted back to Lucifer, seeing shadowy puffs of smoke surrounding his body. Half of his blonde locks had gone black, and his eyes were hollow like pools of dark water.

Uriel gritted his teeth, glancing between Lana and Lucifer. Lana, what has Lucifer done to you? As he stared at Lana, he lowered his sword, knowing what action he should pursue. Images of her defending him played in his mind, causing conflicting emotions.

Without hesitation, he charged towards the barrier. “Lana,” he muttered.

“No!” Lucifer yelled.

From the corner of his eye, Uriel spotted a glowing ball of dark energy racing towards him. Quickly he dipped his wings, angling himself to the side. A loud boom echoed through the cave; the ceiling shook, the ground trembled and monstrous rocks descended upon Uriel. With rapid movements, he weaved through the rain of minerals.

“Lana!” He flapped his wings, increasing his speed. He raised his sword, pointing it towards Lucifer’s barrier. Lifting his arm, he struck at the glowing circle of light; due to its force, he was struck back, knocking him off balance. The holy metal flew from his hand, landing with a clank on the dusty, dirty ground.

He swooshed around, jerking his body towards his weapon. Before he could reach it, Lucifer hurled a wave of his energy, blowing the sword against the wall. How is he this powerful?

Uriel gritted his teeth, glancing at the sword caught in the outcrop.

“You won’t win this, archangel.” In the blink of an eye, Lucifer then flashed away, materializing in front of Lana. He was standing before her in the barrier, cupping her cheek in his hand.

Uriel’s eyes went wide. He snarled, flaring his nostrils.

“Don’t you touch her!” He beat his wings, picking up momentum; however, Lucifer’s next actions caught him by surprise. Uriel halted his advances, with his mouth agape.

In the distance, he saw Lucifer raise Lana’s dull gaze to meet his. Lucifer moved closer to her, nearly pressing his deformed body against hers. With a soft whisper, he muttered words under his breath Uriel could not make out.

A lumped formed in Uriel’s throat; his brows creased and he clenched his fist. Before he could continue his assault on the traitor of heaven, he watched as Lucifer pressed his lips to Lana’s. Rage coursed through his angelic form. Quickly he held out his hand, calling to his sword. The divine blade hovered above the ground, flying back to its master’s hands.

“Lucifer! Hear my warning! Today, I will defeat you!” Uriel lunged to the shimmering barrier. He was determined to defeat the father of lies, the traitor of heaven and defiler of God.

Lucifer gave Uriel a side-ways glance; his lips spread into a smirk. He flashed before the archangel, gripping his holy sword in his hand.

Lucifer winced, but kept his fingers wrapped around the divine sword.

“You are wrong, Uriel. Today, I will create my new world: a world where no angelic beings will ever be able to enter.” His voice was cold. The aura of opposing powers clashed – both angelic and demonic – nearly blinding Uriel and Lucifer.

Burst of blinding white and black light emitted from the two opposing forces. Dust and debris swirled within the cave, bouncing off the barrier and rocky walls. Both supernatural beings jumped back, narrowing their pupiles to one another.

He is stronger than I thought. Why-Why was he given this much power? Regardless, my duty is before me. Uriel lowered his sword; he pursed his lips and faced Lucifer.

Lumps of rocks surrounded the cave floor, obstructing Uriel’s visual of Lucifer. He took a step forward, keeping his holy blade gripped in his hand.

He glanced at Lana. Because of Lucifer’s barrier, she was protected from the tide of battle, however, she looked like a prisoner with hollow eyes.

As he stared at her, he felt something inside him stir. With a fierce purple gaze, he tightened his fist and swung his arm out.

“Have you become so lost that you hurt the one you proclaim to care about the most?!” Uriel’s voice boomed through the cave. He couldn’t decipher before whose side Lana was on, but no angel – fallen or otherwise – deserved to become an empty shell.

Lucifer stayed wordless before him, forming his lips into a thin line.

A chill breeze blew through the cave, rustling Lucifer’s mix of blonde and raven locks.

Lucifer slowly parted his lips and said, “I would never hurt her,” he closed his eyes and lifted his head towards the ceiling. As if recalling a memory, Lucifer stood in silence. “Before she was created, God said he would make a new angel, in the image of women,” he opened his eyes and lowered his gaze to Uriel. “Lana was that angel, and from the first time I saw her, I wanted to learn about her.

To Lucifer’s words, Uriel scrunched his face in disgust. He was aware of Lana’s origin – she was created before him and the other archangels. However, after what he’d seen Lucifer do to Lana, he didn’t trust his words.

He said he would not hurt her, and yet, he does this. A low growl rumbled from Uriel’s throat. “Lucifer, because of you, my sight is no longer blinded. A liar you were not born, but a liar you have become!” Uriel jerked his blade towards Lucifer. “Let’s end this!” Uriel lunged towards Lucifer with swift speed, keeping his fixated gaze on the fallen angel.

“Yes, let us end this.” Lucifer’s voice was deep and cold. He placed one foot forward, disappearing into a cloud of thick black smoke.

Lucifer flashed in front of Uriel, catching the archangel off guard. Before Uriel could retreat, swirls of blazing ebony shrouded Lucifer’s form. The fierce light spiraled around, clashing with Uriel’s angelic body. The force of Lucifer’s power hurled him past the cave ceiling, knocking him into earth’s night sky.

Uriel clenched his jaw and groaned from the burning discomfort that spread through his form. Once his vision became clear again, he saw the dry ground of earth beneath him. Is this how Michael got injured? I will not lose to a fallen! He extended his hand, focusing power into his palm.

With his angelic sight, he saw Lucifer materialize on the solid ground in the distance, staring up at him. Lucifer’s colorless and raven wings were shimmering, illuminating the darkness.

With Lucifer plain in sight, Uriel fired his holy energy at the fallen angel. Lucifer deflected the attack, countering with his own dark aura.

Sounds of thunder echoed through the air, and yet, there were no clouds. Uriel could feel the power of his brethren drawing close – Michel and Gabriel. A bolt of lightning crackled in the skies and then stuck the earth where Lucifer stood. Dirt rose into the air, forming a dust cloud.

“Uriel!” Michael’s voice rang in the air.

Uriel quickly shifted his eyes to the heavens, as if he was staring right at his fellow angel.

“Lucifer must not escape! Seal him away, Uriel!” A deep, masculine voice roared in heavens.

Uriel lowered his gaze back to the earth. His purple eyes gleamed with determination.

“Let his will be done,” Uriel spoke softly, while raising his sword. Again, lighting stung the earth, this time splitting the ground with a ferocious strike.

Uriel expanded his sliver wings, pointed his blade and descended to earth with inhuman speed. Lucifer was standing next to the split earth, with his flashing eyes on the archangel.

Lucifer expanded his wings, prepared to strike. With quick movements, Uriel spun around, throwing a ball of holy energy at Lucifer. Lucifer dodged the attack by flashing away from Uriel but Uriel could sense his dark aura. Once the fallen angel returned in sight, Uriel lunged towards Lucifer. He then flashed behind him, wedging the divine steel in his jutted third wing.

Lucifer’s eyes twitched and his wings slumped. His cries of pain echoed through the air, reaching the heavens. With a scowl on his features, Uriel drove the blade deeper into Lucifer’s wing, determined to cut it from its master.

“Damn you! Angel bastard!” He flared his nostrils.

Lucifer charged up his power; his body glowed with a dark radiance. Uriel winced as Lucifer’s aura seeped into his body, consuming his angelic power.

I have to cut his third wing! Uriel scrunched his face to the intense burning sensation coursing within him. Uriel cried out, but kept thrusting the blade into the wing.

“I will not lose this chance!” Lucifer yelled. He spun around, nearly knocking Uriel from his back. Soon, a fourth black wing protruded from Lucifer’s form, shimmering with a light dark as night.

“No, the fourth wing,” Uriel muttered under his breath. He knew if he hung on any longer, Lucifer’s powers would destroy his angelic body. Swiftly, he removed the sword from Lucifer’s third wing, and leap back.

Even from the distance, Uriel could see Lucifer’s third wing healing rapidly, like it had never been cut. All four wings were present now – two white and two black – and Lucifer turned to face his enemy. Puffs of darkness surrounded his form, and his eyes glowed red, flashing with yellow.

Uriel braced himself for Lucifer’s attack, by shielding himself with his own aura.

The fourth wing of creation, the final wing. Uriel growled through his teeth, feeling tension swirling within him. Lucifer had succeeded in reaching his full power, and Uriel feared what Lucifer was planning.

Lucifer’s lips twisted into a devious grin, and he pointed a single finger to the heavens. “Earth! His earth. It is time to make earth my own, to destroy what he has created!”

Lucifer’s aura circled his form, like a hurricane wrapped around a tree. He flapped his wings, slowly rising into the air. Uriel beat his own wings, flying towards Lucifer but the dark aura prevented him from passing.

“Lucifer!!” Uriel screamed out. He placed his hand on the barrier, mixing the twisted darkness with his own; the barrier wouldn’t budge.

Uriel gasped at the sight. Lucifer’s four wings were extended, and then quickly grew to great lengths, burrowing into earth’s soil like an untamed tree root.

Uriel fell back, watching the scene unfold. A cold wind blew against his angelic skin, actually making him shiver. Lucifer’s giant wings shimmered with his dark aura, infesting the earth’s soil with his power.

Uriel shifted his sight to earth, seeing the ground collapse within itself. The earth rumbled, splitting and crackling. The grounds opened up, and at its core, Uriel saw black steel forming. Massive iron jutted up from the ground, like the gates of heaven, but darker and uninviting.

He is creating his own world! Beyond the gates, the rocks twisted, forming pathways and rooms. The interior of earth was becoming Lucifer’s domain – a world where he could control earth and all that dwell there.

As Uriel looked on at Lucifer’s creation, his eyes could no longer see in the newly created realm.

“Uriel!” Michael’s voice boomed in the skies. Raining down from the heavens was a single blade, aiming towards Lucifer.

Michael’s holy blade cut through the barrier, striking Lucifer’s fourth wing. Lucifer screams of agony echoed around the area, but the once proud angel didn’t falter.

Uriel charged towards the barrier, splicing through the black glowing light. In the distance he saw whirls of shadowy smoke around Lucifer; Lucifer was grasping his chest.

“It ends here, Lucifer!” Uriel gripped his blade with both hands, yelling his battle cry.

Lucifer raised his angry eyes to Uriel and said, “No, Uriel, this war is just beginning.”

Lucifer jerked his hand towards Uriel, releasing dark energy from his form. Uriel maneuvered around, flapping his wings from side-to-side. The earth rumbled again. Lucifer shifted his wings, until Michael’s blade was in view. He fingers tightened around the hilt of the sword, yanking it from his body with a painful grunt; he tossed it to the world below.

He panted, while clutching his chest, and his brows knitted together. Rage was gleaming in his eyes.

“How did you remove Michael’s blade?!” Uriel yelled out.

As Uriel looked at Lucifer, what once remained of his divinity was now gone. His blonde locks had fully turned black, and his white wings were the color of a raven’s feathers.

“You used the last of your holy aura?” Uriel asked softly, realizing what had occurred. Lucifer’s lips twisted into a smirk; his transformation from an angelic being to a demon had been complete.

Lucifer held out his hands, looking down towards the now corrupted earth. Uriel followed Lucifer’s gaze and widened his eyes. Inside earth was a labyrinth – a dark, never ending portal of madness and depravity.

Uriel flicked his sight back to Lucifer, with a deep scowl upon his face. “What have you created?!

An ominous laugh resounded from Lucifer’s throat. “This is my domain, Hell is here.” Lucifer extended the grin across his lips. Both creatures stared each other down. Neither side would win today, that, Uriel knew. This war was just beginning.

Azrael, Angel of Death


After the meeting with the archangels, Azrael was ordered back to earth. As a reaper, his task was never done. If Lucifer never tricked Eve, then my presence could have been spared, Azrael thought as he walked along the silent highway. On each side of the road were tall oak trees, blocking the moonlight with their branches. Everything was quiet, serene. Azrael preferred it this way, walking alone with his thoughts.

However, a nagging idea kept eating away at him. He recalled the conversation with the archangels, about the woman who was taken.

Should he have cared more about her kidnapping? He didn’t know. After what felt like years – more like centuries – of taking human life, one kidnapping couldn’t sway his feelings. More than likely, the demon killed her. And soon her soul would reach out to him, waiting for judgment, unless, the demon acquired it first.

Azrael halted his stroll and raised his sight to the moonless sky. In the distance he could hear the car engines revving faster, speeding down the highway.

An accident would soon occur. One drunk driver and one need for speed teen. He sighed, wishing humans weren’t so foolish. In a way, he understood Lucifer’s grave dislike for them.

The roar of the engines grew louder. It would be any moment now. He shifted towards the paved road, looking at the fainted yellow line that divided the two-lane highway. As he kept his sight on the highway, from the corner of his eyes, a shadow ran into a forest.

Azrael shook it off, thinking a shadow creature or a ghost was nearby. However, another shadow appeared, running into the forest.

“What’s going on?” He wondered. With a casual stride, he entered the woods, walking through the trees and branches.

In the distance, he saw more shadows a mass. Ahead of him was a clearing, with the moon’s beams shining down on the green blades of grass.

Azrael’s body cringed to what he saw through the trees. Tension filled his form, and his eyes went wide. Before him, a horde of demons were huddled together, with Azazel standing up on the mountain.

“My fellow brethren! We’ve spent long enough in hell!” Azazel’s deep voice rang through the clearing, reaching into the forest. He was armed with his scythe, pointing it towards the army before him. Azrael could see the rage burning in his eyes – the desire to be free from his earthly prison. The demons – twisted creatures with deformed wings and faces – shouted into the air, agreeing with their master.

Azrael’s body twitched and his face contoured into worry. What is Lucifer’s army doing here?

Azrael knew the demons would sense his aura soon, but he needed to hear the words being spoken. He maneuvered closer, lowering his angelic energy and concealing himself behind a tree.

He ranked his eyes around the area, counting an upwards of a thousand to five thousand demons. How is Lucifer creating such an army? His body stiffed. Suddenly, he spotted a smoke cloud from the corner of his eyes. On the mountain top, next to Azazel, black vapors hovered above the ground beside him, as if rising from a fire.

Azrael opened his mouth agape, in disbelief of what he was seeing. As the smoke swirled around, a familiar form every angel knew was materializing , Lucifer.

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and seeing how Lucifer created hell =) Annnd it seems our main King of Hell has finally arrived in the story. Thanks to everyone who read up to this point. I know the story started off a little slow, but from here on it, the real conflict begins.

Please comment!!

I wonder what will happen when Lana and Lucifer see each other again. =) 

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