Chapter 12: Relinquish

Chapter 12: Relinquish

Lana, Guardian Angel


LANA COULD FEEL RAZIEL’S strength tightening around her wrist. As he inched his face closer to hers, she could sense an ominous aura coming from him – a mixture between light and dark she couldn’t understand.

Raziel, does he distrust me like the others? Sadness sweep through, thinking about how her own kind distrusted her, viewing her as an enemy more than an angel.

“Why are you doing this?! Do you distrust me like the others?!” She paused, reading Raziel’s expression. “I told them. When I fell from Heaven, Lucifer abandoned me. I remember seeing him and then…”

Raziel cut her off with an angry growl, “This has nothing to do with distrust, Lana. I know who the real enemy in heaven is.”

Lana widened her eyes in surprise to Raziel’s words, and she tried to decipher what he meant. She trembled; the force of his powerful energy was heavy against her. Raziel was a warrior angel, a Lieutenant in God’s army and Uriel’s second in command. If he wanted to, she knew he could wipe her existence from heaven. Real enemy…

“What are you talking about?” Lana said, nearly yelling.

Raziel quickly maneuvered his arms, flared out his wings, and raised Lana’s hands above her head, harshly. She gasped. He moved in closer, bringing his lips up to her ear. Again, his powerful aura overtook hers, and Lana shook her body, squirming to get out of Raziel’s hold. He increased his strength, not letting her go.

“Raziel…” Her voice trembled, with fear lacing her words.

She slowly moved her eyes, meeting Raziel’s gaze. A mischievous grin extended across his lips, and he said, “Lucifer is coming for you, Lana, and this time, he won’t leave without you by his side.”

She kept her widened eyes on Raziel. She repeated his words in her mind, trying to make sense of what he said. She didn’t believe it, or understand it. Her thoughts were scrambled, a muddled mess she tried to comprehend. Lucifer is on earth, in the Hell that he created, she thought, and believed.

As she stood against the wall, she heard a loud boom from outside the lower sanctum. Raziel didn’t flinch; however, Lana could feel the tension between them, and her mind filled with concern about what was transpiring in Heaven. His words were madness, and she refused to listen. Uriel, I must find him! What has happened? Why is Raziel acting this way and how did a demon attack me?

Lana stood firm against the wall, planning her next move. She glanced at Raziel and said, “You do not know the words you speak, Raziel!”

Lana twitched, and then twisted her body until she could feel Raizel loosening his hold on her.

“You’re not leaving here!” He pushed her back, causing Lana to wince. Quickly, she fidgeted again, knowing she only had one way to free herself from him.

I have to use my power!

Lana squirmed again, calling forth her power. Only another angel or a demon could attack an angel. Suddenly, her body glowed, illuminating the hallway with a bright light. An intense aura shined from her form, bursting, knocking Raizel back.

Finally, she could feel her wings on her backside. She took a step forward, seeing Raziel holding his body up. He seethed from the pain. His hand was pressed against his chest, and his wings were lowered.

A growl erupted from his throat, and his sharp grey eyes glared daggers at Lana. She could feel his rage hitting her, like every piece of him wanted to attack her at this moment.

She knew she needed to run, to find the others and tell them of Raziel’s actions. She was lost, confused by everything happening to her. Being in this moment reminded her of that day: the day she was accused of siding with Lucifer. I have to find Uriel

Lana quickly spun around without looking back. As she started running, she heard muttering behind her. With her angelic ears, she heard Raziel say, “It didn’t last long enough.” His tone was sharp, deadly.

She didn’t have time to think about his words. Instead, she kept pumping her legs faster, until she heard another boom resonating from the outside.

The sanctum shook violently, rumbling. Lana toppled to the floor, landing with a thud.

What is happening?! Panic rushed through, sending her thoughts into a spiral of worry and concern. Ever since she got attacked by the demon, nothing felt right. In her dreams, all she remembered was seeing Earth, and recalling her longing to return to the blue planet. Vaguely, she remembered there was another creature, but she couldn’t remember what or who it was.

She shook off her thoughts. She needed to find Uriel – to find out what is happening. Quickly she leaped to her feet and continued to sprint down the hallway. In the distance, she saw the bright light of heaven peering into the dark corridor of the sanctum.

“I have to find the others.”

As she was about to exit the sanctum, she could feel the aura of the angels around her. Their aura was wild, out of control. She flinched, something was wrong. The aura of her fellow angels felt tainted, afraid. She stopped suddenly, feeling the weight of all those around her. It wasn’t just angels she felt, but other creatures as well. Demonic entities. She panted heavily. Fear coursed through, but she knew she couldn’t stop.

She kept moving until she was outside the sanctum. Her eyes widened, and what she feared was true. Demons were in heaven. Surrounding the skies were the dark deformed creatures of angels that had fallen. Her fellow angels were scrambling through the air, fleeing like flier ants being chased by crickets.

Her mouth was agape and terror filled her form. “Demons, but how?” Her voice trembled. The screams of angels echoed around her. Some were pleading, begging not to be dragged to hell. The warrior angels were fighting; their blades crashing against demonic skin.

Lana’s legs buckled beneath her. She fell to the ivory floor, wondering how this happened. Suddenly, a strong demonic aura hit her, stronger than any other demonic creature now occupying heaven.

With fearful eyes, she darted her gaze towards the gates of heaven. The demonic aura was calling out to her with clarity, like no other energy was blocking its path.

Is that? Lana thought. Now on all fours, with her white wings extended, she quivered.

Yes, Lana, I told you, one day I will come back for you, and now, I have returned, she mentally heard a voice in her head; a voice deep and masculine. Disbelief, shock, and fear; she felt them all at once, feeling small to the creature – to the King of Hell speaking to her.


The name echoed through her mind, replaying over and over like an earworm. He was a desire she wanted to forget, a sin she needed to repent from.

“Lucifer,” she breathed. All around her was turmoil. Angels’ screams reverberated in the air, pleading and begging not to be taken to hell. Before her, demons grabbed at the angels’ wings, gripping them until they loosened. The white feathers fell, shedding from their backsides.

A rotten smell, like decaying human flesh, whiffed in the air, entering her nostrils. She gagged, not only from the smell, but from the carnage encircling her.

Come to me, Lana. His voice was soft, pulling to her.

Placing both hands on her head, she shook, trying to free herself from his call. I… She kept battling, trying to stop Lucifer’s invasion of her mental space. Throbbing, aching pain spread through her entire being. She whimpered, as tears threatened to trickle from her eyes. If she had a heart, it would be broken – heartache.

Lana. His voice echoed in her mind, repeating, Lana…Lana.

Her sin had returned; the feelings she kept secret were resurfacing, making her long for him.

She squeezed her eyes shut, and clenched her fingers into a ball. Lucifer, you can’t-you shouldn’t be here. How is this happening?

As Lana sat on the ivory floor, lamenting over her plight, the sounds of battle and captivity grew louder.

“Let me go! I do not want to be a demon, no, please!”

The angel’s cries snapped Lana from her thoughts. She opened her eyes wide, and then darted her gaze to the angel in the skies in front of her. The female angel wailed; behind the angel, a deformed demon – with a humanoid body, black feathery wings, and coal-black eyes – was hunting her. The demon matched the angels speed with ease.

The bottom of Lana’s white gown skidded across the floor. Her arms fell behind her. She stared – wide-eyed – at the angel and demon playing cat and mouse in the sky. On the angel’s backside, one wing was lowered. Feathers were missing, torn apart.

A growl erupted from the demon’s throat. A demonic grin danced on its leathery face, baring sharp canines. “Come, taste the pleasures of hell, angel,” the demon spat, yanking at the angel’s wings.

Lana lifted one arm, shaking, and reached out towards the demon before her.

“Stop…” Her voice was weak. Compared to the demons flying in the skies – attacking her brothers and sisters – she was powerless.

The demon snaked its arms around the angel’s torso, tightening its grip. A bloodcurdling scream reverberated in the air around Lana. She leaped to her feet, watching the demon’s assault. The demon flared its wings, dug its nails into the angelic flesh and flew off.

All around her, the scene repeated.

Lana squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her hands into a fist. “Uriel,” she whispered, hoping he could sense her aura. Erela, Serafim. I have to find them!

Lana snapped her eyes open, unfurling her wings. She flapped them quickly, beating them against each other. However, before she could lift herself into the skies, she heard a booming voice behind her.

“Lana!” The familiar voice of Raziel caught her attention. Lana spun around, seeing Raziel rushing towards her. His white wings were expanded, spanning the length of the hallway.

“I can’t let him get to me.”

Lana beat her wings, flapping them quickly. As she rose into the air, a hand caught her ankle, pulling her back.

“Stop running, Lana! He will have you!” Raizel yanked her leg, causing Lana to wince. Strands of brunette hair draped in front of grey fuming eyes, but Lana kicked back, wiggling herself from Raziel’s clutches. Lana fluttered her wings, and then launched into the air, flying with swift speed. As she flew, she twisted and angled her body, dodging the demons and angels that filled the skies.

“Demons have entered the gates! Strike them down!”

“Go to the Lower Sanctums! Do not let a de-“

A warrior angel in the skies yelled his battle cry; he removed a sword from his sheath and lunged towards a demon, crashing his blade to sharp claws.

The demons are everywhere! I have to find Uriel and tell him about Raziel.

Lana kept going, avoiding the sight of white feathers raining in the sky, drifting and floating to nowhere. More warrior angels poured into the sanctums, taking down their once angelic brethren.

Above her, a bright flash shot through the skies, nearly blinding the corner of her eyes. The archangels.

She beat her wings faster, straining them, but she couldn’t stop. In the distance was Guardians Sanctum, however, it wasn’t the beautiful building she remembered. This time, it was broken, with cracks lining the once ivory ceiling and the oculus was no more.

Lana stopped suddenly, hovering in the skies. Her gaze was stuck on the Sanctum, saddened by its state. She didn’t have time to mourn. She quickly regained her sense of surroundings and danger. Lana beat her wings, moving as if her friends’ lives depended on her.

The sounds of battle – swords clashing, angels and demons screaming, and second deaths – echoed around her. It was like watching and hearing a human battle, but for her kind, there was no afterlife, just the cease of existence.

She kept her sight on the sanctum and then landed on the glass floor. As she started running, she stumbled, almost falling. The building shook, like an earthquake about to begin. Lana shifted, standing back on two feet. The tension in her body was growing – she was afraid, for her, Uriel and her friends.

She panted, running into the building. She turned her hand from side-to-side, but the building was empty, devoid of any life.

“Is anyone here?!” Her worrisome voice bounced off the walls, echoing back at her.

Quickly she pumped her legs, running through the archway into the main hall of the sanctum. On each side of her, viewer pools had broken, and shimmering water stained the floor.

“Erela! Serafim!” To her surprise, her throat started to throb, burning with an unfamiliar pain. Lana pressed both hands to her neck, wondering what she was feeling.

“They are not here, traitor,” the familiar female voice spat.

Lana quickly darted her eyes to the familiar sound. Bellatrix was walking towards her, with her holy sword in hand. Her fingers were wrapped around the handle, squeezing it.

As Lana stared at Bellatrix, she could see the anger burning in her dark-brown eyes. Her black hair was whipping around her face, and Lana felt a powerful aura seeping from her form.

“Bellatrix wha-t,” Lana stammered, as she placed one foot behind her.

Bellatrix’s body glowed with a shimmering golden light, tracing her entire form.

“You!” She pointed to Lana. “You are responsible for this! You should have stayed on earth all those years ago!” Bellatrix’s booming voice brought pain to Lana.

Lana walked back, shaking her head. “You’re wrong! I didn’t do any of this!”

“Your lies end here now!”

Bellatrix lifted her sword, flared out her wings and lunged towards Lana. With nowhere to run, Lana panicked. She had to defend herself, to fight those who swore and were created by God to protect her.

Lana swirled her hand, creating a shield of light around her. She was no fool; her barrier was weak against a holy sword created for God’s army. All she could do was shut her eyes, bracing for the impact from Bellatrix’s blade.

“May heaven bless me for striking down the mother of lies.”

She is going to kill me. Lana’s inner voice trembled. She wasn’t a warrior, a fighter; all she could do was wait for the blow.

“Cease to exist!” Bellatrix screamed.

Lana squeezed her eyes shut, until the sound of a steel scraping against steel caught her ears.

“I won’t let you kill her, Bellatrix.”

Lana opened her eyes. Before her, Raziel stood with his blade against Bellatrix’s, halting her attack. With her mouth agape, Bellatrix flew back, with confusion flooding her face.

“Raziel! What are you doing?” She pointed the tip of her sword at Raziel.

Raziel lowered his blade, smirking. “He has been waiting for this moment, for her, so she must live.” He looked at Bellatrix with his lips curling into a satisfied smile.

Bellatrix lowered her blade and started walking towards Raziel. “What nonsense do you speak?” She spat.

Raziel then grabbed Lana’s arm, pulling her against him. “Lana, Bellatrix. Lucifer has been waiting for this moment to reclaim her,” he paused, “and with Lana’s help, I was able to open the gates for him,” he boosted, tightening his grip on Lana’s angelic flesh.

Bellatrix, stunned, flickered her gaze to Lana and then to Raizel.

“Raizel…you did this, with her?” Her voice was wry, pained.

Lana shook her head. “No!” She stared at Raizel. “I had no part in this! What lies do you speak?!”

Raizel grinned down at Lana. “Lies, Lana?” His voice mocked hers and was playful, cunning.

“Yes, lies,” Lana sneered.

“Do you deny hearing Lucifer’s call to you? His power reaching to you, to bring you to his side?”

Lana’s eyes widened to Raziel’s words. How does he…” Slowly she shifted her sight to Bellatrix, who was watching her intensely. If she lied here, then she truly would be the mother of lies. There would be no going back for her. Even if Bellatrix didn’t believe her, Lana would tell the truth.

She avoided Bellatrix’s gaze and clenched her hands into a fist. “I did hear his call, but that doesn-“

Bellatrix cut her off. “You really are a traitor, just like I told Uriel, but he…” she trailed off. She lowered her head and lifted her arm, bringing the blade back to her side.

Uriel! Lana thought, as the tension spread through her. Images of the past replayed in her mind: her being found at the gates and tears streaming down her eyes, again, no one would believe her.

The past has repeated itself.

“No, Uriel must know I had no part in this!”

“Enough! I will smite both of you in his glory, for father and Uriel!” Bellatrix raised her blade, expanded her wings and darted to Raizel.

A dark chuckle escaped Raziel’s lips. He pulled Lana closer to him, causing their bodies to touch.

“You always did love Uriel, Bellatrix, but he isn’t worth losing yourself for.” His voice was soft. He channeled his power into his hand, forming a ball of white light.

“Don’t!” Lana twisted in his grasp, trying to stop him but it was no use. She flicked her gaze to Bellatrix, watching as she flew with immense speed towards her and Raziel. However, Raziel didn’t flinch. Instead, he jumped back with Lana in his arms and hurled his ball of energy at Bellatrix. She dodged the white orb, but Raizel threw another, this time hitting her right wing.

Bellatrix stopped, holding herself up.

“Raziel,” she snarled, preparing to attack again.

Raziel stood firm, and swirled his hand, forming a white ring of fire. His aura shot at Bellatrix, continuously like a Gatling gun.

Bellatrix gasped, extended her wings and then jumped back. Before she could summon her shield, two balls of energy struck her, damaging her wings.

She cried in pain, although Lana didn’t know if it was just pain from Raziel’s attack, or pain from being attacked by her own kind. A comrade she trusted.

Lana never cared for Bellatrix, but she never wished for the angel’s death. For a moment – through the sounds of battle and shouts of pain – Lana thought about Raizel’s words. Bellatrix…Lana thought, as she squirmed in Raziel’s arms. I knew she had feelings for Uriel. She despises me, but even so, I must help her!

Raziel glanced at Lana, giving her an intense glare. “We have wasted enough time, he awaits us.” Raziel spun on his heel, keeping Lana against his form.

“Ra-zi-el.” Bellatrix’s voice echoed behind Lana and Raziel, sounding strained.

The first lieutenant stood firm, keeping his gaze on the outside of the sanctum. “I will not kill you, Bellatrix, but remember this, soon you will have to pick and a side, and only one will win. Choose wisely.” Raziel gave the female warrior a side-ways glance and said, “You would do well in Lucifer’s army.”

Lana widened her eyes, listening to Raziel’s words. Nothing made sense to her, she was lost, utterly confused over everything happening.

The female warrior snarled at Raziel’s words, but Raziel ignored her. He flared out his wings and then flapped them quickly, darting in the skies with Lana in his arms.

“Let me go!” Lana twisted again, slithering in his grip. It was as if her body was a snake, and Raziel was the force keeping her from freedom. “

She fidgeted, kicking her legs and trying to flare out her wings, but the soldier angel’s strength was too powerful for her.

Raziel dodged past the captured angels and demons with ease. His movements through the skies were fluid, like an experienced warrior who knew the battlefront.

“Where are you taking me?!”

Raziel pursed his lips and glanced at Lana. Soon, a dark wave of energy hit her, as if someone slapped her face. She panted; the aura was crawling through her form, like ants had entered her body.

Gasping, Lana raised her gaze, looking in the distance at Raziel’s direction. The gates.

Past the wailing angels, demonic bodies and clash of swords and claws, the giant, golden iron slowly emerged in the distance. However, something was off. The gates were opening and rushes of midnight clouds were leaking into the bright lights of Heaven.

Lana trembled and squirmed with all her strength to escape from Raziel. No, this cannot be happening! Flashbacks of the past: Lucifer attacking the gates, clouds of darkness and the battle between Michael and Lucifer came to her mind.

Raziel smirked and said, “He has arrived.” He adjusted his wings and swiftly picked up speed, shooting towards the gate like a stray bullet.

As they got closer, Lana could see the gates were wide open, with only blackness beyond them.

Raziel beat his wings, pointing them downward. Gracefully he landed on the glass-like floor and dropped Lana on her knees. She landed with a thud, shaking in fear and disbelief. She wanted to get up, to fly away but her body was weak, consumed with unimaginable terror.

Streams of midnight puffs of smoke continued to speed through the gates, surrounding Lana’s form. Raziel stood unwavering, as if waiting for a glorious event.

The aura of demonic energy leaking into Heaven was all consuming, taking over every inch of the entrance. The dark clouds surrounded the crystal floor, the sides of the gates and even above them.

As Lana kept her trembling eyesight before her, three forms slowly emerged from the darkness, like ghost materializing into a visible form.

Her eyes widened. She slowly crawled backwards, sensing who was approaching her.

With his long, raven hair – dressed in black with chains hanging from his shirt – Lucifer strolled towards the entrance to heaven with a confidence stride. A satisfied smile was etched on his lips, and his gleaming eyes were crimson, staring directly in front of him. As she stared at him, disbelief flooded her. After all these years, this time, Lucifer had returned. Lana tried to avoid looking at his form, but the pull to him was too powerful. Her body felt like jelly, weightless as his aura overtook hers. Mixed emotions were swirling within her. Happiness, anger, sadness, and joy were competing in her mind.

She needed to look away from him, to fight the emotions she tried to bury, to keep hidden.

She ranked her eyes around Lucifer’s form, seeing others by his side. She couldn’t recognize the two demons. One had brunette hair and feathery grey wings. His lips were cocky, smug. He reminded her of a demented human boy, but in the body of a male angel. The other demon, to Lucifer’s right, had the same long, midnight hair and was dressed in a black coat that covered his body. However, his face was stoic, expressionless. His jet black wings were folded on his backside, not moving.

Lana avoided their gazes, shifting her sight to the shadowy darkness. Feelings swelled inside her; the realization of Lucifer’s return was too much to take. With him near her, she couldn’t contain her innermost emotions.

Why? Why did you return? She questioned internally. Inside she was suffering, aching to fight her desires.

You know why, she heard Lucifer’s voice in her mind, catching her off guard.

With that, Lana fought back her tears. In that moment, she felt so human, weak, and broken.

“Lucifer!” Lana heard Raziel say.

Suddenly, her body was lifted off the floor, and she was placed on both feet. In front of her was Lucifer, standing in the center between the two demons. His eyes bore into hers.

As Lana stared into his ocean eyes, her face softened. Those eyes were the same as long ago – the eyes that showed her love and captured every essence of her being. Looking at him put her in a daze, a sight she never wanted to lose again.

He walked up to her, dropping the dark expression from his features. With slow movements, he cupped one cheek with his hand.

“Lana…” His voice was like velvet to her ears, turning her defenses into mud.

“Wh-y…” She tried to speak, until Lucifer placed a single finger to her lips, tracing her angelic flesh. His touch prickled her skin, reducing her to a kitten left to his control.

“In the darkness, I have waited for this day,” he paused, stroking her lower lip with his thumb, “to feel you again, Lana, to bring you home, to hell.” The corner of his lips twisted into a smile.

Lana tried to jump back, but her body was no longer hers to control.

“Please, Lucifer, stop this,” she said, in a hushed whisper. Mixed feelings clashed within her like lighting clashing against a tree. She wanted to despise him but also love him – there was a pit inside of her, and she didn’t know whether to fall or save herself.

Lucifer smiled at her with warmth and continued to cup her cheek in his hand. “I know you are conflicted, but soon, you will see clearly.” He moved closer to her. Lana could feel the tears threatening to stream from her eyes. With gentle movements, he captured her lips.

Sensations from his touch tickled every part of her. She became defenseless to his lips on hers, letting him take over. It was like the past – his deft hands crawled all over her skin, trailing her arms, and bringing her closer to him. She wanted to resist him, to focus on saving her fellow angels and searching for Uriel, but her thoughts become a pool of liquid, evaporating away due to Lucifer’s fire. Even if she kept denying it, a part of her wanted his touch, to feel him caress her. Her body was a feather, lightweight to his dominance.

Slowly he removed his lips from hers. He stared into her eyes, with a devilish smirk dancing on his lips. Above them, the sky flashed again – a bright white, followed by the sound of thunder shaking the skies.

“They are coming,” Lucifer said, as he shifted his gaze to the sound.

Uriel! Lana spun around and stared up at archangel territory. As she looked at the sky, she felt Lucifer’s eyes on her. Before she could react further, her body flashed. She then landed in Lucifer’s arms, and he gripped her tightly against his chest, locking her in place.

Three beams of light shot from above, descending towards the gates.

“Azazel,” Lucifer paused, flickering his gaze to Azazel, “Bring as many angels as you can,” he said, smirking, “I’m sure Lilith is eager for new company.”

“Understood,” Azazel said, summoning forth his scythe.

“Finally, it took long enough for them to appear.” Malphas shrugged, as his lips formed a demonic smirk. “Too bad we can’t end this, today.” He pouted.

“Malphas, you know it’s not time yet, ” Azazel scolded him.

Lana listened to their banter and was confused, wondering what Azazel and Malphas were referring to. She squirmed in Lucifer’s arms and tried to speak, but it was useless.

“Lana!” Uriel’s booming voice roared from the skies. Above her, Uriel’s silver wings were extended as he charged towards heaven’s gates.

Lucifer’s eyes flashed red, glaring daggers at the archangel charging towards him.

“Raziel, take care of him,” Lucifer ordered, as he spun around facing the gates.

“Gladly.” Raziel’s voice was filled with bloodlust. He called forth his sword, waiting for Uriel’s approach.

Lana kept trying to move, to do anything to free herself from Lucifer, but like before, her body wasn’t responding. Behind Lucifer, Uriel’s angry filled gaze caught her on. For a brief second, she saw confusion in his purple eyes. All she could do was communicate with her sight what was happening.

She couldn’t tell if Uriel understood her. Soon, his sorrow filled eyes were replaced with rage.

“Lucifer! Are you going to run? Will you not fight me?! If you dare taker her!” Uriel raised his blade and charged up his power. Before he could strike at Lucifer, Raziel flew in front of him, halting his attack.

Lucifer glanced back, smirking deviously at Uriel fighting against Raizel. Lana watched, helpless, as Uriel battled to get to Lucifer. As she stared at him, his gaze quickly caught hers once more, and all she saw was hurt in his eyes. Uriel! Uriel! She wanted to yell, to scream, to let him know she needed him. As Lucifer walked into the darkness with her in his arms, her last sight was of Uriel, fighting desperately to get to her.

Uriel, Commander in God’s Army


Lucifer’s black wings were still dug in the Earth, turning the inside of God’s beautiful creation into a labyrinth of darkness.

Today the battle wouldn’t be won, and Uriel knew this. Lana!

With Lucifer distracted, Uriel flashed back to the cave, standing before Lana.

Her eyes were still dull, lifeless. Lucifer’s barrier still surrounded her. As Uriel stared at her, he thought of what she said before, Lucifer, you do not need any of this, come home.

His own thoughts, feelings were confused. He didn’t know for sure whose side she was on, but she tried to stop Lucifer. Looking at her stirred a strange feeling within him, and at that moment, he made a decision.

I won’t leave her here, with him.

With determination, he thrust his hand inside the shadowy barrier, gripping Lucifer’s one black feather.

Demonic energy crept into his body, like bugs, causing him intense discomfort. He cried out. His arm swelled – it felt like it would explode, but he refused to wane. He would free Lana and bring her back to Heaven, keeping her away from Lucifer as long as he could.

A/N: Sorry for the wait, everyone. I want to thank you for your patience while I was doing my editing. I know some of you really love this story, and I don’t want to stop writing it for all of you.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Did anyone see the plot twist coming?

What do you think hell will be like?

Do you think Bellatrix will try to move in on Uriel?

Are you ready for Lucifer x Lana’s moments?

What do you think happens to angels that are dragged to hell?

Do you think Uriel will go to hell to find Lana?

What role do you think Lilith will play in this story?

What do you think Lucifer’s plan is?

Last of all, how much are you enjoying this story?

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