Chapter 13: Farewell


Chapter 13: Farewell

Uriel, Commander in God’s Army


 LUCIFER’S DARK POWER COURSED through his body, causing him unbearable pain. However, Uriel wouldn’t strain – he knew his goal, his intent to save Lana. He gripped the ebony feather, tighter, and harder, not letting go.

He groaned, as the corrupted energy split into tentacle-like shapes and wrapped around his arm.

“Lana,” he growled out, baring his teeth. Uriel jerked, pulling his arm back with his fingers wrapped around the soft feather. As he screamed out, he fought against the stuck piece of Lucifer’s wing. Black and white aura mixed together, colliding. The barrier surrounding Lana’s body glowed, burning with an intense black light until it expanded, filling the cave.

A burst of power – angelic and dark, white and darkness – encircled the cave, nearly knocking Uriel back. His gripped loosened, releasing his hold on the feather. Quickly, he lifted his wings over his form, creating a shield.

He tightened his jaw. The noise around him was like thunder, crackling and crashing about. Dust and dirt whipped in the air; once everything settled, he slowly lowered his wings. The black barrier around Lana had dispersed. From outside, he heard a loud, inhuman growl, like an untamed beast.

Without wasting time, he ran up to Lana, catching her in his arms before she fell.

Discomfort still throbbed in his body, but relief washed over him. Lana, you begged Lucifer to forget his rage, he thought, while staring at her.

He cradled her in his arms, pressing her against his chest. Strads of silver-black hair feel across her face; as he held her, she felt light, not moving. Uriel wondered what Lucifer had done to her, and if she could recover. However, this was not the time to think about such things. If something was amiss, surly his brothers would know.

The ground beneath Uriel’s feet shook with a violent rage. Various size rocks rained down from the ceiling, but Uriel dodged them with ease.

“Lucifer.” Uriel snarled, holding Lana close to his torso and flaring out his wings.

I have to return, this battle won’t be won today. Why-Why did father make Lucifer so powerful? He wanted to understand, to figure out why Lucifer was so powerful compared to his fellow archangels. Something confused Uriel, but his thoughts were too jumbled from the wave of battle.

Without wasting time, he flapped his wings, flying towards the entrance of the cave. Once outside, he saw Lucifer’s deranged form – back tresses blowing in the wind and ebony wings dug into the earth – and quickly averted his eyes.

“You have fallen, Lucifer, what creation are you now?” His voice was low and he beat his feathers against one another, catching wind.

Another inhuman scream echoed from Lucifer’s form, like the beast of the fields were crying out in unison, not stopping.

“I will not let you take her from me!” Lucifer quickly retracted his wings, striking all three at Uriel. Uriel flared his nostrils and narrowed his eyes. He flashed away, reappearing above Lucifer’s deformed creation.

Both beings created by God stared at each with rage, not avoiding the others gaze.

“We are done…for now.” Uriel spun around in the skies, increasing his speed. Behind him, Lucifer’s voice reverberated through the air, as if a dark howl trailed behind him.

Without looking back, Uriel beat his wings, making his way towards his brethren. The inhuman growls echoed in his ears, like there were multiple beasts surrounding him; however, he ignored the noises and stayed on his path towards heaven.

Black feathers launched at him, but he could sense the dark aura coming his way. Quickly, he flashed in the skies – appearing and reappearing – dodging Lucifer’s attacks. Above him, the clouds formed a circle and in the middle was a bright white light. Before Lucifer could catch him, Uriel flew into the brightness, engulfed by the holy aura. He didn’t bother to shift his eyes to the scene behind him – the screams of agony were enough to let him know what had happened.

Once he entered the angelic light, he heard his fellow archangels calling his name.

“Uriel!” The voices shouted around him, until he found himself back at the Hall of Creation. He flashed, wings flaring, knees bent, with Lana tightly in his arms. He kept his eyes on the floor until he was snapped from his thoughts – he was thinking of Lucifer, of the unknown creation he had become.

An eerie silence flooded the room, and Uriel thinned his lips. He could feel the shame of defeat coming from his brothers, as if he were connected to them by a thread of string. Slowly he rose from the floor, now facing Gabriel and Michael.

The grim expressions on their faces told him what he needed to know. They had failed to stop Lucifer, underestimating his power.

Gabriel shifted his sight away from the shimmering water. “Lucifer has forsaken father.”

Michael walked up to the pool of liquid in the center of the floor. He watched Lucifer continue to consume the core of the earth, twisting into his own domain. “He is no longer an angel, he is the opposite of angel, devoid of father’s light and compassion; he is a demon.”

Uriel and Gabriel stood next to each other, pursing their lips. Then, Uriel asked, “We must defeat him; we have to try again,” he urged.

Michael stared at his brother and then shook his head. “Lucifer has betrayed the gifts given to him by god. Even now, we cannot see into his domain. He has cut off the sight not only from us, but also from father.”

Uriel glanced towards Gabriel, but Gabriel avoided his gaze, knowing Michael was right.

“All we can do is prepare. Lucifer has waged war against heaven, and as the humans populate Earth, we cannot know what action he will take.”

“Which is why he must be defeated.” Uriel took a step forward.

“No, Uriel, out of the three of us, you are the youngest. As Michael said, we must ready ourselves. As archangels, we must protect not only heaven but also the humans entrusted to us,” Gabriel said, as he turned towards Uriel.

Uriel then backed down as he mused over Gabriel’s words.

“I must speak with father, he will guide us,” Michael said, as he spun on his heel and started to walk away.

Uriel quickly glanced down at the angel in his arms and asked, “And Lana? She passed the test; she did not follow in Lucifer’s path.”

Michael turned slightly, flickering his eyes to Uriel. “Even still, we do not know what Lucifer has done to her. Watch her, until we know she can be trusted,” Michael paused, “Lucifer and Lana must never be together – their union is one that cannot come to pass, he muttered under his breath, before turning back.

“I understand.” Uriel spun around and proceeded towards the entrance. Though he understood his responsibilities, Michael’s last words confused him: their union is one that cannot come to pass.

“Our numbers are few, but Lucifer is alone, we will find a way. We must have faith in father. The humans must not be lead astray any further from the righteous path,” Gabriel pointed out.

All the archangels glanced at each other in acknowledgment, and then went their separate paths. With Lana still in his arms, Uriel teleported to the mountaintop in the skies, below archangel territory. As his eyes raked over heaven, he contemplated what would become of earth and the humans. Humans were not met to die, or to be influenced by one such as Lucifer. The plan God had for this world had changed, and with that, Uriel knew he had to change as well.

Uriel quickly looked down, when he felt Lana stir in his arms. Can she be trusted? God has tasked me to watch her.

“Uriel,” a male voice called behind him.

Uriel whipped around and saw an unfamiliar angel.

“I am Yushiro, and I have been tasked to assist you.” He bowed his head in respect and rested his white wings against his back. Covering his form was shimmering, colorless amour, and a holy sword hung from his hip.Uriel eyed up the angel, taking in his appearance. His blonde hair was short and his green eyes spoke honesty, of one who could be trusted. Uriel could tell Yushiro was a newly created angel, but even still, his personality showed on his facial features. Yushiro grinned at Uriel, showing confidence in his abilities. Uriel didn’t understand the reason why father created angels in a certain way, but it wasn’t his place to question the creations. If Yushiro was here, with this thinking process, it was for a reason.

Uriel parted his lips to speak, but a soft voice cut through his thoughts.

“Lucifer, where are you?” Lana muttered, as she fluttered her eyelids. Uriel would have to deliver the news to her, Lucifer abandoned heaven, thus abandoning her.

Lana, Guardian Angel


LANA FELT ARMS ENCASING her body, holding her tight. She maneuvered, shifting herself, trying to be free. However, the strong arms did not waver, and instead, gripped her closer.

She didn’t know what was happening to her. All she could remember was Lucifer came to heaven, rendered her body useless and left the heavenly domain with her in his arms.

Fighting ensued, and many angels were dragged to hell by the demons, not knowing their fate. Lana was one of them; fear took hold of her as if she was a human who was about to die, wondering what awaited her on the other side – how ironic, she thought.

Quickly she opened her eyes, but everything around her was dark – blackness surrounded her. Either her surroundings had changed, or she had gone blind, she didn’t know.

Where am I? She questioned to herself.

You are where you belong, in Hell, by my side. Keep your eyes closed, Lana. There are parts of Hell I will not let your eyes see.

Lucifer?! Her body jolted, but she could barely move.

Lana tried to squirm, but her angelic body wouldn’t follow her commands. She was like a doll under a master’s control.

Where are the angels that were taken? Are they safe?

An amused laugh echoed around her – a demonic voice she knew all too well.

She then felt a thumb caress her lips and slowly move to her cheek. Why do you worry about those who have such distrust in you?

Lucifer’s question threw Lana off guard, and for a moment, she had no answer. Before she could think, she felt a hand touch her forehead. Slowly, she felt her consciousness leaving her.

I – before she could process another thought, Lana heard a hum. Not from Lucifer, but a seductive voice; a feminine voice.

“The final piece has arrived,” the voice purred. “Michael must be worried, for they have kept her from us for so long.”

“Stay away from her, Lilith,” Lucifer’s voice growled out. As Lana felt herself slipping away, she could only wonder where she was, and what that voice meant.


She felt comfort, soft and warm. Lana slowly opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling above her. However, she saw a canopy, not the ceiling.

“Where am I?”

Taking her time, she lifted herself up and then drank in her surroundings. She was in a room, but something was off to her. As she lowered her gaze, she saw the bed. What she thought was sheets, was actually fur.

She traced her finger along the soft skin of what used to be an animal. Through the years, Lana had seen many types of furs used by humans to keep warm, but the fur she was lying on now wasn’t normal. The black and brown pattern extended past the edge of the bed, onto the floor. No animal created by God was that large, or at least not one that could produce this much skin. Along the wall, Lana saw various pictures: images containing humans, dark places she had never seen before, and lastly, pictures that made her shudder. As she glanced around, one particular painting caught her eye. It was a group of humans standing together, looking into the distance at a paradise. Then, for a second, Lana thought she saw the humans disperse, slaughtering one another.

She then averted her gaze, staring off into another direction. On both sides of the giant room were crimson colored curtains. Lana leaped from the bed. What is this place?

Quickly she ran up to one of the curtains and opened them. To her surprise, there was no window; there was nothing but a wall. Her mind filled with confusion and dread. Even though the room seemed peaceful – no demons – an eerie feeling loomed over her.

“Where did Lucifer go? What does he want with me?” She could feel panic flowing through her. She didn’t know what to do, where to go, or what Hell was like. No angel, not even the archangels, had ever seen Lucifer’s domain. If an angel was taken to Hell, they came back a demon, and by then, no angelic creature could reach them, not even God.

Lana spun around and swept her eyes around the room. There were no doors or windows, she was trapped, alone.

“Lucifer, why have you brought me here? Our past is over,” she spoke softly to herself.

After she said those words, Lana thought about the kiss she shared with Lucifer. She needed to tell herself it was over, her feelings for Lucifer were in past, forgotten.



Lana turned around. She jumped and tried to expand her wings, but they wouldn’t move. Bang. She heard it again. The sound grew louder, as if someone or something was banging on a door. Soon, the noise echoed around her. She was by herself, without Elena and Serafim to guide and help her. Even if she called out to him, Uriel couldn’t answer her call. She was in Hell, alone, and she feared what awaited her.

A/N: First, I am so so sorry for the long wait. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. As you read, a lot of stuff went down. We now know more about the past, and, it appears Michael knows something about Lana and Lucifer we don’t.

What do you think is the connection between Lana and Lucifer?

Do you think Lana will survive Hell? Will Lucifer protect her?

What do you think will happen in Heaven?

Do you think Uriel will find a way to save Lana?

Now I’m getting excited for my own story. I hope enjoyed this chapter =) 


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    • They are coming 🙂 Lucifer didn’t wait centuries to not touch Lana again now since he has her. However, Hell is a dangerous place for an angelic being. Lucifer may have to, watch over the angel he has brought to his domain. Thanks for reading!!!


    • Thanks, and I’m sorry you feel that way, but I understand. After my story got reported and my chapter deleted, I don’t feel comfortable posting on Wattpad.


  2. Heeeey! It’s Skalya! I’ve been reading on here since you moved from Wattpad, but I never saw this update *gasp* It was great! I’m really excited for LuciferxLana moments now. Fingers crossed for the next chapter. Keep going! ❤

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    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure if you were still reading this story, but I’m so happy you commented! Yes, we need some LuciferxLana moments now^^ Don’t worry, I’ll keep writing =)


  3. I’m still wondering from where on Uriel really was in love with Lana, I still love seeing both the past and present in the same chapter. And I hope Uriel will safe her. I’m also wondering for what specific reason Lucifer brought Lana to Hell and who Lilith is to Lucifer, any feeling from her side? And I’m wondering what she meant with ‘The final piece has arrived.’
    Sorry for summoning up all my questions, I loved this chapter 🙂

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    • Hey! I haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you doing?

      Don’t worry, you’ll see where the love came from^^

      Thanks! I was worried that some readers would’t like the past and present, but I’m glad you are enjoying it. In the upcoming chapters, we’ll learn more about Hell, Lilith and the other demons. Ah yes, the final piece =)
      I love your questions! I’m so happy you enjoyed this chapter!! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story!


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