|Chapter 14 – Geyser| Part 2

Warning: This chapter is 18+ and contains an adult scene. If you don’t want to read it, please skip it. 

This is the first time I’ve seen a man naked, and like mother always told me, I can tell he is ready. The flesh between his legs is hard, pointing towards me as if saying I want you.

In the end, I escaped one prison to return to another. After everything, I should be grateful and yet inside myself, I want to disappear from this moment.

Elijah walks up to my trembling form, with a cocky smirk on his lips.

“Don’t disappointment me, girl. Now get on with it.”

I quickly glance at my mother, trying to hold back my tears. She simply nods her head, instructing me from the distance.

As I lower my body to the ground, I think about those bananas, and how much I hate them. If I mess up, my mother will punish me or worse yet, Joe.

I can’t take the risk of him being hurt. I settle on my knees, and Elijah moves closer to me, rubbing his hard flesh against my mouth.

I don’t want to open my lips for him, but in the end, I comply. Slowly I part my lips, letting him inch forward into my hot, dry mouth.

“Ah-h,” he groans. “I never thought of face fucking your kind,” he growls out, as he thrust his hips back and forth, spewing drops of juices down my throat.

I curl my hands into a fist and shut my eyes, holding back the tears. The smell coming off his body is repugnant, mixed with sweat and must. The taste makes me want to gag, but I know mother is watching. If I throw up on Elijah, or interrupt his pleasure, she’ll hurt me, and maybe he’ll hurt me as well.

I keep silent, only wincing when Elijah grips my hair. He pushes himself deeper into my mouth, gripping my hair to keep his hold. Using my head, he forces me to take him more. I yelp at the pain. Tears flow from my eyes but I don’t whimper. If I whimper, Joe will hear. I don’t want him to see this, to see what I am slowly turning into to.

Elijah’s moans and groans echo in my ears, and I think back to Assan. If Assan was here, I wonder if he would protect me now. Kill Elijah for touching me, for forcing himself in my mouth.

Assan isn’t here, I am alone, I think to myself, as I feel the taste of Elijah on my tongue and rolling down my throat.

He moans again, louder this time. He keeps bucking his hips. “That’s it, almost . . .” He growls out, increasing his speed inside me. His hand still grips my hair, until he tightens his hold, keeping me in a place.

Suddenly, I taste a milky substance on my tongue and gag. He maneuvers around, taking himself outside of me and I cough. Feeling disgusted, I hold myself and sit against the wall. It’s the beginning of the end, and soon I’ll be like my mother. Images of Assan enter my mind: my last time with him, when I felt a tender touch for that first and last time.

As I cough into my hand, Elijah’s juices seep from my mouth. I can’t cry, or show that I’m shaken by what happened. I won’t give my mother the satisfaction. As long as Joe is safe, I will do what I must to protect him. In a way, I wonder if Assan felt the same as me. He did what he had to do to save and protect his people, and I left, without telling him goodbye.

I stay against the wooden wall as my eyes rank the room. Elijah’s lips twist into a satisfied grin, and he smiles down at me as he buckles up his pants.

He whips around slightly, looking forwards my mother. “You taught her well, Leona. A smirk goes across his lips, and then he turns around, heading to the door.

“She is my daughter after all, regardless of skin color.” I can hear delight in her voice, happy that I didn’t ruin this moment for her.

As I stare at my mother, I want to narrow my eyes to her, to hate her, but as long as Joe is here, I will comply with her wishes.

My mother glances at me before following behind Elijah. He walks to the door, places his hand on the handle, but then turns around, and glances at me.

“Is she still a virgin?” He asks curiously, with his eyes glowing with lust.

My mother opens her mouth like words are caught in her throat; I can tell she is struggling with a response. She gives me a sides-way glance, trying to read the expression on my face. Quickly she shifts her gaze back to Elijah; a smile spread across her plump lips.

She crosses her arms against her chest, and says, “She is, but you cannot afford her on your salary,” she laughs, mocking him.

Elijah then scowls, but soon his expression turns to an arrogant smirk. “Do not underestimate me, Leona. As the Governor’s private guard, I get paid rather handsomely,” he boost, giving my mother a bright smile.

My mother stands in shock, with her mouth open agape.

Elijah looks back at me and says, “I will see you again, Elena.” The words roll off his tongue, like a promise. After that, he slams the door shut, leaving my mother disgruntled and angry. My mother huffs and strolls over to me. She stares down at me with rage showing in her blue eyes.

“How quickly you get a buyer,” she snarls, “tomorrow you are going to the brothels, and if you run away again, don’t bother coming back,” she warns me. Once she is done, she ascends to the stairs and closes the door behind her.

I knew this would be my home coming – there are no warm hugs, this is the life granted to me. Slowly I lift my body up from the floor, feeling the aching pain in my feet and taste Elijah’s residue still on my tongue.

All I long for is a warm bath, water, to see Joe and Seidon again. As I think about Seidon, my chest stings; I hope he is alive. Seidon, what would you think of me if you knew what I’d just done? Salty tears burn my eyes. I don’t want to cry, to be weak. If I can survive Assan, and the monsters of the sea, surely I can survive the brothels.

Slowly, through the darkness, I ease my way up the stairs. I stop before the room I share with Joe, when I hear faint crying coming from inside.

Rage fills me, but for Joe I have to be strong. I exhale and slightly open the door, seeing my little brother sitting on the bed in the darkness.

“Elena,” he calls softly to me.

“I am here, Joe.” I make my way over to the tiny bed and sit down next to him. Soon, I feel his small arms wrap around my waist and his head burrowing into my stomach.

“Where were you? Elle! Ever since you left mother changed,” he cries out.

Mother never changed, Joe, she was always cruel, I want to tell him, but I refrain from spewing the awful truth about our mother to him. In my absent, it’s clear mother showed her true colors to Joe. Because of Assan, I wasn’t able to shield my brother from the truth of this world, but now I’m back, to take the pain for him.

I wrap my arms around Joe, embracing him like a mother would a child. Even though I’m not a mother, I often hear the other women say once you have a child your life is no longer your own. In a sense, that’s how I feel. If it weren’t for Joe, I would have left here, long ago.

As I pat Joe’s back and coo him, images of Assan enter my mind: his long black locks brushing my skin, his lips on mine, and his arms wrapped around me, protecting me.

I shake my head. I need to remove Assan and the undersea world from my memory. This is my life now – no – this was always my life. However, I cannot help but think of what would happen if Assan and I –

“Elle,” Joe whimpers again, taking me from my thoughts.

“I’m sorry Joe, I –If I tell Joe the truth, would he even believe me? It’s best not to, I decide. “I ran away because I was scared, but I’m back now.” I squeeze him tighter, hoping he feels safe.

He rubs his wet face into my tattered dress, as I feel his tears soaking through to my skin.

“Elle, when you were gone, mother took me somewhere, it was dark and . . .”

“Shhh, it will be ok.” I pat his back again, but curiosity overwhelms me. Dark place, what dark place?

Fear for Joe overtakes me. I swallow the gulp in my throat, remembering Seidon’s warning. Joe, Leona she . . .”

“Joe, what happened?” I ask, hoping I don’t regret these words.

He buries his face deeper into my dress and holds me tighter.

“She told me it would be quick, to just stand still. If I was a good boy, she would give me a treat.”

Panic floods through me now; a mixture of emotions courses through my veins. My chest feels heavy and my breaths become labor. Slowly I inhale an anxious breath.

“Joe, what happened?” My voice is filled with fear; disbelief over what my mother’s action could be.

“She blind folded me,” he cries out, “and led me into a room. I heard voices, laughing.”

“Laughing,” I repeat.

“Hands started to touch me, and then I felt something hard near my mouth. Then mother yelled and grabbed me.”

I gasped, and anger filled me like a mother bear protecting her child. I knew my mother would do anything for money, but to use Joe; to expose him to the dangers of the world enraged me.

I am speechless, and no words I say can remove the memory from Joe’s mind. Again, like Assan, I have a duty to protect those I love. No matter what happens, I will never leave Joe again. My life is not my own, it belongs to my mother, now and forever.

“I’m back now, Joe, and I won’t leave, again,” I say, sealing my fate. As long as I am alive, Joe will not suffer the way I have, ever again.

A/N: I know this chapter was hard to read, but given the time period and Elena’s occupation, it’s realistic to the story and needed for her character development. 

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One thought on “|Chapter 14 – Geyser| Part 2

  1. If there ever was a character designed for the reader’s contempt and hatred, it has to be Leona. This chapter was cringe worthy, but as you say a necessary scene in the development of your characters. Never apologize for anything you write. This scene makes the reader feel many things, from sympathy to shock, hatred to horror. I don’t think I ever wanted Assan to show up and kill somebody, but I found myself wishing that. Excellent writing!


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