Chapter 14: Reunion

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Lana, Guardian Angel


The noise continued reverberating around her. Bang. As she stood in the center of the room, voices slithered inside her head, calling to her.


 An Angel is here

 Come out, Lana

 Come to us; we’re waiting for you

 You are finally here…

 Yes, she is here, it is almost time.

 If felt like the voices were surrounding her; they sounded inhuman, low, and the more they talked, the closer they seemed to her. Lana quickly covered her ears, hoping to drown out the sound of their speech, but it didn’t stop.

Her essence, it’s angelic

 We must have it

She felt a heavy aura in the room pressing down on her, clashing with her angelic powers. Her body felt as though it was shirking, becoming small and weak.

“What is this?! Stay away from me!” She yelled as she tried to call forth her wings, but she felt nothing.

The voices laughed, sounding amused at her plight.

Come to us, Lana. The voices repeated, coaxing her along. Lana shook her head, trying to resist them. To no avail, they kept speaking to her, twisting around her thoughts. The room spun around her. Was it truly moving? She didn’t know. However, she knew she wanted the voices to stop, to free her from their calls.

Without her wings or angelic powers, she knew she was weak. She tried to stand firm, but soon, she was questioning herself. Maybe I should just go to them. I am alone here, and I know nothing of hell.

 Yes, come to us, Lana.

 We will help you

 Hurry, before he returns.

 As she stood in the middle of the room, she felt defeated. The voices she once tried to push out echoed around her, whispering sweet words of understanding. They will guide me through Hell; they will help me, she thought.

Slowly, she found herself lowering her hands to her sides, and then taking a few steps towards the wall.

Come to us angel of God, the voices said in unison.

Lana kept walking towards the wall. Her thoughts were empty, and her body was weak, but somehow she had strength. The barren wall was before her, and as she was about to touch her hand to it, she heard the room rumble. It shook, almost knocking her down until she felt something wrap around her waist.

With realization hitting her, she shifted her eyes above. Before her, a pair of black pupils met her own.

“Enough!” A wave of dark energy flooded the room, and the voices cried out in pain, sounding in agony. Soon, all was silent, an eerie quiet that filled her with fear.

As Lana stared into the eyes looking down at her, she knew who they belonged to.

“Lucifer,” she said softly, not knowing if she should be afraid of him or glad of his arrival.

His voice was stoic, cold. Part of his black hair rested on his shoulders, and he raised his hand to Lana’s cheek, cupping it gently.

“The other demons have already sensed you.” His voice was but a whisper, only loud enough for her to hear.

She narrowed her eyes at him and then stepped back from his embrace. As she was standing face-to-face with Lucifer, she kept her furious gaze on him.

Two blacks wings were folded behind his back, steady in place. As she looked at the fallen angel she once cared for, she felt a painful ache inside her. Next to him, and his strong demonic aura, she felt small, like an insect easily squashed.

She parted her lips to speak and said, “Lu-Lucifer,” she stammered, but quickly regained her words, “Why did you bring me here? Please, let me return to heaven,” she pleaded. She waited for Lucifer to respond to her, but no sound escaped from his lips.

He stood in silence, staring at Lana with dull, shadowy eyes. She didn’t know more of what she could say. The creation once loved by God stood surrounded by his dark power, simply drinking in her form.

Even with his ebony hair and black pupils, his face was still that of perfection. Although she wanted to, she couldn’t overlook his handsome features. Finding herself lost in his form, she quickly averted her sight from his until he finally spoke and said, “You still look the same, he didn’t change you.”

To his words, Lana looked at Lucifer with confusion. He was like a riddle she wanted to understand, and what he just spoke was lost on her. However, he always did outrank her in power, knowledge, and ability.

The history they shared was over, gone to the dust like when a human dies.

Lana kept her stance against Lucifer, trying to feel stronger than she actually was. “Lucifer, what happened between us was in the past, it’s over now,” she said defiantly.

She waited to see his reaction, but the King of Hell didn’t flinch. Instead, a smirk adorned his lips, and his eyes flashed a bright crimson. “We are not humans, Lana, if we wish it,” he paused and then disappeared.

Cold arms then wrapped around Lana’s body, holding her tightly. Lucifer, she thought, as she felt his touch against her angelic flesh.

“The past can be ours again,” he whispered, as he caressed his lips across her earlobe. Hearing his soft, yet deep voice sent her a flutter. She wanted to – she tried to – resist him, but she could feel herself waning. “We are immortal. If we desire it, it can be as it was before, before he took you from me.”

The voice speaking sweet words in her ear was like nectar. Her innermost wishes – the ones she kept hidden – were coming to her mind.  Lucifer’s proposal lingered in her thoughts, but she had to fight against him. He was the Father of Lies, the fallen angel who would manipulate your wants.

Lana tried to maneuver from his grasp, but soon, she saw two black wings shielding her sight. Lucifer tightened his hold on her, pressing their bodies together. They were so close, so intimate; she could sense his dark aura mixing in with her own angelic powers.

Black feathers shimmered with an inhuman glow. Lana trembled, unsure of what Lucifer would do to her. “Lucifer.” She shook. The ebony light then flashed before her eyes, and slowly, the wings moved from in front of her.

The scene in front of her was no longer the room she woke up in. It was a barren wasteland, with gray rocks and spiked columns. Orbs of white light floated around the area, flicking in and out. Instantly, she felt and heard the call of human souls reaching out to her. The sobs echoed in her mind, crying for guidance. Her body ached, a burning sensation that prickled through her form. It was their pain – the human souls who were brought to hell – and she could feel them longing for release.

Despite the slight pain she felt, she raised her head to see what was above her. The sky was empty, dark. There were no clouds, no moon, and no sun. With her angelic sight, in the distance, she saw the same – spiked rocks that reached the skies.  A chill breeze blew across her skin, and the air smelled stale, like a pile of dead bodies were nearby.

Where ever she was, was devoid of all warmth and light.

Behind her, she heard the sound of footsteps. Quickly she spun around, seeing Lucifer walking up beside her.

“Where are we?” She asked as she swallowed the gulp in her throat.

“Where do you wish to be, Lana?” He said, smiling deviously at her. Caught off guard by his words, Lana blinked her eyes in confusion.

What she saw, what she felt, was different than before. Warmth washed over her, and as she shifted her sight to the skies, she saw white clouds drifting above her. Stunned, she turned on her heel and spirited to the edge of the rocky platform she was standing on.

The sanctums of heaven were below her, and the once dreary area was bathed in a gentle glow. Beams from the sky shined down on the heavenly buildings, giving them an unearthly appearance.

“It’s Heaven,” she murmured. She sighed in relief and then smiled.

Lucifer then walked up next to her, stretched out his wing and wrapped it around Lana, bringing her closer to him. When she looked at him, his hair was no longer the dark shade of black; it was blonde again, short. He shifted his gaze to hers, staring at her with his ocean-blue eyes.

“Lucifer…” As she looked at Lucifer, her mind became muddled. The lines of time were blurred in her mind, and for a moment, she didn’t know if she was in the past or the present.

“Do you remember, Lana, what you saw when you opened your eyes for the first time?” He asked her.

The first time. I remember seeing you. You held out your hand to me, and said he is calling us,” she said, softly.

“I did, didn’t I?” Lana looked into Lucifer’s eyes, as memories of the past flooded her mind. When she was created, it was only Lucifer and her, alone. God hadn’t created the others yet, not even the archangels.

“You took my hand and comforted me. I was lost, without direction,” Lana said.

“It was only the two of us, and after he had told us of our existence, he wanted to speak with me alone,” Lucifer said.

“I remember,” Lana paused, smiling, “you were always his favorite.”

Lucifer scoffed, turned to face Lana and then said, “He always kept you innocent of the truth of what you truly are.”

Lana arched an eyebrow, not understanding Lucifer’s words, “What do you mean?”

Slowly, Lucifer cupped both of Lana’s cheeks and then kissed her on the forehead. The soft gesture blindsided her, but a part of her wanted to feel his touch, to feel the love she once shared with him “You are more than what you think you are, Lana. He has been keeping the truth from you,” he paused, and gazed into Lana’s eyes, “Revoke him, Lana,” he urged. He stared at her intently, keeping his eyes on her.

Lana could see the desire on his face, the longing for her to say something. Once she understood what Lucifer was asking her, she trembled. And then, in a swift movement, she stepped back from him.

Anger coursed through her body, and within her, she could feel her power rising. “What blasphemy do you speak?!” She flared out her wings, and her body glowed with an intense white light. As she held out her hand, she summoned what power she could to keep Lucifer at bay.

She narrowed her eyes into slits and stared at what appeared to be an angel before her. Lucifer’s wings were white, shimmering with an angelic glow. His sculpted face and blue eyes looked at Lana, unwavering.

“Humph, I told you she wouldn’t renounce him. She is an angel, after all.” Lana heard the faint sound of an amused female voice. The voice then laughed, as if mocking her.

“I will handle this, Lilith,” Lucifer growled out.

“Lilith,” Lana repeated, wondering who Lucifer was talking to.

“Lana, soon you will know the truth,” Lucifer said, as he waved his hand through the air. Suddenly, Lana ranked her eyes around the area, and she saw the same room as before. Standing in the distance from her was Lucifer. He was back to his original form – the opposite of God. God was light, love, and forgiveness, but Lana knew Lucifer had become the embodiment of darkness. The chains hung from his shirt, rattling due to the cold chill coming from where he was standing.

Lana kept her defensive stance: wings extended, barrier encircling her, and her arms crossed in front of her. A playful smirk then etched on Lucifer’s lips. He flashed and then materialized before Lana. She tripped backward from fright, but Lucifer caught her with his outstretched black wing.

Lucifer’s dark power and Lana’s angelic barrier clashed, sparking a pillar of light that gleamed through the room. Their eyes met, gazing at each other intensely; neither of them hurt.

Clenching her jaw, Lana didn’t move.

I may be the Father of Lies, Lana,” Lucifer paused and then stroked her cheek with a single finger.

 Lana parted her lips to speak, but no words came from her throat. Lucifer lips then curled into a half smile.

“But I would never lie to you. The feelings you once had for me are still within you, I feel them, calling to me,” he said, with confidence lacing his voice.

Lucifer…why did this happen to you? She thought as she felt pain dwell inside her.

She was confused, lost in the truth of Lucifer’s words. He was her sin, a sin that was becoming harder to repent of. She couldn’t deny what he said – she wasn’t a liar. Her mind was divided, and the path of righteous was becoming harder to see. As she stared into the black circles before her, she was getting lost in Lucifer’s trance. He moved in closer, lifting her chin gently with deft fingers. He stretched out his wings, spanning them behind his back.

“I have awoken, Lana, and soon, I will be the God of this world with you by my side.” Lana wanted to think, to call out to Uriel, but she dared not to. She wanted to understand Lucifer, to find out when everything went wrong. However, she could only repeat Lucifer’s words in her mind, “I will be the God of this world.”

Erela, Guardian Angel



The sanctum shook. Debris rained down from the ceiling, and cracks started to form, lining the walls. Erela knew it was only a matter of time before the sanctum caved in on itself. She had watched earthquakes on earth, and even saved her humans from some, but what she was experiencing now devastated her.

Angels were screaming, wailing and crying out for God’s protection. As a guardian, she felt defenseless. She wasn’t a fighter; she was a guide, helping humans navigate their short lives. Sariel stood before the group of angels, keeping up her barrier to section off a part of the sanctum. Some demons had entered the dark hall, but due to the barrier, they couldn’t reach the guardians.


 The building trembled, and just as Erela thought, the columns tumbled over, crashing into Serial’s barrier of light.

Serafim clenched his fist and tightened his jaw. As Erela stared at him, she could only wonder what he was thinking.

“I cannot sense her,” Serafim said, as he started to walk away from Erela.

What is he talking about?

 “Serafim!” Erela called out to him, running to his side. Behind her, the guardian angels stayed huddled together, focusing all their power on helping Sariel hold up her barrier.

“Erela, Lana is no longer in Heaven,” Serafim said.

“What do you mean?” Erela’s body trembled. She then ran in front of Serafim, flaring out her wings. All around her was a battle, and the last time she saw Lana was with Bellatrix and Abaddon.

Serafim kept his fixated gaze on the dark hallway beyond the barrier. As Erela watched him, she saw his eyes were focused on one spot past the barrier. Erela then spun around, searching the darkness for any sign of a demon, but there was nothing.

Quickly, she turned back to face Serafim, but his sight was still the same – focused.

“Abaddon,” Serafim growled out, “no matter how much I try to suppress it, my demon side will always call out to other demons.”

To those words, Erela looked at Serafim with confusion. Demon side?!  What does he mean? He is no demon, she thought. However, Serafim didn’t flinch. Erela was lost in thought, thinking about the attack on Heaven and what Serafim said. Abaddon is an angel; he is no demon. Serafim then balled his hand into a fist and started walking towards Sariel’s barrier.

“Serafim!” Erela yelled out, but he ignored her. She tried to follow behind him, but it was too late.

“Serafim, do not go into the darkness!” Sariel warned him, but he was determined. Erela’s eyes widened, as she watched Serafim fly into the shadows overtaking the hallway. She was a human turned angel alone in Heaven without her friends. There was so much about angel society she didn’t know, and she feared what would come next.

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