Chapter 15: Discovers

A/N: I’m so, so sorry for the long wait everyone, but here is the newest chapter! I hope you like it! Since it took me so long to update, I’m going to keep the chapter on Wattpad for two weeks and also post it to WordPress. 

ERELA STOOD ALONE BETWEEN Sariel and the other guardian angels. The group behind her was still combining their powers together, trying to hold back the darkness heading towards them.

Erela didn’t understand Serafim’s logic. Flying into demonic power was like inflicting pain on an angel’s body, or so she had heard. She’d never felt it herself, but after seeing what happened to Lana, she had little doubt about the dark energy surging before her. However, Serafim’s actions left her confused, and she’d felt lost without her friends. Ever since she became an angel, it was Lana she gravitated towards, and with Lana came Serafim. She’d learned both guardian angels were friends before she decided immortality. They were both there for her in the past, and she wanted to be there for them now.

She tightened her hands into a fist, thinking, wondering what she should do. She could feel hesitation stirring within her, causing her to second guess herself. As she stood there, the sounds of battle from outside the Sanctum faded: clash of steel, demonic voices growling through the skies, and the cries of angels. The almost eerie silence left her unease.

Before her, Sariel was still creating the angelic barrier, keeping the looming darkness at bay.

Erela continued to watch the swirl of colorless light dance above her, as memories of what happened to Lana came to her mind: the demonic aura covering Lana’s body and her cries for help. Just like the other angels, Raziel abandoned her, leaving the demon to take over her form. Even now, Erela’s mind was processing everything.

After the attack, Erela stayed with Lana until Sariel arrived. Even Sariel didn’t know what the demonic entity had done. How a demon broke through the shield of the viewer pool was a mystery, and one Sariel wanted to discuss with the archangels. However, Lucifer had spared no time in attacking heaven after Lana was rendered unconscious.

Could the attack on Lana and Lucifer coming to heaven be related? I have to do something!

She didn’t want Lucifer to win, to take away all the things she’d grown to love.

Erela stepped forward, but then flinched back in fear as her eyes locked on the ebony clouds. As a guardian, her powers were limited, but she would feel useless if she stayed on the sidelines.

Her fixated gaze was on the puffs of black smoke; she saw a flash of shimmering white light burst within it.

Serafim! She wanted to yell his name, but she knew he wouldn’t be able to hear her. Erela flapped her wings, beating them against one another until she was off the floor. Once she crossed through the barrier, she would lose Sariel’s protection, and the protection of the other guardians – it was a risk she needed to take.

Her body felt tense, and for a moment, she couldn’t move. As she was hovering above the ivory floor, her wings felt heavy, like they were made of rocks. Abiding by the rules was always important to her, even when she was a human. However, as a human, she was a loner. Her only goal then was to wed a man of wealthy status and bear him children. She did as her parents told her, never fighting against them. After she married…she shook her head, not wanting to remember how she died. Right now, Serafim was her objective.

“I have to help him.” Picking up her speed, she flew past Sariel and headed towards the shadowy clouds.

“Erela! Don’t go in there!” Sariel’s booming voice floated into her ears, but Erela wouldn’t falter. Serafim needed her, just like Lana did. She’d already let one friend down, and she wasn’t going to fail another.

Forgive me, Sariel.

She kept flapping her wings, ignoring Sariel’s call. Even her fellow angels yelled out to her, but Erela couldn’t turn back now. The swirling ebony clouds were before her, welcoming her into their darkness. As if sensing her angelic energy, the smoke grew, lunging towards her form.

There is no turning back. Please God, grant me your protection from the demonic energy about to consume me. She prayed quickly, hoping God would hear her words.

The thick darkness darted upwards above her, below her, and then encircled the parameter of her body. She was cornered on all sides, trapped like a prey to its predator.

It’s like it’s alive! Her mind was trying to comprehend what it was seeing. She braced herself, raising her wings like a shield but the smoke was too fast. It crashed against her form – like rocks were being thrown at her – causing her power to react and circle a glowing bright light around her. Quickly she shut her eyes; however, she knew her angelic aura was seeping from her body, protecting her.


Intense strength


It was like an unholy force was attempting to break through her walls. She wasn’t a fighter – she didn’t want to be soldier– but she endured the bloodcurdling pain coursing through her. With her eyes still closed, she focused on her energy. Slowly, she lifted her eyelids and was stunned by what she saw.

Never-ending darkness. Is this the power demons have? Lana…what did they do to you?

Dark aura twisted and twirled all around her, crashing within in the smoke. If it wasn’t for the holy shield surrounding her body, she had no doubt the bolts would hit her. Using what strength she had, she flapped her wings, flying as fast she could. Her wing muscles ached – she panted heavily. In this demonic mist, time seemed to slow down, causing her to go slower than normal.

Serafim…where are you?

As she kept going, her eyes slowly started to close. Tired, she felt tired. Her wings slowed down, flapping less. A bolt of dark energy struck her shield. She was losing control of her body, almost being blown back. She gritted her teeth, beat her wings, and kept her steady pace. Wind blew against her, pushing her back, but she forced her heavy wings to fly. Soon, a flash of white light in the form of a circle appeared in front of her.


She widened her eyes, shocked by the image in front of her. Hovering in the ebony smoke was Serafim, with a hand curled around his neck. His legs and wings were dangling. Erela saw he was holding on for his life. For a second, one of his wings flashed black.

“Serafim!!” She yelled out with all her strength, straining her voice.

“You cannot deny what you wanted, Serafim. You wanted to be a demon then, and you want to be a demon now,” a familiar masculine voice said.

“Abaddon! What is he doing here?”

Erlea picked up speed, fighting against the swirls of demonic lighting. She needed to get to Serafim – to figure out the truth. Something wasn’t right in Heaven. Ever since Lana was attacked, the new home she had grown to love was changing, and it seemed not even angels could be trusted.

Uriel, Commander in God’s Army


URIEL’S FINGERS WERE CLENCHED around the handle of his sword, but despite his feelings, he stayed calm. He was an archangel, and the other soldiers looked to him for guidance. He wondered one day if he would be here, standing before his Lieutenant.

Raziel stood in front of Heaven’s gates, not moving. To Uriel’s surprise, his shoulders were slumped, and his holy sword was lowered on his sides. The demon next to him, who Uriel knew as Malphas, stood smug, with a devious grin etched on his lips.

Uriel narrowed his eyes and then flickered his gaze to the right. There stood Azazel, with a stoic expression on his face. Back then, when Uriel was fighting the demonic creature on Earth, he questioned him about Lucifer’s plan. He knew, they all knew. They knew Lucifer would attack heaven, but why was Lana with him? He must have forced her.

A growl of disgust rumbled from Uriel’s throat, and he tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword, wanting to slaughter Raziel along with the high demons. Uriel fought the anger within him and stayed composed. From what he saw before, it seemed like Lana went willingly with Lucifer, but that couldn’t be right; he knew she wouldn’t do that. He was too late to find out Lucifer’s plan, but he couldn’t waste the chance he had now.

“Raziel, so this is the path you have chosen, Lucifer’s path of darkness and corruption,” Uriel said dryly, with no emotion in his voice. As an angel, Uriel was aware of the cold demeanor he displayed to others, but he knew the reason, and so did his brothers.

Raziel tilted his head and gave Uriel a demonic grin.

At that moment, the angel that was once his Lieutenant looked more like a demon. Uriel knew his angelic side was dying, even if Raziel didn’t show it.

“You are blind, Uriel, but you always were,” Raziel said, with venom lacing his voice.

Uriel twitched his wings to Raziel’s words, suppressing the urge to lunge his sword towards the still angel before him. I must not attack, not yet; I need to gain as much knowledge from him as I can.

He had to show confidence; he couldn’t show weakness when demons saw him.

“I would rather be blinded than be a fool. However, I always knew you were the other,” Uriel said and then pursed his lips together.

Raziel cringed his face to Uriel’s words and quickly pointed his sword at the archangel. As both angels stood face-to-face, lightning flashed above them.

Gabriel, Uriel thought as he sensed his brother about to join the fray.

“If the other archangels come to battle, we won’t win this. We must leave,” Azazel said as he spun on his heel.

Swiftly, Malphas withdrew one of his guns and targeted it Azazel. His brows were frowned, his lips twisted into a scowl, and he beat his grey wings against one other.

“It was just about to get fun, and you want to run?!”

Azazel turned slightly, narrowing his slits to his fellow high demon. “Lucifer is waiting for us. We will return, now,” Azazel ordered and flared out his black wings.

The rumble of thunder reverberated around them; the sound was growing closer.

I can’t let them leave. Uriel gripped the hilt of his sword, flapped his wings and dashed towards Azazel. Before he could land a blow on the high demon, Raziel struck Uriel’s holy blade, stopping the attack.

Uriel gritted his teeth and shouted, “There is no going back Raizel, is this what you desire?!”

“Heaven’s time is coming to an end, Uriel! With Lana now in the Hell, Lucifer will arise. A new order will soon begin!” Raizel yelled, baring his teeth.

What does Lucifer want with Lana?! Uriel’s thoughts were swirling like a storm, raging from one theory to the next.


Uriel heard Malphas’s voice, but he didn’t take his sight off Raizel. Raizel did the same; both angels glared at one another. Hearing Lana’s name drip from Raizel’s lips sent a burning rage growing inside him. He wanted the truth – to know what Lucifer was doing to her.

“Let’s go –he knows where to find us,” the familiar voice of Azazel rang in Uriel’s ears. The sound of steel scraping against steel grew louder. He tightened his fingers on the helve of the sword, putting all his strength into his attack. His body glowed with an angelic white light.

Lana, I will find you!

“Raziel! You have fallen! And in God’s name, I will strike you down!” The light surrounding Uriel’s form grew wider, pushing Raizel back towards the gates.

Raizel’s wings were slumped; he panted heavily and pointed his sword towards Uriel.

“You…can kill me-Uriel. Lana, is never coming back!” Raizel launched his own angelic energy at Uriel.

Uriel dodged the orb of light with ease, never taking his eyes off Raizel. Strands of black tresses whipped around his face; he raised his sword, gathering his power into the angelic steel.

Raziel was no longer the angel he knew, and yet again, he would be fighting one of his own kind. Lucifer had altered God’s plan, ruining Heaven and Earth into what they were today. He couldn’t, he wouldn’t let him destroy Lana. He needed to get to Hell, soon – time was of the essence, and Raizel was in his way.

A/N: So, I want to apologize for the long wait. Life has been busy for me, but I’m determined to get this story done before the end of the year. Since it took me so long to update, I plan to update this story again next week. =)

Also, I know this chapter didn’t have Lucifer and Lana in it, but it does help you get a better understanding of what’s going on in Heaven. 

Oh, Uriel seems pissed, huh? =) 

Do you think he’ll be able to defeat Raizel and go to hell to find Lana?

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  2. I really wanted to get into this story; it was original and intriguing but it was hard to keep up with the shifting perspective.
    Who does your proofreading and editing?
    Have you thought about writing in the first person?

    PS: Little bit of a typo here — “even when she a human.”

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    • Thanks for commenting and leaving your feedback. Right now, no one does the proofreading or editing. I wrote this chapter at 11:00 at night =( I’m sorry for the errors. I’ll try to do a run through so I can catch everything.

      Hmm, when I first started writing this story, I asked my readers if the shifting perspectives were hard to follow. They said it wasn’t hard for them, but if you find it difficult, please let me know. I won’t be writing this story in 1st person since my goal here was to use third person limited. Ideally, it’s supposed to be written in the same format as Game of Thrones.


  3. In a story like yours, where the reader needs an intimate connection with the characters, first person (like Hunger Games) works really well. It’s easier to connect and to stay connected.


    • Thanks for commenting^^ I updated the story on here =) You can also read the chapter on Wattpad now too. I’ve updated both places.

      I’m so glad you like the story^^


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