|Chapter 15 – Stream| Part 2

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“Seidon,” she says with confusion, staring at him. She flickers her gaze to me, eyeing up my appearance. We are a contrast – she is white and beautiful, and I am black and unwanted. She is wearing a white silk dress, with short sleeves. Gold trim lines the hem and collar of the gown; silk red roses circle the bottom. Her blonde locks are pulled back into a bun, and a rose locket is around her neck. Her face is painted with blush and color. As I look at her, I can tell hard work has never touched her hands and face.

She shifts her gaze back to Seidon. Her lips curve into a frown and she asks, “Seidon, is this the new servant?” Her eyes rank over my form, wrinkling her nose. To her words, my mouth goes wide. Rather than face more embarrassment, I want to run, to escape from this moment I knew one day would come.

Seidon was always going to wed – taking a bride and leaving me behind.

Quickly I lower my head, feeling a throbbing ache in my chest.

“Excuse me, I have to go now,” I say in a rush, keeping my fixated gaze on the white wooden planks beneath my feet. Before Seidon can stop me, I spin around and pump my legs towards the main house doors.

“Edith! Wait here!” I hear Seidon yell behind me, but I no longer care. I thought I would finally be free – free from this life my mother raised me for. However, I was foolish, just like Assan said I am.

Seidon…what happened while I was away? Were you always engaged? Why did you tell me to run away with you?

I sprint through the house, running past the servants and ignore Sai shouting my name. Tears form at the base of my eyes, but I won’t cry. I won’t cry…I won’t cry, I think to myself, repeating it like a chat to calm me down.

“Elena!” He yells again. Finally, I arrive at the doors, open one, and run outside. In the distance I see the older coal-colored man, still sitting on his mule.

Before I can run to the cart, a pair of strong arms wraps around my waist, pulling me back.

“Let me go!” I flail wildly, kicking my legs and swinging my arms.

“Elena! Stop this!” Seidon says, gripping my body tighter against his. He holds me close; I can feel his lean, muscular body touching mine. Even though my heart aches in pain, hearing his voice smooths me.

I shut my eyes and lower my arms, calming my body down. “Why?” My voice is but a whisper.

Without saying another word, Seidon moves his mouth up to my ear, blowing his hot breath against my neck. The smell of peppermint whiffs through the air, entering my nostrils.

“Elena,” he says softly, holding me close. “You know who I want to be with, and it’s not Edith.”

His words leave me stunned. Warmth spreads through me, rising to my cheeks. I pant for air as I recall Seidon’s last words. My heart pumps in my chest, beating endlessly. Seidon. In this moment, I let him embrace me, despite knowing Edith is nearby.

“This is my father’s doing; he told me I need to get engaged. Edith’s father is captain of the Governor’s guard. My father wants me to marry her, and become a soldier in the Governor’s army, or be their doctor,” he says, speaking into my ear.

After hearing the truth, and knowing Sai’s true feelings, I spin around and stare at him.

Pain shows in his mismatched ocean eyes, avoiding my gaze.


Seidon sighs heavily, running a hand through his blonde tresses. He clenches his fist. “It’s becoming too much. Mermen and mermaids,” he looks at his palm,” this power. What is the truth?” He growls out, shifting his gaze to me.

I glance to the side, thinking about everything that has happened. Growing up, we’ve all heard the rumors about creatures in the forest, and according to Assan, they are not just rumors. The undersea world and war, and now, Seidon. Maybe I can’t escape it. What other creatures are in this world we know nothing about?

“Elena,” Seidon says, cupping my cheek in his hand. My heart thumps again, as I feel Seidon’s thumb trace my bottom lip. His touch is soft – like silk caressing my skin – sending tingles down my spine. Our gazes linger, staring into each other’s eyes.

I am lost in the swirl of Seidon’s pupils, wondering why he is staring at me so intensely.

“Elena,” he says, barely audible. “I have wanted to touch you like this for so long.” To his words, my eyes go wide. Memories of Assan flood my mind: Assan’s lips on mine, his strong arms on my skin, and the pleasure he made me feel. Words choke in my throat, as I keep looking at Seidon. Seidon, do you like me? Confusion hits me. I don’t understand.

Seidon steps closer to me, lacing my fingers with his. A serious gleam sparkles in his multiple color blue eyes. “Go find Lucas and wait for me there with Joe. I’ll find you,” he tells me.

“Seidon, I…” I lower my gaze, but Seidon lifts my chin with his finger. With everything transpiring around me, I feel like I am in a dream, a dream where my wants are finally coming true. Nothing seems real.

“We have to take this chance, Elena. Lucas knows what to do.” Seidon’s lips form a smile, and his eyes beam with hope. If I want to be free from my prison, I have to find a new path. My current can no longer flow the same as my mother’s.

I nod my head, smiling back at him. “Alright,” I agree.

“Master Seidon, your father wishes to speak with you,” a servant calls from the house. To the servant’s words, Sai’s brows frown, and his arm twitches, like anger is flowing through him.

He turns slightly and gives me a sideways glance. “Go,” he whispers, making me concerned. I stare at him, confused; however, Sai keeps walking, going into the house.

Did Edith say something? My blood boils, thinking of what she could have said or done. Instead of staying, I run to the cart, remembering Seidon’s instructions. Find Lucas. . .

“You ready?” The older black man asks. I tip my head, ready to find my freedom.

Once we return to the ports, I disembark the cart and oblige the driver. Like before, the paved streets are littered with patrons. I have to get home and find Joe, I think to myself, as I weave between the crowds of people. I keep going, making my way to the dank alleyway until I see a familiar head of raven hair.

“Mika.” She is approaching me, but I can tell her focus is elsewhere. Looking at her, I think back to the waterfall where she searched the water with her eyes. In haste, she almost walks past me.

“Mika!” I yell to her. Does Mika know something? Images of her standing at the bank of the rocks enter my mind.

“Elena,” she says softly, in surprise. Her eyes rank over my form as if she is looking for something. We both stop, staring at one another. Citizens of Hylnn walk around us, going about their day. Mika appears the same, with a stoic expression upon her face. Before I leave to get Joe, this may be my only time to question her about the waterfall, about what she was looking for.

“Mika back then-”

Mika cuts me off. “How did you escape?”

Caught off guard by her question, I blink my eyes and bite my bottom lip. Mika was never one to get surprised, but her calmness confuses me.

“One of them let me go,” I answer, shifting my gaze away from Mika. I recall my deal with Tereza – never return to the sea.

Silence lingers between the two us until Mika spins around. “I have to go.” Her words are blunt.

“Mika, wait!” I call out to her but she ignores me, already sprinting through the sea of bodies. Mika is hiding something from me, that much is clear.

Clenching my fist, I dart her direction, curious over where she is going. I keep following her until I notice she is heading into the forest. Fear courses in my veins; I think of my struggle to be free of Assan. I exhale, wondering what action I should take. Enter the woods, or forever wonder about Mika?As long as I stay away from water, no sea creature can get me.

Bracing myself, I walk into the forest of giant trees, easing my way deeper into the woods.

As I walk, I take gentle steps, hoping the leaves do not crunch under my feet. Above me, branches and foliage cover beams from the sun, leaving me with little light. Mika rushes ahead of me, focused on her destination. Why is Mika in the forest? Unlike Seidon, Mika has never shown an interest in the woods.

I see Mika’s form up ahead, walking to a nearby pool of water. Assan told me there are many waterfalls in the forest, but this is different.

Slowly, Mika walks up to the small lake and bends down. I maneuver behind a tree, peeking over my shoulder. Ripples form in the water, and what I see leaves me stunned. One of the sea creatures from before – one of Assan’s enemies – rises above the water. Like before, its flesh is scaly, green. The body is like a human’s, with two arms, a face and two eyes.

A/N: Sorry for the late, late update but here is the rest of the chapter. I hope you all enjoyed it! Of course, Elena wasn’t going to escape the pull of the undersea world. It calls to her now =)

If you haven’t noticed, you’ve been reading about the Governor a lot (hint hint).


Do you think Seidon and Elena will really run away? Will Leona find out? Why was Mika with one of Assan’s enemies? What do you all think of Edith, and what role will she play? When will Elena see Assan again? Do you think Assan is missing Elena? Are you Seidon x Elena shippers happy yet? Don’t say they should have kissed, it’s going to take more than that for Elena to understand what Seidon is telling her lol When will we finally learn more about the undersea world?

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4 thoughts on “|Chapter 15 – Stream| Part 2

  1. Again, an excellent chapter! More developments keep opening up and the story draws me in deeper. The twist with Mika is especially interesting and has me thirsting to find out what is going on. Seidon’s character keeps deepening as well, first with his strange power, now with the introduction of Edith. I am truly enjoying myself immersing myself in your worlds and characters.

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