|Chapter 16-Rime| Part 2 – Preview

I stop running, slowing my pace down. Once I get closer to the ports, near the poor housing, I stay frozen in my spot. Soon, I will face my mother. I know she will hate me, probably hit me, but I must fight her for Joe’s sake.

Quickly I pick up my pace again, watching the crowds disperse. In the distance, the sun kisses the horizon, leaving the sky a painted orange-red blaze. I hasten my speed, entering the alleyway to my home. I cannot fail.

As the beams of light diminish, nightlife descends on Hlynn. In the filthy alley, silhouettes are along the stone wall, like shadows crawling in the darkness. Only the faint shine from the sun lights my path, helping me to see the poor who live on my street.

Once I reach the front door of my home, I ponder the words I will say to her. My heart beats in my chest, and tension fills me. I squeeze my eyes shut while curling my hands into a fist. In the end, I will have to leave the only parent I have left, the one who was supposed to love and protect me. It’s like Assan said, “Those who are supposed to love us can hurt us the most,” I mutter.

For a second, I laugh at the irony of the words I just spoke. Even now, Assan’s surprising words of wisdom come to me.

Slowly my hand begins to tremble, as I inch it towards the doorknob.

Once I grasp the cool metal, I turn it, hopefully opening this door for the last time.

Moving quickly I run inside, ranking my eyes around the small kitchen.

“Joe is not here,” I pause, running up to the narrow staircase. “Joe!”

I sprint up the stairs, making my way to the small, second bedroom. Joe isn’t inside. The only room left is my mother’s – the room I hate going into.

With my eyes closed, I grip the knob and open the door. As I open my eyes, I see my mother sitting at her small, white painted vanity. Soft brush strokes detangle her blonde hair, and her other hand contains a cosmetic brush to powder her cheeks. I already know what she is getting ready for.

“You have returned.” The corner of her lips tug into a grin; her reflection stares at me, with happiness glowing in her eyes.

I take a small step back, thinking about the words that will soon exit my lips.

“Yes,” I say, barely audible.

Her eyes search my form, searching. “Where is the dress? Did you leave it in the other room?” She continues ranking the brush through her hair, like nothing right now will faze her.

She would be calm, she believes soon she will get what she wants, money for my untouched body.

A quiet silence fills the room, and I feel the tension between us.

“Well, stop wasting time.” She narrows her eyes at me, piercing my gaze.

This is it, no turning back.

“I am not going tonight,” I say, in a firm tone that makes my mother sit up from her cushioned stool. Quickly she turns to face me. Anger burns in her blue eyes.

“What do you mean, Elena?” Her voice is deep, cold. She strolls towards me, waiting for me to speak. In this moment, my mother’s rage reminds me of Assan’s – powerful, and deadly.

I hope you enjoyed the preview! I had a crappy day, so I just felt like writing this. What do you think will happen next? Remeber, this is just a preview^^

Also, I will be getting new pictures of Assan soon =) I’m hoping to post some of Seidon and Elena. Thanks for checking out my website. And damn, I feel so rotten about myself today, ugh. 


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