Chapter 16: Stratagem

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Uriel, Commander in God’s Army


URIEL WALKED TOWARDS Raziel, gripping the handle of his holy sword. His eyes were narrowed, and brows frowned. All he felt was rage coursing through him. He could feel the angelic power swirling inside of his body, growing out of control. A colorless light surrounded his form, shining with an intense force that blazed out like a solar flare.

Flaring out his wings, he lifted his sword, with his sight glued to Raziel. Compassion, love for his angelic brother and mercy dissipated from his mind. Raziel had forsaken God and Heaven, and it was only a matter of time before his angelic form died. His angelic power will be twisted soon, turning him into a malevolent being Lucifer can control, Uriel thought.

Without wasting time, Uriel flapped his wings, darting towards Raizel. He slumped on the ground – wings lowered – kneeling before the open golden gates.

Moving with fast speed, Uriel raised his sword and shifted his wings, about to strike at Raizel. However, Raizel blocked the strike with his own wings; he cried out, yelling in agonizing pain. Uriel cringed his face, knowing full well Raziel had never experienced bloodcurdling agony like humans did.

The former lieutenant’s white wing was cut in half, sliced perfectly from the force of Uriel’s blade. White mist shimmered from the angel wing, mixing in with dark puffs of smoke. White feathers floated around Raizel’s slump form, until they touched the glass floor, fading to emptiness.

Uriel didn’t widen his eyes or looked shocked. The change was beginning, and it was only a matter of time before Raziel lost his angelic aura.

“Damn you,” Raizel muttered, glaring intensely at Uriel.

Uriel maneuvered his blade, placing it right at Raizel’s throat. To weaken him, Uriel knew to remove the head. Unlike humans, angels didn’t bleed. Even if his head was cut from his body, Raizel’s aura could find the way back to the rest of himself. The only way to kill a high-level demon was to drain them of their power, and then strike with the final killing blow. The demon’s body wouldn’t fade like an angel’s; instead, it would rot like the evil it had become.

“Tell me, what does Lucifer want with Lana? Why did he take her?!” Uriel creased his brows, keeping his holy blade against Raziel’s angelic skin.

Raziel huffed out a laugh and then said, “From the time you brought her back from Earth, she heard Lucifer’s call. She helped me-open the gates.” His lips formed a wicked grin.

In shock, Uriel twitched his sword upwards and flickered his wings, but he maintained his stance.

“You will not distract me with your lies,” Uriel snarled, “Tell me the truth, Raizel, or you will rot like the betrayer you have become.”

A dark chuckle rose from the captured angel’s throat, and his eyes gleamed with mischief.

“Shall I kiss you on the cheek, Commander?” Raziel’s lips twisted into a demonic smirk, and Uriel couldn’t help but notice the confidence oozing from the former angel’s words. It reminded him of Lucifer, of an angel gone mad.

“Raziel…you have made your choice then,” Uriel said. For a moment, it pained him to have to lose a soldier he fought with. Raziel made his decision, and as a Commander, he had to adhere to God’s judgment.

He twisted his arm, about to cut Raziel’s neck until he heard the cries of angels above him. He glanced at the skies and saw a horde of demons making their way to heaven’s gates. Behind the horde, members of God’s army blazed through the clouds, cutting down the demons. Gabriel took the lead, using his heavenly sword to strike at the vile creatures that evaded their home.

The demons flew rapidly, speeding towards the gates. It was like watching a swarm of incest flying in the same direction, grouping together.

As Gabriel and the other soldiers struck down the demons, their bodies descended from the skies, raining down on Heaven’s floors.

“The end is almost here,” Raizel whispered. Uriel glanced back at the slumped angel. Raziel’s body flashed with a bright light – a mixture of dark and angelic aura.

Uriel braced himself, flared out his wings and flew back. Across the glass floor, he saw Raziel panting. He looked exhausted, flushed from the amount of power he just used.

“Raizel!” Uriel shouted out as he raised his wings into the air. Before he could teleport, Raziel flashed away, with his lips twisting into a satisfied grin. He escaped!

Rage coursed through him, but he couldn’t dwell on Raziel. He needed to find Lana – to save her from Lucifer’s twisted mind.

As he flew towards the gates, the sounds of battle and war cries echoed in the air.

“Commander!” Uriel heard the familiar voice of his captain. Instead of stopping, he kept flying; Hell was his only priority. Lana, I’ll find you!

Soon, he saw Yushiro land in front of him with his brows frowned.

“I have news regarding Lana,” Yushiro said, instantly catching his Commander’s attention.

Uriel halted his flight and landed gracefully on the glass like floor.

“Tell me,” Uriel said firmly.

Yushiro tightened his lips into a thin line. Uriel studied the expression on his face, and it was clear the news wasn’t good. It was rare for Yushiro to be stern, and his demeanor only changed when the situation was dire.

“Bellatrix got injured fighting against Raziel. He…said Lana helped him open the gates for Lucifer.”

For a moment, Uriel stood there staring at Yushiro. It’s a lie. Lana would never betray father, he thought to himself. He didn’t want to believe it; he wouldn’t believe it.

“I will not believe the words of a traitor,” Uriel growled out as he flared out his wings.

“We cannot disprove the words Raziel spoke. You know this. If what he said is true…”

“Then Lana has joined forces with Lucifer,” Gabriel added. He landed beside the two warrior angels. Uriel knew Gabriel had come for a reason. He needed to be alone with his brother, to explain to him his next move.

“Yushiro. Dispose of the remaining demons and protect the other angels,” Uriel ordered. He started at his Captain, acknowledging him with his eyes.

Yushiro bowed his head, “Yes, Commander.” Yushiro flapped his wings and darted into the air, joining his brother in arms.

Gabriel walked in front of the golden gates, staring at them. “Uriel, you are the youngest of the three of us. I know your intentions, but Heaven needs you now.”

Uriel stepped next to the archangel. “I will find her and return her to Heaven. I must leave,” Uriel protested.

“No!” Gabriel shouted out. “I will close the gates. Lucifer must not be allowed to set foot here again. We have lost enough angels today.” Gabriel’s voice was fierce, like the leader that he was.

Uriel understood what Gabriel meant. Some of their fellow angels were now nothing but a memory, or they were being tortured in Hell. After their torture, they would become creatures of the darkness, filled with hate and despair over what they have become.

“Will you leave her to be tortured by Lucifer?” Uriel protested. He felt his powers flowing through him, growing with his anger.

Gabriel looked at Uriel; his eyes filled with concern.

“Uriel, you are young. There is more to Lana than you know. Your mission was to watch her. If she has joined sides with Lucifer, then neither Earth nor Heaven will go unscathed.”

Uriel was confused by Gabriel’s words. He knew his mission well – to watch any suspicious behavior. Since the time Uriel brought Lana to Heaven back from her Earth, it was clear she only wanted one thing. She wanted to be accepted, to be recognized as an angel who wasn’t a spy for Lucifer. Was I wrong about her? No, she wouldn’t betray me.

Images of the past flashed in his mind – memories that brought him great joy. There was something being kept from him, and he wanted to know.

Uriel raised an eyebrow and asked, “What do you mean?”

The fellow archangel started at Uriel, locking his gaze with his. His brows were creased, and his features were serious. “Before our creation, Lucifer was supposed to take over Heaven and Earth in God’s place.”

Uriel flinched. He grimaced, realizing what Gabriel’s words meant. Lucifer was chosen to take God’s place, but what does that have to do with Lana? Uriel was lost in the revelation revealed to him. Out of all the angels, Lucifer was God’s greatest creation, because he was met to be the new God. And that thought alone, filled him with fear.

Lana, Guardian Angel


LUCIFER’S LIPS WERE STILL pressed against hers. Her inner thoughts battled each other – one wanting to give in and the other wanting to fight. She summoned her powers once more, causing her body to shine with an unearthly glow. Before the angelic aura touched his form, Lucifer flew back and flapped his ebony wings.

His raven hair settled on his shoulders, and one bang covered his midnight eye.

He started at Lana with a blank expression etched on his features.

“You will come to me of your own free will, Lana,” he paused and spun around, “This is where you were always meant to be,” he said as he walked into a circle of darkness.

“Luicfer!” Lana ran to catch up to him, but the portal disappeared, leaving only a barren wall before her.

Swiftly she curled her hands into a fist and struck it against the wall. Anger boiled inside of her. Why Lucifer? Why are you locking me away in here? Again, she repeated the action, banging the barricade that blocked her from freedom. She wasn’t used to this, to being defenseless and helpless. She had watched humans for years – even remembering when Delilah betrayed Samson and he lost his strength. He had prayed to God for redemption. And on that day, Samson’s guardian restored his powers for one last time.

Now, she needed to be strong, to be steadfast for in her belief of father. Lana stepped back from the wall and shifted her sight to the ceiling.

“He won’t let me leave here.” She kept staring at the ceiling, feeling the despair growing inside her. She had to think, and standing around looking at nothing wasn’t going to help her. She walked to the edge of the bed and sat down, wondering how she could return to Heaven. She knew nothing of Hell, and when she asked Uriel in the past, he told her not to discuss it.

Being in the room alone, in silence, she wondered about time. Was it like Earth time or time in Heaven? It was hard to know.

“I can’t just sit here,” she said in anger, clenching the foreign animal fur in her hands.

“Then why don’t you leave?” a soft, female voice echoed in Lana’s ears, catching her off guard. Quickly she looked up. In awe, she saw a woman standing before her, or rather, a creature she wasn’t familiar with.

That voice, Lana thought, staring at the female in front of her.

The being in the form of a human woman smiled at her. She was clothed in a red lace gown that hugged her body – curves, bosom, and plump breast. The top was low cut, allowing a near perfect view of her sizable chest and swan-like neck.

Blonde curls draped down her shoulders and back, and her green irises gleamed with mischief. Lana sprang forth from the bed, easing into a defensive stance.

“Calm yourself, angel,” the woman snarled. “I am not here to fight you.” She waved her hand and grinned again.

Curious, Lana slowly lowered her arms, but kept her distance. “Who are you?”

“Me?” The woman pointed a finger against her chest, acting like a child.

Lana narrowed her eyes.

“Have you already forgotten me, Lana?”

Lana could tell the woman was studying her face, reading her.

“Just tell me who you are? Now is not the time for games,” Lana said dryly, growing tired of Hell’s tricks.

The woman then chuckled, trying to hold back her laughter. “Soon you’ll learn all of Hell is like a game.” She smirked and said, “My name is Lilith, and I’m here to free you.”

Lana stiffened; her mind raced with questions and what-ifs: What if she is lying to me? Did Lucifer put her up to this? What’s truly going on here? Despite the thoughts swirling in her head, Lana knew one thing: if she was going to return to Heaven, she needed to leave this room, even if it meant descending into Hell itself.

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