Chapter 2: Saving Face

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Chapter 2: Saving Face

Uriel, Commander of Heaven’s Army


URIEL CONTINUED TO SWEEP the skies with his eyes, searching for the missing demon. This time, he couldn’t afford to let the demon slip away. He had three things to do: locate him, defeat him, and plunge the holy sword into his demonic chest. The sun had begun its steady descent into the horizon, leaving the sky a painted burnt orange with a few clouds covering the firmament.

Uriel tried to sense the presence of demonic energy, but it was no surprise the demon was shielding its aura. Darkness continued to slowly set in, though it didn’t affect the eyesight of an angel. Even in darkness, Uriel’s vision was clear, unwavering, and always able to see his targets.

“Where is he?” Uriel scowled, darting his eyes from left to right in quick fluid motions. His patience was wearing thin searching for the demon. He quickly twirled in the sky, maneuvering his wings and looking behind him.

“I know you’re here, somewhere.” His voice was but a whisper in the wind, as he was talking to no one in particular. He spun in the air, scanning the land and skies for any signs of the supernatural like himself, but still he felt nothing.

Uriel clenched his fist in anger, feeling the rage of power coursing through his angelic form.  Coward, he snarled, he must be hiding, seems fitting for a demon, he thought as he started to descend towards the earth. If he couldn’t find him from above, he would search below. He lowered his feet onto the grassy field, when a sudden aura struck him like a fierce lightning bolt crashing into a tree.

“Finally.” Uriel smirked. He quickly spun around, sensing any energy, and then stared at the speeding ball of coal-black fire heading towards him. The circular flames seeped no light, but blended in with the looming darkness. Demonic aura oozed from the round shaped flame, stronger than any low-level demon would ever be. The twisted grin stayed across Uriel’s lips, as he stared at his enemy descending towards him.

He braced for impact, gripping the handle of his holy sword and withdrawing it from its sheath. Quickly he glided his deft fingers along the blade, igniting its sacred flame. Burst of ruby-red blaze emanated from the now crimson steel, sensing the aura of the demonic vitality. There he stood, elevating the sacred steel above him until a shield of divine golden fire encompassed his being. Sounds of whirling and hefty winds whispered in his ears.

Uriel’s gaze stayed fixated on the approaching demon, as he narrowed his eyes to the pitch black form. His power – the divine strength given to him by God – flowed through him, ready to strike down the unclean creature. Azazel, this is where you join the ranks of your dead. Let your master watch…I will kill you, for his glory. 

With his feet planted firmly on the ground, Uriel stood in his fighting stance: his holy sword gripped tightly beside him, and his golden shield whirling flames of angelic light around his form. Now, he comes, Uriel thought to himself, keeping his sight locked on his enemy. The rolling, ebony, circular blaze increased its speed, slamming against the divine golden shield, crumbling the earth beneath Uriel’s feet. The dirt earth exploded; the clash of powers was too much for the solid ground to handle. With his slits still narrowed and blade in hand, Uriel jumped back, spreading his silver wings and watched the giant crater form in the destroyed section of earth. Hot smoke and steam rose into the air, along with dust and debris. Particles of dust clouded his vision only momentarily, before regaining his perfect sight. Through the clouds of mixed fog, dirt and grass, he could see a figure of pure coal-black smoke in the distance. Red glowing eyes surrounded by shadowy fog met his purple pupils, and then turned a solid black.

Uriel growled, tightening his digits around the handle of his sword, and he took small steps through the debris. His silver wings illuminated the darkness of the night and in-between the dispersing fog. He walked until the demonic body in the distance was fully materialized. Crouched down on the ground was the figure of a man dressed in black, but it was no human. Features emotionless, the demon rose from the ground, straightened out his shoulders and stood upright. Twisting his neck from the side-to-side, the demon kept his gaze on Uriel.

Clouds of dirt, mist and grass slowly disperse; the image of both opposing forces became clear in view. Uriel stood firm, clenching his sword. At any second he knew the demon could attack him, so he prepared, ensuring his weapon was tightly by his side. The moons’ rays shined down on both figures, reflecting light into the surrounding areas from Uriel’s breastplate.

“Azazel.” Uriel spoke softly, staring down at his enemy. The cold, calloused creature twisted his lips into a grin, taking one step towards the angelic warrior in the distant. His covering was that of a long black coat, lined with silver buckles and chains fastened along the front. Within seconds, demonic energy radiated off the demon into the atmosphere of the destroyed field, freezing the winds in place, and reducing the temperature to a frigid cold. Uriel grunted, unaffected by the severe chill consuming the tiniest bit of life left on the meadow.

Uriel swung out his sword, pointing the tip of his blade to the side, releasing warmth into the air.

“I’ve been waiting for you…but I’m surprised, though, I figured you’d be a coward like the rest of your kind, hiding in the shadows of your master,” Uriel taunted, tugging his lips into a cocky smirk.

A dark chuckle resonated into the air from the demons perfectly shaped lips. He walked closer to Uriel; his long black hair settled on his chest, and his black eyes flashed crimson. “You would do well to hold back your words, angel,” Azazel scoffed, “Soon, you’ll be one of us.”

The two entities stared at each other across the field. Uriel clenched his teeth and squeezed his knuckles until they turned white. Watch the words you say, demon.” His voice was cold, and he took one step forward. A golden shine sparkled around Uriel’s figure (against his immortal skin), and almost instantly, a ball of angelic power sprouted beside the demon, nearly catching him off guard. The demon maneuvered quickly, cloaking his figure in a mist of shadowy darkness, and dodged the incoming stream of holy energy.

The fiend released his black feathery wings, expanding them, and landed straight, in the distance across from Uriel. A low growl erupted from the demons throat, as his pitch-black eyes stayed fixated on his enemy. Uriel returned his gaze, growing tired of the awaiting battle.

“Azazel,” Uriel called, “Where is your master, or is he too much of coward to face me himself?” A growl escaped Uriel’s lips; his voice was cocky and taunting

“Lucifer is busy attending to more important matters right now, Uriel. I’m sure even through your clouded vision you can see the fruitage of his labor.” Azazel grinned, and shrugged his shoulders lazily.

“So, he is hiding in the darkness like always.” Uriel laughed, mocking his enemy before calming his visage, pursuing his lips together. “No, that isn’t right.” Uriel paused, studying Azazel’s expression.

Azazel stared at his enemy, arching his eyebrow at him. “Oh?”

“He is watching us even now,” Uriel said, not the least bit surprised. Even though he couldn’t see the ruler of hell, he could sense his demonic eyesight on him, trailing his every move. Lucifer had sight on every section of earth, just like angels did, and Uriel knew this.

“Perhaps.” Azazel tilted his head to the side, looking at the angel with a vain curiosity.

“Tell me, Azazel, what is your master planning?” Uriel asked, his voice remained calm but hinted with curiosity.

Azazel snarled, and flared his nostrils while gazing at Uriel with utter revulsion. His lips twisted into a demented smirk, as his red eyes glowed with blood lust.

“Defeat me and find out,” he said vigorously, with confidence lacing his voice.

“Gladly.” Uriel tightened his hold on the hilt of his sword, bringing it before him. With quick speed, he flashed in front Azazel, striking with fierce precision at the demon, but Azazel blocked his attack. A pure, shadowy scythe – exhaling dark puffs of Azazel’s demonic energy – clashed with Uriel’s blade, halting his attack. Both supernatural entities locked their sight with each other, a look of intense hatred graced their faces.

“Uriel, you’re getting slow. I wonder…are you going soft?” The demons voice was taunting, purposely enraging the angel.

Uriel sneered, “Nothing! Will ever make me go soft, you’d do well to remember that, demon,” he spat. Uriel flapped his wings, quickly leaping back, and then flashed behind Azazel. Uriel raised his blade, but Azazel turned around, dodging the attack with quick speed.  Azazel then formed his dark mist into multiple hands, launching them at Uriel. Using his sword, Uriel scattered the mist with a series of swift slashes. Azazel was quick, and appeared behind Uriel, using one of his dark, misty hands to touch the angel’s arm.

Uriel cried out in pain, side-stepping the demon and landed on the ground. Not taking his eyes off the demonic creature, his free hand covered the wound that was burning his immortal flesh, and he healed it with angelic light. Uriel squeezed his hand around the wound, enraged the demonic spawn got a hit on him.

“Enough of this! I will kill you where you stand, Azazel!” Uriel pointed the tip of his blade at the demon, and then struck again, releasing the force of his angelic power. Azazel blocked the attack, raising his scythe to meet Uriel’s blade.  Pointing the corner of his lips into grin, he expanded his dark energy. Black and golden haze clashed. Both entities jumped back, and lunged at each other again. Weapons scraping against weapons – mixing the powers of heaven and hell – both creatures fly into the air, slashing at each other repeatedly. Dark clouds began to surround the two warriors fighting in the skies, bringing the smell of heavy rain and the force of lighting with it.



Thunderous clouds glided in from all sides, forming a ring around the supernatural entities. Both angel and demon would not falter in their battle, slashing with every blow they could muster. Sounds of thunder and rainfall echo in both of their ears, with strong winds circling around them. Again, Azazel countered, launching more than a dozen misty hands at Uriel. Uriel dodged every one, canceling out their demonic vitality with his heavenly light.

Rain poured down from the sea of dark clouds, moistening the Earth’s dried soil.

Both warriors spread their wings, leaping back from each other, staring face-to-face from a distance.

“I thought you were going to kill me.” Azazel flashed a sly smile at Uriel, before bringing his scythe before him.

Uriel shrugged, “There is no hurry, I will destroy you in a slow, painful death, just as all those humans had to die in the great flood of the past. If I recall, your-”

Azazel snarled, scrunching his face together. “Hold your words, Uriel, or they may be your last,” he threatened.

“Oh…I didn’t mean to hit a soft spot.” Uriel smirked, increasing the release of the holy energy surrounding him.

Azazel growled, lifting his scythe into the air when a certain noise caught his attention. “Already…but I-” Azazel said to what seemed like himself, but Uriel knew who was communicating with.

Rain continued to pour from the skies, but not one droplet touched the two beings as they hovered in the air. With a look of disgust on his features, Azazel turned his back to Uriel; the bottom of his coat and chains swayed in the wind, as he reluctantly prepared his departure from the battle.

“Running already?!” Uriel lifted up his sword, spreading his wings and flew with great speed towards Azazel. Though, the demon merely flashed him a grin before disappearing in the dark mist, leaving the enraged Uriel alone in the shadowy sky.

“Not again!” Uriel yelled, bringing his sword to his side. “Always running, calling back your forces, huh, Lucifer?” He narrowed his eyes at the last spot the demon was seen. I’ll figure out your plan, Lucifer, your days are numbered, he thought, as he returned his blade to its sheath.

The rain still fell from the skies and thunder echoed through the air. Uriel landed softly against the wet earth, but he couldn’t feel mud, or water soaking into his armor or feet. Behind him, his Captain came from the skies, planting his feet beside his commander. Yushiro scanned the area, looking at the devastation from the previous battle that just ended.

He whistled with excitement and said, “It must have been something,” he hung his head low, and his short blonde hair blew in the wind. “I missed all the fun.” He shrugged, with a joking tone in his voice.

Uriel turned to face him, with narrowed eyes. “I’m not in the mood, Yushiro, keep your incisive jokes to yourself.” Uriel started walking, not caring about the angel behind him.

“Hey! It’s not my fault; I told you he was a quick one.”

Uriel growled, and turned around sharply, “I will defeat him! Just mark my words.”

“Humph, you said that last time, if I may recall.” Uriel’s lieutenant landed beside Yushiro, keeping his grey eyes on the Commander. The water from the skies soaked into his brown, medium length hair, and the sounds of water hitting steel echo in the area.

Yushiro stunned, opened his mouth agape at the angel next to him, and then shook his head.

“What?” Uriel’s tone was deadly. He stepped closer to his lieutenant.

The lieutenant stands firm, unfazed by Uriel’s anger. “Going off alone and fighting the demon without backup wasn’t needed. If we were all here, Azazel wouldn’t have-”

“Raziel, are you the Commander here? or am I?” Uriel questioned, cutting him off, in a deep, haughty voice. Flashes of anger flickered in Uriel’s purple eyes. It was annoying enough Azazel escaped him, yet again; he didn’t have time to deal with the questioning of his judgment.

The brown haired angel tightened his hand into a fist, and clenched his jaw. Scorn showed in his grey eyes, as he stared at his Commander. “You are,” he muttered, barely audible.

Uriel took a step forward, standing proud before his lieutenant. He was well aware of the attitude being displayed to him, and he would correct it.

“Say it louder,” he demanded, waiting for the words to be spoken.

He could see Raziel squeezing his fist harder, attempting to hold back the anger he was obviously feeling. “You are, Commander.”

“Good, now do your job. Tell the others we are returning to heaven.” Uriel turned back around, and glanced at Raziel over his shoulder. “And…don’t forget the words you just spoke.”

Raziel clenched his teeth and said, “Yes…Commander.” He bowed his head, spreading his white wings and took off, wasting no time.

Once the semi-rogue angel was gone, Uriel sighed heavily. I don’t need to deal with this right now.

“Well well…he wasn’t too happy. I suppose we can’t all be glad to work under the great Uriel,” Yushiro said sarcastically.

“Shut it, Yushiro, I don’t need this right now.” Uriel rubbed his temples, thinking about his priorities in heaven.

Yushiro stepped beside Uriel, staring at him confused. “My…I wonder. I would hope the Commander of God’s army knows that angels can’t get headaches.” Yushrio chuckled lightly.

“Yushiro!” Uriel snapped, “If nothing important spews from your mouth, then enough of your chatter.”

Yushiro shrugged. “Fine, I’ll get serious. Though, I must say, this isn’t looking too good, is it now? We still haven’t figured out how Lucifer is increasing his numbers, or what he could be planning.”

“I know…” Uriel growled.

Yushiro took a few steps forward, walking past the seething Commander. “At any rate, I’m sure they will want to meet with you upon your return.”

Uriel grunted, “I’m sure they will, I almost expect it.”

Yushiro turned around. “What a shame, I’m sure Lana will be-”

Uriel locked his dark gaze on his Captain, cutting him off and said, “Don’t bring her into this. We’ve wasted enough time talking. Let’s go.” Uriel spread his silver wings, flapping them against each other and then darted off at a quick pace. How is Lucifer increasing his numbers? There haven’t been any fallen angels in months. Where is this supply of new demons coming from?” Uriel clenched his jaw thinking about his upcoming meeting. They would want answers, and time, for once, was not on their side.

Erela, Guardian Angel


        ERELA WAS STARING DOWN at her viewer pool, watching her human chop wood. The constant noise of angels chattering around the room caught her attention, distracting her from overseeing her human. Erela looked up from the shimmering water, stunned by the action she was seeing.

“What’s going on?” Erela asked with surprise, as she saw angels scurrying out of the giant, ivory room. I hope Lana is alright, she wondered to herself, curious over her friend’s well-being.

“The soldiers have returned. Serial just told us!” A female guardian angel informed her, hovering past her.

She took in the information for a moment, before she stood wide-eyed and mouth agape at Serafim. He shrugged his shoulders, already comprehending what she is thinking.

Erela crossed her arms over her chest and said, “Well, that explains why Lana isn’t back yet. I didn’t think her scolding would be so long unless-”

“Serial finally kicked her out.” Serafim chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck.

“You always know what I’m thinking, and you’re not even a mind reader,” Erela sighed, and then stepped away from her viewer pool, towards one of the entry ways to the main corridor.

“Going already? It’s going to be crowded if we go now.”

Erela sighed, “I know that, but I’m sure Lana is already there. She wouldn’t miss his return after all.” Erela shrugged, turning her back to Serafim. She heard Serafim sigh behind her, and mutter words under his breath.

She smiled secretly, knowing that Serafim was going to follow her out. Quickly, both angels passed through the rotunda room, hearing the shouts of their fellow angels coming from heavens gates.

“Everyone seems excited,” Serafim said, walking besides Erela down the steps of Guardian’s Sanctum. Around the skies, they saw a few dozen angels hovering about, conversing amongst themselves.

“The army has been away for months, but I wonder, do you think they are closer to defeating Lucifer?” Erela asked, with a solemn expression on her face.

Serafim avoided Erela’s gaze and said, “I wouldn’t know. You know as well as I do Erela, we don’t get any information regarding the war with Lucifer. It’s best if we stick to what we do: guarding and protecting our humans.” Serafim walked ahead of Erela, not adding more to the topic of conversation.

Erela lowered her gaze to the crystal floor, musing over Serafim’s words. I know that already, but it does make me wonder why we’ve had less demon attacks on our humans.

         Serafim laughed. “In any event, let’s go. I’m sure Lana is at the gates right now waiting for Uriel’s return.” Serafim unfolded his white wings, and hovered above the crystal surface waiting for Erela.

“Yeah…” Erela trailed off, unfurling her wings and flying behind Serafim in the angelic sky. When she was flying, she swept her eyes around watching all the other angels going past her. In the distance she could see the golden gates of heaven. A horde of angels were crowded together, still welcoming back the returning warriors of God’s army.

Serafim and Erela touched down on the glass-like floor, near the back of the crowd.

“I wonder where Lana is,” Erela said, scanning the group of angels around her.

“She’s probably towards the front. I don’t think Uriel has come back yet,” Serafim chuckled, “The screams and shouts haven’t been loud enough to signal his return.”

“Maybe…” Erela started to stroll through the groups of angels, hoping to find Lana. As she kept walking, the sounds of trumpets being blown was heard in the domain, and the shouts of angels had gotten louder, meaning only one thing. It seems as though Uriel has finally returned, she thought, as she continued walking into the crowd.


“Huh?” Erela quickly spun around, surprised to hear her name being called. From the sound of the voice, it was obviously not Lana. Another female angel, with blonde hair tied into a braid and blue eyes approached her, with a beaming smile across her face.

“Evangeline!” Erela said, smiling at her fellow angel.

“Isn’t this exciting?! It’s been months since Uriel’s return. I just hope…we get closer to defeating Lucifer soon.” Evangeline said, lowering her sight to the crystal floor.

“Me, too. With Lucifer gone, humans will finally be able to live in peace, and God’s plan for earth will be fulfilled.” Erela looked at Evangeline with a grin, hoping Uriel had brought good news with him.

“Perhaps, but we will still have a potential traitor in heaven who needs to be dealt with.” Evangeline’s voice went cold.

Perplexed, Erela looked at Evangeline, wondering who she was referring to.

“Evangeline…” Erela trailed off.

Evangeline sighed, “Erela, I know that your friends with Lana, but the fact remains she could be a traitor. Based on the past, it’s only logical she should leave heaven.”


Evangeline cut Erela off and sighed, “Erela…as an angel I can’t lie to you, but…we are petitioning Michael to re-open the case against Lana. It’s only best she leave heaven on her own, but if she doesn’t, well…you know…”

“I know…” Erela had nothing to say, she had known how the other angels viewed Lana, and it was only a matter of time before those who despised her – would act against her.

“I’m sorry…if you want to relay this message to her, no one will stop you.” Evangeline took one step forward, before spinning back around. “It’s probably best for her to know, anyway. She could only hide her secret for so long.” The blonde haired angel averts her gaze to the floor, and then walks off.

Erela sighed, as Serfim walked up beside her. He glanced at Erela, but she didn’t return his gaze. If Lana returns to earth, he would finally get to her and…who knows what he would do.

“It’s best…if Lana knew.” Serfim said, letting Erela know for sure he’d heard everything.

“I know it is. It was just a matter time before they all rose against her. Lana isn’t a traitor, and both of us know what will happen if she returns to earth. He’ll strike, and then who knows what will happen,” Erela said, unfurling her white wings and preparing to take flight. She didn’t want to tell Lana the truth: that her fellow angels wanted to hurl her to their enemy’s domain, but angels couldn’t lie.

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  1. The battle sequence was epic! Very vivid and well written. The second part of this chapter feeds us more information about how the others feels about Lana. I’m curious about what is to happen next. 😉


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