Chapter 3: Bonds of Time

Erela, Guardian Angel


ERELA FLAPPED HER WHITE wings, ascending to the angelic sky. Behind her, the celebration proceeded, but it was no longer the joyous occasion she’d hoped for. Lana, she needs to know what they’re planning. Erela increased her speed, heading the direction she knew Lana would be – the locus spot in the sky, the highest point Lana could reach before crossing into archangel territory.

The cheering celestial voices echoed in Erela’s ears, and the return of God’s army caused heaven to relax – to take a sabbath from all the work being conducted in the heavenly domain. Angels still lingered about, hovering in various locations throughout the holy skies. Due to what she learned, Erela ignored their gazes, musing over the betrayal that would befall Lana. Then again, Erela pondered if it was truly betrayal, or more so fear. Both situations were plausible, but the latter seemed more understanding to her.

Flying pass the idle angels, she flickered her gaze onto the skies, staring at the mountainous regions in the upper atmosphere. The chocolate colored, rocky landscape faded into the sea of coral pink, with puffs of white clouds drifting aimlessly. Erela released a heavy sigh from her lips, bracing herself for the conversation that was about to unfold. As she was flying, the waterfall of rainbow colors came into her view, and she spotted Lana gazing down at the gates of heaven, with a small smile tugging at her lips. The shouts of elation echoed through the angelic air, making Erela feel tense. After the celebration is over, they’re going to bring up the proposal to make Lana a fallen angel…”

Erela’s bottom lip trembled; she bit down on the angelic flesh, and then propelled herself forward, increasing her speed to Lana’s locus on the floating mountaintop. The section of heaven she now occupied was empty – deserted – since most angels never strayed close to archangel territory, but for Lana. It’s always quiet here, the small medium between the rest of us and the archangels, Erela thought, as she saw the floating mountain top and rainbow waterfall come closer in view. She shifted in the skies, angling her body around the contours of the drifting peak. Quickly she maneuvered again, flapping her wings and flying parallel, upwards, to the pinnacle of the mountain. It wasn’t before long that her solemn, fellow angel friend could be seen in the distance before her, sitting at the edge of the mountain top. Lana’s legs were dangling off the side, as she kept her doleful gaze upon heaven’s gates.

Landing gracefully on the rocky surface, Erela huffed, and crossed her arms against her chest. She proceeded to walk forwards but was cut off by the sound of Lana groaning.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be down there, with the others?” Lana asked, with disdain in her voice.

Erela sighed, and then pouted. “Shouldn’t you be, also?” Erela shot back, growing annoyed by Lana’s behavior, but she understood Lana’s distress.

Lana sighed heavily, not removing her eyes from the crowd below her, “No…they don’t want me there, it’s clear.” After that, Lana remained silent.

Yes, they have made it clear, Erela wanted to say, but didn’t dare open her mouth. She walked towards Lana, staring at the carol-colored heavenly skies. How can such a glorious day be filled with negativity? She thought to herself, as she sat down next to her friend. Erela folded back her wings, keeping them steadily in place.

“I wasn’t in existence back then, so I don’t understand why they view you as such a threat,” Erela paused, “all I know are of the stories they tell. You were found at the gate after-“

Lana cut her off. “It’s an old story, and one I wish to forget…but I suppose I’ll never forget.” Lana exhaled softly, tilting her head to the side, and continuing to stare at all the smiles and grins of her fellow angels. Erela felt a sort of envy coming from Lana, but envy was a sin, one Erela knew Lana would not fall trap to.

“Perhaps it’s something my former human mind can’t handle,” Erela sighed again, thinking back to her days as a living human. Those days were long past: dressed in her corset, long gown, and living in the mansion with her loving family.

“Maybe that’s why we can be friends.” Lana turned towards Erela, giving her a wry smile. Consumed with her emotions, Erela couldn’t smile back at Lana, but huffed slightly, feeling overwhelmed with the bleak news that would spill from her lips.

Erela knew Lana was trying to read her face, and as an angel, Erela couldn’t lie when asked the truth of how she was feeling.

“Is something troubling you? It’s unlike you not to scold me or…are you thinking of the past?” Lana questioned, with a curious hint in her eyes, but also surprise. Mouth agape, Erela shifted her solemon eyes to Lana, unsure of how to respond. While she was thinking of her past life, it wasn’t the only thoughts brewing in her mind.

“I…” Erela trailed off, feeling caught in a trap. Lana looked at Erela suspiciously. Erela sucked in air – which as an angel, she didn’t’t need- and then exhaled. Angels can’t lie, Erela told herself, while clenching the fabric of her white dress at her knee caps. “Yes, but I’m also thinking of something else. I don’t understand how angels have such malice towards you. Being a human turned angel was a hard path to take, and even after all these decades, I still don’t understand my new kind.”

Lana remained wordless, looking off into the distance at heaven’s gates; her eyes were dull, showing no emotion. There was nothing else beyond the gigantic, golden iron. Only the gates protected the entrance way to heaven, and only an angelic being in God’s army could open them for passage. Once an angel passed through the gates, they were instantly in earth’s domain. Only chosen angels – the archangels – were permitted to explore other realms besides earth, as instructed to them by God.

Lana sighed wearily, bringing her knees to her chest. “…even though only one of you knows the past…it’s nice that I have at least two friends.” Lana paused, still looking down at heaven’s gates.

“It was good-that you weren’t here…in the past…Lucifer, he…is not the angel we had hoped for.” Her voice was shaky, and Erela could hear the pain Lana was trying to conceal.

Listening to Lana’s words made Erela think of the stories she’d heard. Other angels told her what transpired that day: Lana was discovered by heaven’s gates, standing dumbfounded, speechless. She had witnessed the beginning of Lucifer’s betrayal but didn’t intervene to stop him. Suspicions grew in those very moments, with rumors spreading like wildfire, and accusations were instantly declared against her. Countless angels wondered and still believed Lucifer left Lana behind for a reason – to spy on God, to relay information – there are many different theories, but Erela refused to believe them.

“Sometimes, I wonder what Lucifer was like, before the fall,” Erela admitted in a quiet voice, only loud enough for Lana to hear. Lana raised her head, staring at Erela with wide hazel eyes.

Lana averted her gaze from Erela and bit the inside of her bottom lip. Erela knew she touched on a taboo subject, but she couldn’t deny the slight curiosity. Lana had spoken about Lucifer before, after the incident that happened on earth. Erela was away at the time, working on her own guardian duties. It was the first and only time Erela had seen Lucifer’s wickedness – his need to control things he had lost.

Both angels sat in silence, neither knowing the right words to speak. Erela almost forgot she’d sought Lana out for reason, to inform her of the case that would be brought against her. Lana isn’t a spy, she’s not a traitor, that day proves it, the day on earth when Lucifer… Her thoughts were suddenly cut off by thunderous, angelic voices roaring praises throughout heaven. Below the two angels, the gates were now wide open, and the one angel everyone was waiting for walked confidently amongst the crowd. His silver wings were beaming, glowing brightly, and his face was stern. His black bangs – parted in the middle – brushed over his purple hues, and his medium, straight black locks swayed with his movements.

Immediately, Lana stood up, gazing intensely at the silver winged, black haired archangel strolling through the masses. Erela sighed, I can’t tell her now, but it’s only a matter of time before Uriel hears the news if he hadn’t already.

Feeling uncertain, Erela stood up, figuring she should depart soon.

“He’s finally back,” Lana breathed.

“So, this is why I didn’t see you down there, always hiding yourself, huh? Lana.” The sharp, smooth masculine tone caused both angels to quickly spin around. Lana’s lips curled into a wide grin, one Erlea hadn’t seen for what felt like ages.

“We can’t all be loved like you are, Uriel,” Lana retorted, with the same smile still extending across her face.

Erela’s face softened at the sight of the two angels – the unlikely match most, if not all angels detested. She didn’t want to ruin this happy moment for her friend, but just like with humans, happiness doesn’t last forever. Erela knew it was just a matter of time before Lana would learn the truth about her future fate.

Angels can’t lie, but at least I delayed speaking the truth for as long as I could

Azrael, Angel of Death


SURROUNDING CITY LIGHTS ILLUMINATED the night sky, blocking the natural radiance of the stars with light pollution. Nighttime seemed like daytime, and even for a human weekday, many people were walking about. Azrael’s senses were sharp as always, feeling the influence of demonic activity luring over the city. It won’t be long now, will it? He was wearing a solid white t-shirt with his silver chain around his neck. Both hands rested in the pockets of his black jeans, and his black, crimson tipped short hair blew in the cool wind.

Car horns honking, people talking, and the sound of ships making port reverberated through the city streets. Azrael turned his gaze to the illuminated lighten night sky, wondering if they were watching him. Like the guardians, he was an angel who couldn’t abuse his angelic powers when dealing with humans.

With his hands still in his pockets, he strolled across the sidewalk, feeling the demonic aura streaming from the dank alleyway. Azrael’s face was solemn, stoic to the event that was about to occur. Over the centuries, his position had rendered him what humans refer to as heartless. He was emotionless to the human souls whose lives were influenced, taken, and judged. All three mostly occurred in every act, but the influence was the worst part for him (it meant he had to do battle with a demon, and that was never pleasant).

After all these years, I’m still stuck with the same job…Azrael groaned, hearing the screams of a woman from the alleyway, along with male voices. Azrael titled his head and looked into the alleyway with a sideway glance. The wailing cries of a female poured into his ears; as if the woman was right next him, laying her head upon his shoulder. Next, the roaring shouts of male voices followed after the wailing. It was no surprise to Azrael what was happening at this moment, and even the next scene played out in his mind like a movie.

Bang, from a gunshot, and then a thud. With his angelic powers of enhanced senses, Azrael heard noises that most humans couldn’t notice. The bustling sounds of city life echoed through the night air, hiding the sounds of the lives that were just lost.

“Hurry up, just take it.”

“Come on man, don’t be chicken shit.”

The group of male voices were heard again, frantic, and unstable sounding. Black hoods covered the young mens’ faces as they exited the alleyway. They ran right past Azrael, or more through him. One of the young men stopped cold and turned around. He looked at Azrael, quirking an eyebrow. Azrael deadpanned, keeping his eyes stoic.

He clicked his tongue, “Humans…only if they knew.”

“Come on! Hurry up, before the police come!” yelled the young men holding a coach purse in his hand, along with a ruby heart gold necklace, and white gold rings. The other man kept staring at the spot where he felt someone watching him – where Azrael was standing unseen by human eyes.

Azrael quickly spun around; releasing his black, crimson tipped wings and let his presence be known, if only for a second. The man watching the spot yelped – finally being able to see the figure watching him – and then screamed, running off behind his friends.

Azrael remained expressionless and turned to walk into the dank alleyway. The smell of urine, iron and sewage mixed together hit his nostrils. He crinkled his nose, wanting to get his job over with – sooner rather than later.

Azrael took slow steps towards the dying bodies in the distance. One was of a young woman, probably doing well for herself, and the other was an older man, boyfriend maybe, Azrael thought. Looking closer at the dying man, his older features came into view. Wrinkles were forming around his eyes, and his blonde beard was rugged. “Married man…of course,” Azrael said to himself in disgust. He didn’t even need to review his soul to know what kind of man lay before his feet.

Azrael held out his hand and dark red mist formed around it until his spear appeared. Let’s see how tainted these souls are…

A rumbling growl cut Azrael off from his thoughts, and in the distance, he saw a pair of two glowing yellow eyes. Azrael gripped his black spear in his hand and pointed the red, burning tip at the demon in the shadows.

“Demon,” he sneered, knitting his brows together.

The demon chuckled darkly. It’s dark laughter resonated through the dark alleyway, and the demonic sound waves bounced off the bricks, causing pain in Azrael’s ears. Azrael cringed, tightening his hold on his spear.

“What do you want, demon? Haven’t you had enough tonight?”

“I’m not here for you, angel,” the demon spat, still hiding in the shadows. Shining yellow eyes burned through the darkness, alerting Arazel to the demon’s growing anger.

“Then why are you here?” Azrael growled through gritted teeth, fusing his power into the spear. The spear started to glow with a bright, fiery red light. Agitated, the demon stepped out from within his protective shadow, revealing himself. As grotesque as they are, Azrael was used to seeing the real form of a demon. Being the angel of death Azrael saw all types of demons that manipulated human lives, some uglier than others.

“Give me the woman,” the demon demanded, flashing his sharp fangs. Unwavered by the display of power, Azrael stood firm in his spot.

“The woman…since when do demons collect woman?” Azrael was surprised by the demon’s words and shocked. It was a common occurrence for demons to take human form and indulge in pleasures of the flesh, but Azrael never heard of demons specifically taking humans. What does this demon really want?

Growing impatient, the demon rubbed his talons against the concrete of the street. A horrible screeching noise echoed through the alleyway, but Azrael would not flatter. The demon looked right into Azrael’s eyes, attempting to read his thoughts but Azrael covered himself in a fiery shield. The fire was a mix of black and red, combating the demonic aura trying to attack his mind. Azrael narrowed his eyes to the demon, increasing the flames around his body.

The demon laughed again, opening his mouth wide.Things have finally started angel, Lucifer is coming…is your God ready?”

Azrael’s maroon colored eyes widened, “What do you mean…Lucifer is coming?”

A/N: Well, I hope you liked chapter 3. I wonder what Lucifer and the demons are up to? Do you think Lana will learn the news soon or could Uriel already know? Do you like any of the characters so far, and if you do, which ones?

Also, is the narration for the story confusing to anyone? The story is written in third person limited, with different characters POVs. This story will mainly feature POVs from:





If you guys want me to add in a demon’s POV, please let me know now! I’m still debating if I want everything from just the angels’ POVs. Certain chapters will take place in present time, and others will show the past. I hope this clears up any confusion and the story isn’t hard to follow. oh! And the last characters’ POV you read in a chapter, will be shown in the preceding chapter. For example, if a chapter ends on Uriel’s POV, his POV will be the one featured in the next chapter. I hope this all makes sense!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are all excited for chapter 4!


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  1. I love the narration and different points of view. It’s not confusing at all. It helps propel the story along better than if it was just single view. I think you should keep the narration style as it is for it works well in keeping this reader hooked.


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