Chapter 4: Escalation

Chapter 4: Escalation

Azrael, Angel of death


AZRAEL NARROWED HIS EYES to the demon before him, keeping his fixated sight on its gruesome form. What lies does this demon spat? Azrael questioned in his mind.

The demon bared its sharp canine teeth, growing impatient. “It’s no lie, angel! The time of your god is over!” The demon growled out as he moved closer towards Azrael.

Azrael twitched, filching his body to the fact he was caught off guard by the demon’s words. Due to this confusion, the demon was able to read his thoughts. Azrael kept his cautious gaze on the disfigured form of evil in front of him, making sure not to lose his concentration again. The scrape of sharp talons against concrete hurt Azrael’s ears, but he kept his flaming spear pointed at his foe.

“Go back to once you came, unless you eager for death,” Azrael warned as he fused power into his spear. A crimson glow illuminated the shadowy darkness of the alleyway, but the demon was not swayed by Azrael’s power.

Behind Azrael, he heard the subtle cough of a human. The cough was soft, like someone who is still clinging onto life. The demon then grinned deviously, flashing away from Azrael leaving only a cloud of dark aura in its spot.

Azrael quickly whipped around and expanded his black, red tipped wings. As he rushed towards the human female, he suddenly caught sight of the demon. Part of its body was still covered in the darkness, while the other half was exposed in the moonlight. Its skin was rough looking, scaly, like a lizard but black like pure darkness. Azrael knew the different ranks of demons. Some demons maintained their beautiful appearance even after they fell, but others turned horrid based on the rank they had in heaven.

The demon hovered over the dying female, staring at her with lust in his yellow eyes.

Demons do not act this way, what is going on here? Azrael thought as he raised the spear in his hand and flew towards the demon. Before Azrael could attack, the demon quickly scooped up the body of the young, brunette haired female in its arms, moving faster than the speed of light. Quickly the demon turned its back to Azrael, covering himself and the young woman in its dark aura. Through the shadowy smoke, Azrael could see the female slowly returning back to life.

“He’s healing her,” Azrael muttered under his breath, in disbelief to what he was seeing.

Showing a demonic grin of satisfaction, the demon flashed away, taking the human female with it.

Azrael was conflicted over losing a soul that should have died. But why would a demon challenge an angel just for one human was beyond his comprehension.

Slowly he lowered the spear to his side, unfusing his power from it. The spear then dispersed into a cloud of ruby smoke. As Azrael stood there, he battled within himself if he should pursue the demon. Journey to hell, or report this unusual activity? And even then, the demon fleeing to hell was no guarantee.

“What would a demon want with a live human? Unless he was planning to torture her soul.” Azrael groaned in annoyance. It was his duty to administer judgment on humans about to pass into the next life, and tonight his responsibilities were interrupted.

Azrael tightened his fist, weighing his options. Traveling to hell alone wasn’t smart for an angel, and could be a trap set by Lucifer to bring more angels to his side.

He shifted his pupils back to the sidewalk, watching the naïve humans stroll by.

“How annoying.” He turned around, narrowing his eyes to the spot where the demon appeared. “The archangels aren’t going to like this. . . I wonder if Uriel returned from earth yet.” Azrael raised his gaze to the light polluted sky, thinking of the best course of action.

Azrael expanded his black, crimson tip wings and quickly flew into the night sky. As he kept flying into the sky – past the earth’s atmosphere – the stars twinkled around him, until he the saw the shining bright light of heaven.

Unlike the other angel’s- besides the archangels and warriors – Azrael could leave and return to heaven as he pleased. Being the angel of death had its perks, but also many drawbacks.

Once he flew through the bright heavenly light, he saw the giant, golden iron gates of heaven were opened, and the warriors had returned from battle.

“Uriel has returned,” Azrael spoke to himself, grinning slightly. Ignoring the cheering crowd, Azrael trailed behind the returning soldiers, and then flashed to the middle of the angelic sky, were he sensed Uriel’s aura nearby.

Now high in the sky, Azrael stared down at heaven’s gates, watching the groups of angels cheering for the returning soldiers. As he suspected, Uriel again lead the warriors to victory against Lucifer’s army. The time of Armageddon was soon at hand, but only the archangels knew God’s plan.

“Azrael, what a surprise, what are you doing here so soon?” A female voice questioned softly behind Azrael, in a sultry tone. Before even spinning around, Azrael knew who the voice belonged to.

“Bellatrix, what do you want?” Azrael deadpanned as he spun around, looking at the long, black haired female angel before him. Unlike the other female angels, Bellatrix was a warrior, a rare one in her class. Her angelic form resembled her duties – strong, with muscles that didn’t distract from her lady-like appearance.

Bellatrix pursed her lips together and shifted her gaze to the crowd below them. Azrael could see the somber expression on her face. Using his abilities to read minds, Azrael knew what Bellatrix was musing about. The sword hanging from her hips dangled as she moved.

“Thinking about Uriel, already?” Azrael chuckled darkly.

Bellatrix quickly darted her sight back to Azrael, staring at him. Her cheeks were flushed, tinted pink.

Azrael placed a hand against his hip and gave Bellatrix a devious smile.

“He will never love you; his loyalty is to Lana. As his Lieutenant, you should know that best of all.”

To his words, her once pink cheeks had turned red, fuming with rage.

“Lana is a traitor! And in time, Uriel will see that . . . and when he does . . .” she trailed off, clenching her fist, “I will strike her down myself,” Bellatrix vowed.

Azrael raised his gaze to the locus spot in the sky where he knew Lana sat. I wonder . . . Lana, could you really be a traitor? Lucifer is coming . . . he thought, and repeated the demons words in his mind.

Bellatrix arched a black eyebrow at Azrael.

Although he was aware of Bellatrix staring at him, he ignored her presence, focusing on his own thoughts. I must find Uriel or Gabriel; Michael needs to know of the demon’s actions.

“Are you even listening to me?” Bellatrix flew in front of Azrael, trying to get his attention. She puffed her lips, and thrusted her hips towards Azrael.

Azrael flew back, and shook his head. “Unfortunately, like Uriel, you’re not my priority right now.” Azrael smirked playfully, knowing soon Bellatrix would yell at him.

“Why you!!” Bellatrix quickly withdrew her sword. Azrael dodged her attack, and then transported above her in the sky. He smirked down at her, and then flashed away.

He transported himself to where he sensed Uriel. In the distance, he could see the two angel lovers smiling at each other. Uriel and Lana, the couple no angel in heaven could understand. As he stared at the Commander of God’s army, all he could think about was the demon’s words and the human that was taken.

I wonder what Gabriel will say about this. Too bad . . . the souls will have to wait for judgment, he thought, while feeling the souls of the dead on earth calling out to him. Azrael shook his head, hating the fact his job was never done, even when demons were involved.

Lana, Guardian Angel


LANA REMAINED SLUMPED ON her knees, looking at the iron gates before her. Lucifer had passed through the gates a few minutes ago, after ignoring Lana’s cries for him to halt his plans.

She stayed there, letting the tears stream from her hazel eyes after what happened between them. She begged Lucifer not to go to earth – to trust father but Lucifer would not comply with her request. As she stayed sitting in despair, suddenly, she heard the crackle of thunder roar in heaven’s sky

“What’s going on?” She wondered as she darted her eyes around.

The once peaceful heavenly sky had turned into mayhem. Angels were aimlessly flying about, conversing amongst themselves. From her spot on the glass floor, Lana could see the confusion on her fellow angels’ faces. The sky was no longer a bright white, but now an ugly grey, consuming all the light. Flashes of lightning struck the floating buildings, and chaos surrounded her. Angels were afraid, actually scared of God’s wrath. Since their creation, Lana had never seen the anger of God, which only made her worry for Lucifer stronger.

She quickly glanced back at the yellow gates, “Lucifer, what have you done?” she spoke softly, as she lifted herself up from the floor.

Slowly she walked towards the gates, reaching out her hand. Should I go after him? If I don’t, who will save him for himself?

She kept walking, deciding if she should dive to earth after him. The skies shook, and the sound of thunder rang louder in her ears. She braced herself and walked towards the tall iron.

“Halt! Stop!”

Lana heard the sound of two male angels behind her, yelling.

Quickly she spun around, staring at the two angels with her mouth agape.

“What have you done?” One of the male soldier angels asked her, looking at her with widen eyes.

Lana stepped back, “I haven’t done anything, it’s Lu . . .” Before she finished saying his name, she tightened her lips. Lucifer, she mentally called to him.

As Lana was staring at the two angels, behind them, she sensed the aura of an archangel approaching. Panic coursed through her as she felt his presence getting closer. She could either run, going to earth, or face the accusations that would soon be against her.

“Don’t move!” One of the soldiers shouted at her.

Soon, she saw the golden trimmed, white wings of an archangel in the distance, when she could already tell by the aura who was approaching. Gabriel.

Landing quickly behind the two soldiers, Gabriel stood in all his glory. A subtle golden glow emanated from his muscular chest that was shielded by white armor. His dark-blue medium length tresses settled on his armor, and his grey-blue eyes stared at Lana intensely.

“Grab her,” Gabriel ordered in a cold tone.

Lana stepped back from the two angels but both flashed behind her, and then grabbed her arms harshly, holding her at bay.

Gabriel strolled towards her, walking with a confident stride.

“Tell me, angel, what is your name?” He demanded. Lana knew not to oppose an archangel. Even though her kind was still new- and under the direction of God – the archangels were given the title of rulers.

Lana gritted her teeth, and then lowered her gaze to the crystal floor. “It’s Lana.”

“Lana,” Gabriel repeated, eyeing Lana with a suspicious gleam in his eyes. “Tell me, Lana, what have you done?”

Lana raised her sight to Gabriel, feeling intimated by his power. “I have not done anything, it was Luc…”

Before she could finish, another archangel – with a head full of raven locks and white silvery wings – landed next to Gabriel, and then quickly withdrew his sword.

“Gabriel, is she the one with Lucifer? The traitor.”

Gabriel glanced at the raven haired angel and said, “Uriel, calm yourself, we st . . .”

“I will not calm myself, Gabriel, until this traitor is casted from heaven, just like Lucifer!” Uriel seethed, as he quickly flew over to Lana with his sword pointed towards her neck.

Lana tightened her jaw and stared intensely at the purple eyes before her. “I am no traitor!” Lana cried out. Casted out? Lana looked at the two archangels, thinking about Uriel’s words. What does he mean, casted out? Lucifer. . . Lana averted her gaze from the archangels, thinking about Lucifer.

The sound of judgmental voices rang in her ears. The whispers proceeded to continue, and when she looked up again, she saw the surrounding angels pointing fingers at her. Their eyes locked on her trembling form, looking at her with anger in their eyes.

“Uriel!” Gabriel shouted, “Stand down. It’s not for us to pass judgment on her; that is for God to do,” Gabriel said, sounding like the only voice of reason.

Uriel maneuvered his holy sword, placing the blade against Lana’s neck. “To me, you are a traitor, working with the enemy, and from now on, I will never let you out of my sight, until I can cast you to earth, along with Lucifer,” Uriel threatened her.

Lana narrowed her eyes to Uriel, realizing defending herself would be in vain. Uriel and Gabriel would never believe her story, even though she didn’t know what Lucifer had done.

As she stood there, looking into Uriel’s enraged purple eyes, she heard a familiar voice in her mind. Lana, she heard.

Lucifer!” She mentally called out to him.

It will be alright, I won’t let them hurt you. Tell me, Lana, what is occurring in heaven? Tell me, everything. The voice she heard was not the same soft voice of God’s once prized angel, but of an unknown creature she hadn’t heard before. As she felt herself still tied to Lucifer, she sensed a dark aura, an aura unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, but thank you to everyone who is reading this story. If you are reading it, please leave a comment so I know you are enjoying it. Does anyone have an idea what Lucifer’s plan is? Did you enjoy the past part of the chapter about what happened when Lucifer went to earth?

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  1. I really like how you went back in the past to show what happened after Lucifer left. I had been so curious about that so it was great to see it continue 🙂 I am really caught up and hooked in your story!


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