Chapter 5: Deception

Chapter 5: Deception

Lana, Guardian Angel


LANA SHE MENTALLY HEARD again, feeling a diabolical aura seeping into her thoughts. She didn’t exactly know what was happening to her or what she was feeling. The energy she felt was cold, devoid of any warmth or comfort. It felt the opposite of God’s light. The Lucifer Lana knew had a gentle ambience, not this corruption she was sensing. Her thoughts were lost in a muddle of confusion, as she attempted to gauge what was transpiring around her.

Lucifer, what have you done to yourself? She asked telepathically. Sorrow for Lucifer filled her thoughts, and she wanted to learn what his betrayal was.

“Uriel, bring her to the Hall of Creation, Michael will meet us there,” Gabriel ordered and Uriel wasted no time complying with his fellow archangel’s request.

Uriel jerked Lana’s arms form the soldiers holding her, and gripped her wrist tightly. Lana winced in pain. An archangel’s anger was powerful and confining. As Uriel was holding her, she could feel power draining from her form. She lowered her white wings, feeling weak. She’d never felt this way before and it frightened her. Her spiritual body was becoming less under her control, and she could feel Uriel taking over her aura.

As they encircled the area, the other angels kept their gazes fixated on the scene before them, and shouted for her demise.

“She cannot be trusted!”

“How do we know she did not plan to mislead the humans along with Lucifer?!”

Lana raised her gaze, staring at the angels she was created with, she learned with and served God with. How they quickly turned on her caused a sensation in her body she didn’t understand. What she felt was discomfort, like how Uriel made her feel.

Angry voices reverberated in the purple-blue sky, echoing in her ears. Forcing her along, Uriel pushed her forward.

“The quicker the judgement, the sooner I can cut you down and cast you out,” Uriel seethed through gritted teeth.

Lana remained wordless, lowering her hues to the crystal floor. Speaking was pointless. No matter her defense, she had no proof she wasn’t in tangled with Lucifer’s betrayal.

Besides, she’d spend most of her time with him. Guilty by association was the only thought in her mind. Suddenly, she felt cold metal against her form. Wrapping around her waist and wings, a silver chain appeared to encase her.

She gasped, realizing she was attached to Uriel. Quickly he walked in front of her, and yanked the glistening metal causing her to stumble.

In the distance, she saw Gabriel extend his white trimmed wings, flapping them until he hovered above the floor. Before he flew into the sky, he looked at Lana intensely and said, “May God be merciful upon you.” His voice was direct, but Lana could hear the sorrow in his tone.

“I did nothing wrong,” Lana whispered, barely audible. Her form trembled, shaking with fear over what the archangels had planned for her. Would God punish her? Would he hear her pleas for forgiveness and believe her innocence? Her thoughts were a haze of distress. She felt consumed by her own fear, like how the ugly grey clouds were devouring the heavenly light around her.

Growing impatient with her, Uriel tugged on the chain, pulling Lana along. She yelped, but didn’t resist him. As she followed behind Uriel, she felt the eyes of the angels on her, judging her. Once she started walking, the dark aura seeped back into her thoughts, evading her mental space.

Lana! Tell me, who is with you by the gates?” Lucifer’s cold voice echoed in her mind, causing her confusion. She wondered why Lucifer was curious about her whereabouts. She didn’t want to think, or have him know her thoughts. In this moment, she wanted to disappear, to fade into nonexistence. Lucifer called to her again, but this time, she ignored him. His voice had changed – when he spoke, he growled – reminding her of the beasts created in the Garden of Eden, a voice neither angel nor human.

Lana squeezed her eyes shut, trying to push out Lucifer’s presence. Answer me! He growled out, sounding like a lion who was attempting speech.

Suddenly, without warning, she sensed a strong flood of malevolent power.

In front of her, Uriel swiftly spun around, and stared with widened-eyes at the iron gates. By Uriel’s expression, it was clear he sensed the foreign aura as well.

Lana spun around, and stared with disbelief at the gates. Clouds – midnight black – seeped through the golden gates, flowing into the heavenly realm like water rushing from a waterfall. As the shadowy puffs of malice expanded, she could no longer view the glass floor.

“Get back!” Uriel ran in front of Lana, extending his wings and withdrawing his sacred sword.

Beyond the gates, growls of beasts were heard, like a thousand lions at once were about to devour their prey. The golden iron was then pounded, echoing a loud boom throughout the area.

Stepping back, Lana could hear the yells and screeches of Lucifer’s thoughts in her mind. The malevolent rage clashed with her angelic spirit. It was like an internal battle being fought inside her. As she was sensing, and fighting Lucifer’s rage, she realized he was no longer the glorious angel he once was, but a transformed creature of malice created by his own desires.

Still, she’d wonder what could have made him turn this way. Lucifer! What happened on earth?! She asked him frantically, but all she’d heard were screams. As the rage grew, she felt further discomfort spreading within her. Her insides felt like they were twisting and turning inside of her, as if she was about to burst, like fruit fell from a tree. She stepped forward, panting, trying to gather her thoughts. Slowly, the horrible sensation died down.

Uriel turned to her. Before he could speak, Lana sensed Gabriel’s presence return.

Above her, the angels started to panic, flying like a swarm of fireflies that lost their way.

Gabriel quickly landed next to Uriel, and shifted his gaze from the gates back to his fellow warrior.

“Uriel! -”

Another loud boom pushed the gate in from the other side. The iron rattled, shaking with intense force.

The circle of angels surrounding Lana and Uriel shrieked in fear to the sight of the shadowy mist.

Pandemonium ensued, angels fled in fear, and heaven was in chaos.

“Uriel, take her to the Hall of Creation, Michael will be there!” Gabriel yelled out, and called upon his holy double edged sword. Appearing in his hand was a gold and white sword, with glistening blades on each end.

Uriel clenched his jaw, and swiftly grabbed Lana by the wrist, catching her off guard. Before she could speak, Uriel teleported them to archangel territory in the heavenly sky, next to the Hall of Creation.

Below them, the sight of the gates was obstructed by other heavenly buildings, letting them only see a haze of darkness.

However, the sounds of battle were clear and unrelenting.

Screams of fear from angels mixed with clashes of swords reverberated through all of heaven.

In a rage, Uriel spun towards Lana and grabbed her harshly by the arm. “Tell Me! What are you two planning?!” His roaring voice rang in Lana’s ears, causing her to shake in panic.

As she was staring at him, the power in his body started to surround him, making him glow with a white light.

I know nothing, Lana repeated internally, as she shook her head.

As the thoughts continued to swirl inside her, Uriel flew closer to her, demanding an answer.

“I know nothing!”

Lana looked into Uriel’s purple hues intensely, hoping he would believe her. For a moment, Uriel stared into Lana’s eyes, and then released her.

Behind her, a blinding white glow appeared. She sensed a power, a power stronger than anything she’d sense before.

“Michael,” Uriel muttered.

Michael. Quickly, both Lana and Uriel spun around in the sky and behind them was Michael, standing at the entrance to the Hall of Creation. His form was shimmering, with a glow so bright it hurt Lana’s eyes to look upon him. She glanced at Uriel, and saw him staring at Michael with fierce eyes. Unlike her, Uriel was an archangel, so he could gaze upon Michael’s form.

Michael took one step, and then descended towards the gates of heaven.

If Michael appeared, then Lana knew Lucifer’s betrayal against God was unforgivable. She was tired of being naive to his crimes; she longed to know, no, she needed to know what had happened.

“What did Lucifer do?” She demanded an answer.

Uriel glanced at her, and then shifted his gaze back to the sounds of battle.

“Must you persistent on denying the truth? Or does the mother of lies not want to confess her betrayal?” Uriel seethed.

Lana narrowed her eyes to Uriel, “I have told you the truth, now tell me, what has happened?” She demanded again; her voice stronger than before.

Uriel stared at her in the eyes, staying firm, and said, “Adam and Eve have been removed from the Garden of Eden.”

Lana’s eyes widened, “Removed? But why?” She was in shock, in disbelief of what she’d heard.

His gaze lingered on her face, reading her expression. He frowned, creasing his brows; he stared at her right in the eyes.

“and you will be like God, knowing good and evil,” Uriel said softly.

Due to her shock, Lana didn’t move. This is what you wanted, Lucifer. That is why you left me.”

Once she heard those words, Lana understood the course of action Lucifer took. With her eyes fixated on Uriel, images of the past flooded her mind: Flying through heaven with Lucifer, watching the Garden of Eden during its creation, and learning the knowledge of their existence together. Those days were forever gone, now nothing more than a memory she would weep for.

“The humans, they are like us now, knowing good and bad?” Lana questioned in a soft tone.

“Yes, they are like us, knowing the knowledge of good and bad, but their knowledge is limited to their domain. Humans were never supposed to know these things,” he glanced at her, “but you know this.”

“Yes.” At this point, Lana knew the results of Lucifer’s action. Because of his need for power, their physical counterparts, humans, were not what God intended. Father’s favorite creatures, the humans, were loved and wanted; once they were beautiful, with a bright future, but now they were taking on a life they were never supposed to live.

Lana kept her gaze lowered to the gates, and said, “What will happen next?”

Both angels stayed wordless, listening to the raising echo of warfare between the archangels and Lucifer. Another loud rumble resounded from the gates, mixed the sound of battle cries. A booming growl of agony rang in Lana’s ears, and in an instant, she felt the darkness leaving her thoughts. Lucifer. . . She shut her eyes, trying to conceal her true feelings.

As both angels remained silent, all noises started to fade. A dead silence passed over heaven.

“. . . Lucifer will be hurled to earth, and once your judgment is complete, you will be next.” The tension between Lana and Uriel was evident; he was resolved to cast her out. Will anyone believe my innocence, or I will I be doomed to be stuck on earth with Lucifer? She questioned herself, as silence settled in heaven. Lucifer had been defeated, hurled to the earth and casted out, because of the lair he’d become.

Uriel, Commander of Heaven’s Army


THE COMMANDER OF HEAVEN’S army  looked at the tan skinned angel before him. She was smiling warmly at him, returning his gaze with her hazel eyes.

During his time on earth, he’d wanted to return to her, to embrace her in his arms. The corners of his lips curled into a half smile, and he said, “Being loved by many has its problems, you know this,” he said as he flicks her forehead with his finger.

Lana huffed, crossing her arms over her chest, “It’s better than being distrusted,” she muttered with anger.

Uriel sighed heavily. “In time, I’m sure the others will learn to trust you again. You must give them a chance,” Uriel urged her.

“They don’t want to trust me,” Lana snapped and then paused, “. . . The others still believe I –”

Uriel cut her off, by placing his hand on her chin, “Enough,” he cooed her, “Let’s not waste my return thinking about the past.” He gave her a soft smile, and then stepped closer to her.

He cupped her cheek with his hand, moving her gaze towards his. “Uriel, it’s been too long,” she said in a sad tone.

Far too long, he thought, but didn’t want to say. Uriel was an archangel, the Commander of Heaven’s army, and even if he wanted to share his emotions, he kept them locked away, hidden for Lana’s own protection.

As Uriel stared at Lana, he could see Erela in the distance, about to fly away.

“Leaving already?” He called out to her.

Erela then filched and slowly turned around. Uriel could see the apprehension on her features, causing him to chuckle slightly. It felt nice for him to laugh again, to smile at the peacefulness in heaven. On the battlefield, there was only war with the demons, massacres and endless darkness.

Even though the war had been going for centuries, Uriel was getting restless waiting for the day he could strike down Lucifer once and for all. Lucifer had a plan, and not knowing the details drove him near angel madness on the battlefield.

In the constant growing battle with the rebellious and dark aura of his kind, he was able to find solace with Lana. As he stood before her, his thoughts drifted to the past, thinking how he once despised her, and lacked trust in her. However, inside he wondered if he was wrong for putting faith in her, considering his fellow angels still distrusted her.

He didn’t want to think that way, or rather, he shouldn’t. He’d seen how Lucifer reacted when he saw Lana again, it should’ve been enough to prove her innocence to him.

Erela flew next to Lana, and bowed her head to Uriel.

“There is no need for formalities, Erlea,” Uriel reminded her, which he’d already done several times before. “Tell me, Erela, has Lana been isolating herself again?”

“Uriel!” Lana gasped at his question.

Erela shook her head in displeasure, “Like always.” She lowered her shoulders in defeat.

“You didn’t need to answer him,” Lana muttered under her breath.

Before Uriel could respond to Erela, Yushiro landed next to him, still in his armor. Following behind Yushiro, was Azrael, covered in black.

“I hate to intrude, but a certain situation requires our Commander’s attention,” Yushiro said, with a playful smile tugging on his lips.

Uriel turned to face Yushiro, with a serious gleam in his eyes. He then glanced at Azrael, with surprise showing on his purple hues. It was rare for Uriel to see Azrael, or to even hear from him. If Azrael was searching for him, he knew it was a matter of importance.

“Azrael, it’s rare for you to be in heaven,” Uriel pointed out, clearly stating that obvious. Azrael tightened his lips and kept his face stoic.
“Well, now since we’re all caught up, there is a certain matter that needs to be discussed.” Yushiro smiled, with that annoying grin Uriel despised.

“What has happened?” Erela looked towards Azrael, with worry showing on her features. Standing next to her was Lana, who was confused, too.

As Uriel stared at Yushiro, the once playful expression had dropped from his face, replaced with a serious one. Yushiro glanced at Azrael, and then Azrael glanced at Lana. Azrael flickered his gaze back to Uriel. It didn’t take long for Uriel to understand what the angel of death was signaling to him.

Without saying a word, Uriel walked away from Lana, heading towards the edge of the floating mountain.

“Let’s go, I’m sure this matter will be of interest to Michael and Gabriel as well,” Uriel said, with a serious tone lacing his voice.

“It will,” Azrael replied, as he strolled towards Uriel. Once his back was facing the others, he shifted his gaze towards Uriel.

“I encountered a demon on earth, and he told me a warning.” Azrael’s voice was emotionless, flat.

“I already know- Lucifer is coming.” Uriel stated, looking out into the distance.

“It’s more than that, you know better than any other angel. I wouldn’t have come-”

“I know, Azrael, I was there during your creation,” Uriel paused, and then expanded his white-silvery wings, “Let’s go, I know they’re waiting for me, Gabriel and Michael need to know, the end of days is final beginning.”

Next to him, he heard a growl rumble from Arazel’s throat, but he ignored it, thinking only of Lana. He could feel her presence on him; however, he wouldn’t look back. Speaking about Lucifer would have sent fear through her. After what happened in the past, Uriel was determined to win this war. There would be no peace in heaven or on earth as long as Lucifer lived. In the past, Uriel volunteered to strike Lucifer down in hell himself, but his fellow archangels forbade it. Although, he could feel his time was drawing near: when he would finally thrust his holy sword into Lucifer’s chest. And once he did, he would lock him in the abyss alone, where he belonged.

A/N: Someone recently brought to my attention how the story is going. For those who are ACTUALLY reading this story, the main plot hasn’t started yet, obviously, because this is only chapter 5. This story will develop, and all the different POVs serve a purpose for later in the story. The past chapters are written so you (the readers) can ACTUALLY know what happened in the past. The views in the past are IMPORTANT. To help those who are reading, can you answer the following questions?

What do you think happened to Lucifer once he went to earth and lied to Adam and Eve?

Do you think anyone believed Lana?

Why do you think the demons are taking humans?

How do you think Lucifer is increasing his numbers?

Does anyone have an idea what Michael will be like?

Do you think Bellatrix and Lana will get into a fight?

How do you think Lucifer was able to speak with Lana from earth?

Are you curious to see how the relationship between Uriel and Lana developed? (Past chapters)

What is the end of the days? 

When do you think Lucifer will enter the story? (I know, some of you are waiting, but stop being impatient, rushing the story will ruin it.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and the main story is slowly developing =)

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  1. I really like these different POVs and the way it is going from past to present. I feel like the story is progressing at a nice pace and I do like how we don’t know everything at once. A great story will produce questions and curiosities as you are reading along, and this one does that nicely. I also enjoy how you have mixed in some biblical concepts like the removal of Adam and Eve from the garden. Very well done and I look forward to diving into this story further. You are an amazing writer

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