Chapter 7: Crestfallen

Chapter 7:

Lana, Guardian Angel


DARKNESS CONSUMED HER SIGHT, and her thoughts were empty. Beneath her she felt like she was floating, as if she was hovering in an open sky.

Faintly, she could hear her name being called in the distance.


Her name echoed around her, but she didn’t know where the noise was coming from. Before her was nothingness, a void with only a faded glow of light. All she could remember was being in terrible, bloodcurdling pain.

Whatever agony plagued her, the torment had subsided. Her body still felt airy, and a chill breeze blew across her face. The air smelt fresh, like salt water on a summer day at the beach. Suddenly, she snapped her hues open, and the images surrounding her left her wordless.

Before her, she could see beams from the moon illuminating the night sky. The stars twinkled, looking like a sea of shimmering pearls against black silk.

Confusion swept across Lana’s face as she stared at the navy blue sea. The sound of waves striking against rock captured her ears, and for a moment, she was in disbelief.

“How,” she breathed, widening her hazel hues. Earth . . . As she stood on the pinnacle of the mountain, her thoughts were overwhelmed with yearning.

Yearning to smell earth’s air

Yearning to feel the wet grass under her feet

Yearning to see the beautiful darkness of the twilight sky

With trembling arms outstretched, Lana slowly walked towards the edge of the cliff, and gazed at the blanket of water covering earth’s surface.

Centuries, she thought to herself. Has it been this long since I’ve seen earth with my own eyes, and not with my viewer pool?

As she stared with gleaming eyes at the moon and sea, she felt tranquility; a strange sense of peace washed over her, like soon her imprisonment in heaven would come to an end.

In her state of confusion, Lana was unsure of what was becoming of her, but she wanted to succumb to this feeling – to give her body to quietude. Slowly, she lowered her gaze to the image of the moon reflecting off the water, when she heard the sound of leaves being crunched behind her.

With curiosity eating away at her, she spun around, and looked towards the dark forest in the distance. What is that sound? Unlike the open area she was standing in, no moonlight illuminated the mass of swaying trees that were a few feet in front of her.

The sound of leaves crunching grew louder, and her pupils stayed fixated on the shadowy forest. Using her eyes, she scanned the dark foliage, wondering who, or what was walking towards her.

Slowly, and hesitantly, she stepped forward, shaking her body with anticipation of what she’d see. She kept walking, until two large shady balls of smoke appeared in front her. Gasping, she retreated backwards, taking one step.

The two dark clouds of smoke joined together, forming a mass. The silhouette reminded her of a man – two arms, two legs, and a head – increasing her wryness of the raven figure.

With her lips parted, she continued to walk backwards, until the shadowy mass fully formed. What is happening?, she thought to herself, as pale flesh started forming on the outline of the shadow.

Is it a demon? She braced herself, preparing to strike down the creature materializing before her. A glowing surge of power emanated from her form, but before she could react, the once shadowy mass had taken the image of a fleshy man.

A pair of dark-brown eyes, almost black, stared at her in awe. Once she saw the creature – now in its completed form – she gasped.

The white glow faded from her angelic skin, and she stared, speechless.

“Who are you?” She asked in a defensive tone, as she narrowed her eyes.

Her gaze stayed fixated on the creature, but as she kept staring at him, she knew he was no man. Her mind questioned was he a demon, and if he was, why wasn’t he attacking her?

No sound escaped from his lips, and his long, raven hair blew in the cool breeze. One black bang covered his right eye. And he was dressed in all black, wearing leather pants and a short sleeveless shirt. His muscles were toned, and his face was expressionless. Even though he was dressed in darkness – like a demon – his face held the features of a handsome angel.

Looking upon him, she saw something vaguely familiar. Her eyes studied his expression, as did his study hers.

Without a word, the creature – the mysterious being – stepped closer to Lana, causing her to move back from him.

“I won’t hurt you.” His voice was low and deep.

Her brows knitted together. “Who are you?” She repeated.

Still, he didn’t answer her. Instead, he proceeded to move closer to her. Lana didn’t want to be afraid. If she needed to strike him, at least he would be close, allowing her to not miss.

As he stood before her, he reached out his hand. With his gaze locked onto hers, she was thrown off guard. While looking into his eyes, she couldn’t turn away. It was like she was under a spell, a spell that had captured her completely.

Using a single finger, he traced the contour of her cheek, feeling her soft, angelic brown skin. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t look away from him. Staring at him was like looking into the past – seeing once what she had, but now was gone. It brought out a desire she’d kept hidden from others; a truth she’d never speak of.

Slightly, he lifted her chin with one finger, until she was staring up at him.

“Our last meeting didn’t go as I planned,” he said, with sorrow in his voice. He then lowered his gaze to hers, drinking in her form.

“Who-” Before Lana could finish, the images around her slowly started to melt like wax on a heated candle. The scene was becoming distorted, and the once beautiful imagery of earth was no more.

“Lana!” A familiar voice echoed around her, snapping her from the trance.

Quickly she spun around, ranking her eyes around the area.

“What is going on?” Fear laced her voice as confusion hit her.

The familiar voice still called to her, desperately.

“Lana! Wake up!”

Quickly she darted her gaze above her. “Uriel.”

Behind her, she heard a deep groan. She then spun around, seeing the creature with long black hair, but now he looked different. His eyes were no longer a dark-brown, but solid black. Three giant black wings then emerged from his back, expanding through the area.

Fear swelled inside her. She was alone, in an unknown place. How’d she got here, she didn’t remember. Darkness started to creep in again, covering all of the light.

The creature with three black wings stared at her, now grinning with a devious smile.

“It’s time.” His black hues went wide, and all around her fire started to form, burning everything she’d loved: the grass, the trees, and the beautiful moon that illuminated the dark sky. Everything was ash.

“What are you?!” She screamed out. She tried to put a barrier around her, but her angelic power had faded. Fear coursed through her as she looked at her hands, and saw no glow.

“Come to me, Lana, I won’t hurt you,” he said, with a voice sounding soft like velvet.

“Stay away from me!” She yelled out, but he ignored her. As he walked towards her, pools of darkness formed at his feet. Using his black wings, he pushed her to him.

“Stop! Don’t touch me!” Lana panicked. The force of his wings was strong, like a mother bird pulling a chick against her chest.

Soon, she found herself encased in his large dark wings, like a caterpillar in a cocoon.

As his strong arms snaked around her form, she felt an ominous power, a power she hadn’t felt since the last day she’d seen Lucifer on earth, many centuries ago.

Erela, Guardian Angel


Erela was sitting in a crystal chair next to Lana’s bedside. At that moment, the past events were a blur to her: the black mist, the demon holding Lana down, and herself screaming for help. Here she was, waiting for Lana to awaken. When Erela awoke, she found the warrior angels hovering over Lana’s body, and Yushiro trying to calm his Commander.

Erela didn’t know how long she’d slept. For her to be weakened to the point of needing sleep, it was embarrassing. Under normal circumstances, angels never needed rest.

Erela signed heavily and wondered what was transpiring around her. Uriel had just returned from battle, Azrael warned of impending dangers, and Lana had recently been attacked.

“Do you think she’ll wake up?” Serafim asked Erela. He was standing in the glass room, in the corner, watching Lana sleep.

Erela shifted her gaze to him, letting the sadness show in her green eyes. “I don’t know, not even Sariel knows.”

To her words, Serafim didn’t reply. How could they know? Erela thought.

Soon, she heard heels clicking across the crystal floor. Entering the room was Sariel, followed by another guardian angel.

“It’s impossible, isn’t? For a demon to attack through a viewer pool?” Serafim jolted, leaping from the corner. As Erela stared at him, she could see the anger burning on his face.

Instead of answering, Sariel walked up to Lana’s body and gazed down at her sleeping form. “These are times of war…I’m afraid. Anything can happen, Serafim.”

“What would attacking Lana accomplish?” Erela asked as she quickly flickered her sight to Sariel.

Erela could see the sorrowful expression on the blond angels face. Even through Sariel’s sadness, her form still glowed with a guardian angel’s light.

“Erela, Lana is-” Before Sariel could finish, another guardian angel quickly entered the room. A female, with medium length blonde hair, rushed to Sariel’s side.

“My lady, the Commander wishes to speak with you.”

After hearing the request, Erela saw Sariel stay quiet for a moment, musing to herself.

“I see, please, tell him I will with speak with him shortly.”

The blonde angel hesitated, and then said, “He wants to speak with you here, in front of all those who witnessed the attack.”

Sariel sighed. “I understand, please tell him he may enter.”

Once she heard the request, the blonde angel quickly scurried off. Within moments, Uriel appeared with Yushiro accompanying him. It didn’t take long for Erela to sense Uriel’s aura of rage and anger. If anyone wanted vengeance for Lana, it would be the Commander – he’s the only high-ranking angel that forgave Lana and showed her affection.

“Sariel, tell me, how did this happen!” Uriel demanded.

Erela and Serafim looked at Uriel intensely, feeling his power radiating like the sun producing its heat.

“Uriel, I do not know. By the time I arrived, I did not see the demon the others had spoken of.”

Uriel’s brows knitted together, and next, Yushiro stepped closer to his Commander.

If I don’t speak now, who knows what will happen? Erela thought as she stood up.

“I saw it, the demon.”

Sariel and Yushiro gasped, and then looked towards Erela. Unlike the others, Uriel was unfazed.

“Erela, tell me, what happened?” Uriel demanded in a deep voice that made her tremble.

Flinching, Erela felt small under Uriel’s powerful gaze. This rage, this anger was something she had never seen from him. Of course, things would be different after the attack. The one he loved – her best friend – had been attacked, and no one knew if she’d open her eyes again.

“After we left you on the mountain, we returned to Guardians Sanctum,” she paused, “We went to our viewer pools like we do every day, but as Lana was –” The words choked in her throat, as images of the black mist flooded her mind.

“Then what happened!” Uriel urged her. Thrown off guard by his behavior, Erela flinched again, now shaking. Serafim then rushed to Erela’s side.

Breaking the tension in the room, Yushiro walked up to Erela, and give her a warm smile.

“Commander.” Yushiro turned back to Uriel, “She is clearly upset, maybe we should stop for the day.”

As Erela stared at Uriel, she saw him slowly calm down to the captain’s words.

Uriel closed his eyes and then opened them again. “You’re right, Yushiro. Thank you, Erela.”

Uriel turned on his heel, striding to the exit when Erela parted her lips. She clenched her fists, bracing herself for what she was about to say.

“Uriel,” she called out to him. Uriel hummed in response and gave her a sideways glance.

“During the attack . . . Raziel, he, was there,” Erela choked out. Her thoughts were still muddled, but she wouldn’t forget who threw her into the pillar, knocking her unconscious.

Yushiro and Uriel both gazed at Erela intensely, ranking their eyes over her face.

“Can you give us more details, Erela?” Yushiro asked softly. Erela flickered her eyes from the angry Commander to the calm captain.

“Yes-he . . . I begged him to help Lana! But he,” she paused, clenching the sides of her white gown. “he ignored me. After that, I remember hitting the column. When I awoke, he was gone.”

Both warrior angels stood in silence. She could see them watching each other, communicating in a way only those who fought battles would understand.

Without saying more, Uriel rushed out of the room, not even waiting for his captain.

“Thank you, Erela, we will handle this.” Yushiro smiled at her, spun around, and walked up to Sariel.

“He may not fully show it, but he is worried about her. Did the demon injury any part of her?” Yushiro asked.

Sariel padded past Yurshiro; the sadness was still looming on her expression. “The demon did not injury her; however, it left her in a coma like state.” She turned around, facing Yushiro again, “It’s hard to know when she’ll awaken, or even, the effects of what the demon has done to her.”

Yurshiro signed. “I understand.” As he turned away and proceeded towards the archway of the room, Erela watched him with curiosity.

“You already made the first move, Lucifer. I suppose it’s time, for this war to end,” Yushiro said, passing through the archway.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, but I hope you enjoyed this chapter! And does anyone have an idea what is happening to Lana? Who do you think the mysterious creature is? =)  Thanks for reading! My favorite character is Uriel, because he is such a softy when he wants to be and a good protector^^


4 thoughts on “Chapter 7: Crestfallen

  1. Another enjoyable chapter. I like all the intrigue you have going on in this story. It’s not just the war that has me gripped, but the characters and how their personalities, opinions, and actions intertwine. This seems to be a very character driven piece, and so far Lana and Uriel are my favorites. Very good writing, my friend. Can’t wait to read more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Well, as it stands where I’m at in the story, the characters and their development seem to be standing out more than the events taking place. I find myself as a reader getting into their relationships and how their individual stories intertwine. I do enjoy where the plot is taking me, but it is your characters that bring their emotions to the front and make me care about them.

        Liked by 1 person

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