Chapter 8: Clandestine

A/N: Sorry for the late update, but it’s finally here! Enjoy! The picture attached to this chapter is Bellatrix. 

Erela, Guardian Angel


ERELA SAT STILL BY  Lana’s side, keeping her eyes closed. As she was sitting, her thoughts drifted to Uriel and the anger he displayed to her. In her years being an angel, she’d never once felt an archangel’s rage. It was minimal, but the aura oozing from Uriel was enough to startle her. What are demons like, is this their power? she questioned to herself, as she recalled the attack on Lana. To her dismay, she was oblivious to the war with Lucifer, except for her duties of protecting her humans from demonic influence. And even then, it was a rare sight for her to see, or confront a member of Lucifer’s army.

Erela sighed softly as she opened her eyes and watched the sleeping angel in front of her.

Behind her, she could hear Sariel conversing with other angels, but Erela kept her focus on Lana. Many questions ran through her mind, but she only wanted the answer to two questions: why Lana was attacked, and why did Raziel do nothing to save her?

Erela lifted her body up from the chair she was sitting on, and looked towards Serafim who was currently positioned against the wall. He darted his gaze to hers, and then ranked his eyes around the room. Erela followed his gaze until she saw Bellatrix entering the crystal room, anger showing on her face.

What is Bellatrix doing here?

Erela watched as Bellatrix walked up to Sariel and then lowered her head accordingly. After speaking briefly with Bellatrix, Sariel left the room with the other angels following behind her. Now, only four angels remained in the back room: Serafim, Erela, Lana, and Bellatrix.

Erela glanced at Bellatrix, watching her stroll next to Lana’s sleeping form.

Instead of speaking, the female warrior kept her enraged gaze on the sleeping guardian and growled under her breath. Erela then turned towards Bellatrix, with slight curiosity over the soldier’s presence.

“Why are you here?” Erela asked bluntly, in a defensive tone. It was no secret in heaven that Bellatrix disliked Lana and would gladly cast her off if given the order. Erela knew this, thus making her feel cautious around the warrior.

“I am not here on my own accord.” Bellatrix sighed heavily, almost groaning in aggravation. Erela then raised an eyebrow at her words, staring at her with confusion. Angels don’t lie, so Erela knew she was speaking the truth.


Bellatrix cut her off, “Commander Uriel ordered me here, to watch over this . . . It doesn’t matter, our orders are for all guardian angels to exit the sanctum.” Bellatrix shifted her serious sight to Erela, staring at her intensely. “Both of you need to leave here, now!”

Erela’s body became stiff to Bellatrix’s words, as she felt the angelic aura flowing from the soldier’s form. Why are we being told to leave? Erela questioned to herself as she heard Serafim walking up behind her.

“What is really going on here, Bellatrix?” Serafim said in a cold voice, narrowing his eyes to the female warrior. Erela looked at Serafim with surprise, caught off guard by his change in disposition. In the years she’d known him, it was rare for her to see Serafim act serious or not make light of a situation.

Bellatrix lips twisted into a condescending grin; she glanced at Serafim, turning slightly to face him. “Oh, it’s a rare sight to see Serafim the jokester being serious,” she said in a mocking tone.

Serafim clenched his fist, and Erela could feel the anger growing inside her. Now is not the time for fighting, especially when Lana was still unconscious, she thought as she stared at Bellatrix. She took a step forward, ready to voice her concerns when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Erela turned her head, seeing Serafim keeping his serious gaze on Bellatrix.

“Now is not the time, Bellatrix, just tell us what is happening.” Serafim kept his sight on the soldier angel, not flinching.

The warrior glanced at Serafirm, returning his serious gaze with her own. “Commander Uriel has ordered that we search Guardians Sanctum for any remits of demonic aura.”

Erela gasped, “But what about our humans?! How we will watch over them?!” She shouted in a panic, stepping closer to Bellatrix.

To Erela’s words, Bellatrix signed heavily and tilted her head. After thinking for a moment, she parted her lips and said, “Guardians,” she muttered under her breath, “Serial will guide you once you exit the Sanctum. Right now, we must ensure no other guardians get attacked. Unlike the Guardians, us soldiers aren’t protected by the true nature of this war,” she said in a cold voice.

Erela trembled to Bellatrix’s words, realizing her own foolishness. Lana never told me how strong Lucifer actually is? Can he be this powerful that even Uriel is shaken by him?

Standing before Bellatrix, Erela felt tiny, naïve and childlike. Again, she felt like she didn’t understand her new kind, or even know their history. She lowered her sight to the glass floor, hoping to hide her shame of ignorance.

Bellatrix huffed. “Perhaps it’s too much for you.” She looked towards Erela, with a serious gleam in her eyes. Erela raised her gaze to the black haired angel, listening to what she had to say. “At least you were given choice; maybe you should have stayed a human spirit instead of being an angel – then you could have stayed in your paradise, and – ”

“That’s enough, Bellatrix!” Serafim cut her off, raising his voice and stepping in front of Erela.

Caught off guard, Bellatrix took a step back and unfurled her white wings. As she moved, her sword swung against her side.

Bellatrix’s gaze intensified as she stared at the male guardian before her. “Serafim, you know as well as I do the horrors of Lucifer’s army, or have you forgotten that?” Both angels looked at each other in the eyes, neither one turning away from the other.

As Erela stood there, behind Serafim, she could feel the tension pouring off each created angel. What does that mean? How can Serafim know what Lucifer’s army is like?

Confused and lost, Erela shifted her gaze to her fellow guardian, staring at him with a puzzled expression. “Serafim . . . what is she talking about?” Erela choked out, slightly fearful of what his response would be.

“I haven’t forgotten, Bellatrix. I know Lucifer, and if he wants something, he will take it.” Serafim then closed his eyes and looked at Erela. “Erela I –”

“Bellatrix, ah, there you are, I’ve been looking for you,” a soft male voice interrupted. Looking up, Erela saw another angel had entered the room. Unlike Bellatrix, he lips were curled into a smile, and his eyes were soft. Also, he wasn’t dressed in the armour of a soldier; rather, he was dressed like a human male. He was wearing grey slacks, black shoes, and a white sleeveless shirt that was unbuttoned at the top. His medium length dark hair was slicked back, highlighting his facial features. With his grey-blue eyes, he scanned the room, until his gaze stopped on Bellatrix. As he started walking over to them, Erela saw his high cheek bones and chiseled jaw that had traces of stubble on it.

“Abaddon,” Bellatrix said with surprise as she turned to face him.

“Abaddon,” Serafim whispered quietly, loud enough that only Erela could hear. As she stared at him, Erela could see the hesitation in Serafim’s eyes. Not only hesitation, but something else she couldn’t quite understand.

Erela then shifted her gaze back to Abaddon, watching him continue to stroll towards Bellarix. As he glided across the crystal floor, she saw him glance at Lana’s sleeping form, and then to her. During both times, the same friendly smile was etched on his lips, but yet, she felt an ominous presence coming from him. Abaddon, it’s rare to see him. He usually stays on earth, but why is he here now? I need to speak with Serafim about this.

Before Erela could speak, Serafim took her hand, and started walking towards the entrance way to the room. “Let’s go, Erela. It’s best if we leave here,” he urged her. In shock to Serafim’s gesture, she looked down at her hand, wondering why he took it. Is Serafim afraid? He has never taken my hand before.

Erela could feel the tension in her body, and the uncertainty going through her thoughts. She glanced at Lana, worried about leaving her friend in the hands of Bellatrix and Abaddon.

“She’ll be fine,” Bellatrix said, almost chewing on her own words, “The Commander said he will move her himself.”

Both guardians stared at Bellatrix intensely, trying to read her face. However, Bellatrix kept a concealed expression, making it hard for Erela to decipher her.

With her options limited, Erela nodded her head in agreement and started walking with Serafim.

“She is in good hands,” Abaddon said, with the same soft smile gracing his lips. Staying wordless, Erela continued to walk pass Abaddon, only hoping, and praying that Lana would be safe. Come soon Uriel.”

Suddenly Serafim stopped, keeping his back to Abaddon and said, “I see you still like to dress as a human, Abaddon,” Serafim said, before he kept walking away.

Erela didn’t know much about Abaddon, but she’d heard he offered to stay on earth as a lookout for Lucifer’s army. If there was any demonic activity, he’d be the first to report it, and ensure Uriel would return to earth for battle. How Abaddon managed to stay on earth for long periods of time puzzled her, but perhaps it was more knowledge about angels she didn’t know.

The two guardians strolled in silence through the sanctums archways, until they walked to the rotunda room, with the oculus at the top. No, I almost forgot, Erela thought to herself, as she removed her hand from Serafim’s grasp and started to run.

“Erela!” Serafim spun around.

Without looking back, Erela kept running until she was near the archway leading to the giant hall where her viewer pool was. She was about to turn the corner, hoping to check on one of her humans until she heard voices.

“Whose voice is that?” she wondered, as she heard a sound that was inhuman and distorted.

Slowly she peeked around the ivory column and gasped at the sight before her. Standing in front of Lana’s viewer pool was Raziel. Even though she could barely hear, she knew he was speaking with someone or something. His wings were unfurled, expanded like a bird preparing for flight. Floating around his waist was black mist, similar to the dark cloud of smoke that attacked Lana.

As Erela stood watching Raziel, she wondered, Who is he talking to? And why is he using Lana’s viewer pool?

Lana, Guardian Angel


LANA STOOD BESIDE URIEL with the chain still wrapped around her waist, and her hands were still locked. The battle between Michael and Lucifer had ended. Heaven was finally calm again, and the black mist dispersed, disappearing with the dark aura that was no longer at heaven’s gates.

Lana’s body trembled, knowing soon her own judgement would be coming soon. As she gazed at Uriel, she could see the concern in the archangels purple eyes. He worried for his brethren – the other archangels. Suddenly, a shimmering light glowed from The Hall of Creation, almost blinding Lana’s sight. Quickly she spun away from the archangels, but she could still listen to their words.

“Michael!” Uriel’s voice echoed through the skies.

“Michael is injured! He must recover first. Take her to the lower sanctums. There she will await judgement,” Gabriel ordered shouting at Uriel.

Hearing the strong voices of the archangels sent panic flooding through her. Would she be thrown to earth with Lucifer? Or would someone believe her innocence? She’d thought that question over in her mind, but the lack of answers frightened her. She’d had never been to earth, but only watched its creation and the humans that dwelled on its surface.

If I run, maybe I can hide, she thought to herself. Even if she did run, where would she go? The archangels had eyes in all of Heaven, even in the lower sanctums. Besides, running would further solidify she’s in alignment with Lucifer.

Before she could decide what action to take, she felt a strong hand grip her shoulder, and squeeze into her angelic flesh. She winced at the new sensation she was feeling. She didn’t like it, the uncomfortable sense flowing within her.

Then, in the blink of an eye, she was before a dark chamber. No light was in the area, and in front of her was a room with no doors or locks. Suddenly, she was pushed forward in the darkness. Thanks to her angel eyesight, she was able to see around her. In her peripheral vision, she saw a faint glimmer of silver light behind her, flickering in the darkness.

Quickly she spun around, seeing Uriel stand a few inches away from her in the darkness. His silver wings were glowing, with a dim silver light that illuminated the small chamber.

“This is –”

“The lower sanctums,” he said firmly in a cold voice that sent a chill through the air. As Lana was standing in the doorless room, a cool breeze blew against her angelic skin. With all these new sensations, she was getting confused over her own form.

She took a step forward, but Uriel quickly got into attack formation, causing Lana to shake.

“Do you think I would let you escape?” He said as he waved his hand. As he waved his hand, a clear, silver barrier then covered the doorless room, imprisoning Lana in the small space.

Unable to hold in her emotions any longer, she ran forward, until she smacked the barrier and was thrown back, hitting the ivory wall behind her. She hissed and rose up to her knees. With her sight on the white floor, she was tempted to lie, to say she knew Lucifer’s plan of betrayal. Even if she was thrown to earth, at least, she wouldn’t be alone. Lucifer would be by her side.

“I – ” She started. She stared up at Uriel when his actions caught her by surprise. Closing his eyes and folding his wings, he leaned against the wall, keeping quiet.

“What are you doing?” She asked curiously.

Uriel opened one eye, and then looked at the distraught angel crawling on the floor. “I’m going to stay and watch you.”

Taken back, she gazed into his purple eyes. “Do you not have better things to do than watch the mother of lies?” she snarled while narrowing her eyes at him.

The archangel snapped his pupils open and then growled at her. “I will watch the one who threatens to destroy the peace that father has created. Until you are cast out, I will not let you out of my sight, betrayer.”

His words stung her. Betrayer, she thought. Without saying another word, she turned away from him. What more could she say? Nothing. All of Heaven thought of her as a betrayer: involved with the angel who lied to God’s newest creation and waged war on heaven.

Lucifer. She whimpered for him. In this moment, she wished to feel his touch on her skin – for him to caress her cheek, to be pressed against his chest, and have him hold her while flying through the sky.

She closed her eyes, recalling the strange words he spoke to her only a few days ago.

Lana was sitting on the mountain top beneath archangel territory when Lucifer landed next to her. His blonde locks were settled around his face and his blue eyes shimmered in the heavenly light. Out of all the angels in heaven – besides the archangels – he was the most powerful. His wings were glorious; instead of two wings, he had four. However, Lana knew he rarely used his other two wings. One day she wanted to ask him what the others were for, but she had time.

With a smile grazing her lips, she stared off into the distance in the celestial sky, feeling at peace.

“Lana,” Lucifer called to her.

“What happened in the meeting with God?” She asked curiously, with a smile beaming on her face. She loved listening to Lucifer’s stories of speaking with God. Given her position, she knew she would never have that opportunity.

“A new creation is going to be created.”

“A new creation? You mean like the animals? The beast of the field on land and in the sea?” She asked.

Lucifer shook his head and said, “No, this new creature will be called man, and will be created in our image.”

Lana tilted her head, “They’ll be like us?”

“Similar, but not completely the same. They’ll live forever, but their knowledge will be limited. Unlike us, they cannot come to heaven and will stay on earth.”

“Stay on earth forever,” she repeated to herself, curious over this new creation. Both angels then stayed silent, thinking about these new creatures – what this “man” will be like. If they were going to reassemble angels, they would be able to talk, think, worship and learn unlike the animals created.

“Lana,” Lucifer said softly.

“Yes,” she responded, turning her gaze towards him.

“One day, I’m going to have my own world, where I am in control.”

As she looked at Lucifer, he kept his gaze on the giant yellow gates in the distance. His eyes were focused, and she wondered why he said that. In heaven, they had all they needed, why would he need more?

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  1. It’s been awhile but I’m back to reading this amazing tale. In this chapter the big payoff to me was Lucifer revealing he wanted his own world someday, and the beginning plans for Gods new creation. Very well written. I have missed reading on this story!

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