Chapter 9: Fallen

Lana, Guardian Angel


LANA LAID ON THE ivory floor with her back to Uriel. Behind her, she couldn’t hear anything. Uriel was like a predator, keeping a watchful eye on his prey. She hated this, feeling helpless and alone. She didn’t know if attempting escape would have been better. Even if she did escape, no one would help her, or believe her. All the angels knew Lucifer and she were close, or perhaps, something more.

She groaned, feeling restless. Waiting for the archangel’s decision of her fate was tiring. She squirmed again, rolling over to stare at the ceiling. What will being on earth be like?

Worry plagued her thoughts and her mind raced with questions: Would she lose her wings? What is Lucifer doing now? Could she have a chance to redeem herself?

She’d wanted to ask Uriel about her concerns, but knowing how he treated her so far, she’d figured he would ignore her.

Unable to keep her concerns inside any longer, she parted her lips and said, “Uriel.” Twisting her form, she turned to face him through the darkness. His wings were still giving off a soft glow in the shadowy room, illuminating her surroundings.

“Do you need something?” He snapped, narrowing his eyes to her. From just his voice alone, she could sense the rage emanating from him.

He will not help me.

“It is nothing,” she whispered, avoiding his gaze.

Uriel growled in frustration but then sighed. He shifted his sight away from Lana’s. “Since your time in heaven is coming to an end, I will grant you one request, what do you wish to know?”

Lana gasped, surprised by Uriel’s sudden kindness. For a second, she wondered if she should take his offer, but after remembering how he treated her, she snarled.

“I will be fine.” She pressed her legs against her chest and leaned on the wall.

Uriel flared his nostrils and then clenched his teeth. “Be difficult, but I will not make the same offer twice.”

“I do not need it,” Lana said coldly, keeping her gaze fixated on the dark wall.

Uriel clicked his tongue to Lana’s words and closed his eyes again. The tension between the two angels filled the room, making Lana feel uncomfortable. Waiting was the hardest part for her.

Normally, time met nothing to an angel, but awaiting judgement consumed her thoughts with horror.

Without seeing the rise and fall of the recently created sun, Lana had no sense of time. Had it been days, minutes or hours, she didn’t know.

Feigning curiosity, she glanced at Uriel. He was still leaning against the wall, arms crossed and eyes closed. Are all archangels so stiff? She wondered.

Boredom slowly crept in the longer she waited in her captive space. In an effort to calm down, she unfurled her wings, flapping them slightly until she loosened the tension she was feeling.

“Stop,” Uriel ordered, stepping closer to the shimmering barrier.

Lana grimaced. “Now I can’t stretch my wings?” She huffed, turning away from him.

Uriel snarled, “No-” Before he could finish, he was cut off.

“Lord Uriel,” a male voice Lana didn’t recognize called out.

“Azazel,” Uriel said, spinning around to view his fellow angel, “What has happened?”

Lana crawled up to the barrier until she saw a male angel with long white hair. His eyes were the color of the sea, gleaming beautiful dark-blue. She could tell by his covering he was a higher ranking angel, perhaps a servant of the archangels.

“Michael is ready.” Azazel’s voice was emotionless and flat. As Lana was staring at him, she could feel the panic flowing within her. Intense fear hit her like a blow to the chest. Her wings slumped to the floor and she lowered her head. Tears of silver started to pour from her eyes, dripping onto the ivory floor like rain from the skies.

I do not want to be casted out. This is my home, my . . . Images of her creation ran through her mind. Before she was in this angelic form, she remembered having a tiny body and floating through a sea of light. There were others around her, small in stature, unable to talk or touch. In her tiny body, she had a golden glow, like a firefly in the darkness.

However, once she saw the white light and heard the words, “You will be in the image of women, a mate to my first creation, so let it be,” she opened her eyes and saw her spiritual body for the first time.

“Come, your judgement will be decided,” Uriel said, snapping her from her thoughts. He waved a hand before the barrier, removing it. Cowering in fear, Lana scooted back against the wall, but Uriel captured her arm with his strong grip. He dragged her up from the floor and pulled her to his chest. His gaze met hers, looking intensely.

“Do not think of escaping from me, or I will hunt you through all of Heaven and rip your wings off myself,” he threatened her.

Tired of his threats, Lana avoided his gaze, saying nothing.

“Uriel, the others are waiting.” Azazel broke the tension between them, stepping up beside Uriel. Lana looked at Azazel with pleading eyes, hoping someone would believe her, however, Azazel returned her gaze with a blank stare.

“Let us go.” He tightened his grasp on Lana’s arm, causing her to wince in pain.

In the blink of an eye, she was inside The Hall of Creation, standing before the giant pool of shimmering water in the center of the room. As she lowered her gaze to the spinning liquid, the images before her left her stunned. The longer she’d watched, the more time she understood what happened.

It was Lucifer, in the shape of a snake, talking to a young woman. In the serpent’s body, he crawled through the Tree of Knowledge, speaking to the woman about God.

Her legs buckled beneath her and she descended to the grey floor. “Lucifer – no, he would not do this!” She shouted, with silver tears streaming from her eyes.

The two archangels stood before her, opposite the pool.

“Are you sure, Lana? Do you deny not knowing any of Lucifer’s true intentions?” Gabriel questioned; his voice rang through her ears, bold and demanding.

Lana widened her eyes as memories of the past jarred in her mind. Even if one archangel could read her mind, it was clear by her expression what the answer was.

“I . . . ” Lana squeezed her eyes shut, wishing she could transform into a mouse and scurry away.

Silence passed through the room; no words were spoken to Lana’s reaction.

He said he wanted to create his own world, where he was in control.

Not knowing what to say, Lana rose to her feet, dangling her arms on the sides. With her gaze on the shimmering water, she said, “Lucifer-he told me… he wanted a world he could control, but I-

“That’s enough,” Michael said, cutting Lana off.

Lana gasped, quickly looking towards Michael until the light almost blinded her eyes. She stepped forward, but in one swift movement Uriel captured her arm, keeping her in place.

“Gabriel, we must talk,” Michael ordered. From her near-peripheral vision, she could see Michael’s glow fading away in the distance. Once the light was no longer there, she looked up, but The Hall of Creation was empty; only Lana and Uriel remained.

“What will happen now?” Lana asked as she lowered her gaze.

“Judgement,” Uriel replied in a blunt tone.

Defending herself was fruitless, she knew that. Regardless of her beliefs, or position, her fate was in the hands of the archangels.

Both angels waited in silence for the two archangels to return. While standing in the room, Lana could feel a strong presence, more powerful than Lucifer or any of the archangels she’d felt before. It was as if she was being watched, like the eyes of God were upon her, judging her.

She stiffed, staying like a tree rooted to the ground, unable to move or flinch. Uriel’s presence was still behind her, intimidating and foreboding. Lana pursed her lips, preparing for the ultimate decision soon to be made.

If I must fall and be forgotten, I know I am not a traitor.

Next time, choose your loyalties wisely,” Uriel whispered. Lana’s eyes widened to his words, and suddenly, Michael’s glow appeared before her eyes.

“Lana, it has been decided by the father, you will be casted to the earth, where your true judgement will begin,” Michael ordered. His voice shook through the room, shaking the ivory structure.

Lana opened her mouth agape, struggling to protest her fate. Before words could escape her lips, Uriel released his grip on her, stepping to the side.

“Wait! Please!”

A Swoosh sound echoed behind her, followed by a howling wind. In front of her, Uriel appeared with a stoic face. Soon, she was sucked into a void, with only a faint image of Uriel before her. She reached out her hand to him, pleading for forgiveness but it was too late.

Once she was in the void, she felt her body descending. Her senses were faint, and all around her were rocks twinkling in a black sky. As she was falling, her body felt light, like a bird feather.

Slowly she opened her eyes, seeing circular balls in the distance of different colors – red, blue, green – floating with the twinkling stars. As she fell further, discomfort shot through her angelic body. She winced, and then yelled. Her screams reverberated around her, echoing back in her ears. She didn’t know or understand what she was feeling. She disliked it; wanting to shun away her intense discomfort. Even her wings throbbed. When she tried to flap them, tears flowed from eyes; it was useless.

Her speed increased. The images around her changed from glowing rocks to puffs of white. From the clouds in the sky, and the sun shining, she knew she was on earth.

Finally, after her descent, she landed slowly on a hard, jagged surface.

“Is this earth?” She spoke softly to herself. As she rose to her feet, her eyes swept the area. In the distance, she saw a vast wasteland, devoid of life.

The ground beneath her feet looked calloused; dust swirled around her. She spun around, seeing the dry land behind her as well. From where she was, she could see beyond her immediate distance and into a small patch of trees with water in the center.

“Where should I go from here? I am alone.” Without direction or a sign, Lana felt lost. She resigned herself to hopelessness and walked until she saw a hole in the rocky surface. As she kept walking, the sun slowly kissed the earth, lowering in the horizon and inviting the darkness. The once bright blue sky had turned black, with what seemed like small crystals sparkling in the distance. She looked up into earth’s sky, amazed by its beauty. From heaven, she’d never seen this view, even though she saw earth’s creation.

A cool breeze – similar to what she’d felt in heaven – blew across her face. From behind her, she heard a howl, an animal – or beast of the field – cry out into the skies.

Despite being casted out of heaven, she found solace in the beauty of Earth. After drinking in her surroundings, she entered the hole. Inside, it was pure darkness, however, with her eyes she was able to view the area.

What kind of place is this? This scent.

She crinkled her nose, as a whiff of stale air entered her nostrils. Unsure of how to proceed, Lana raised her hand to her face, and called for light to illuminate the darkness.

Suddenly her hand began to glow, spreading a sliver light across the spiky surfaces. Once she felt safe, she sat down on the rough ground, feeling the bumpy rocks under her bottom.

Unlike in heaven, Lana felt new sensations once she touched earth’s surface. Everything was new here and it frightened her. How she ended up here alone, distrusted and abandoned filled her with dread. As she sat in the semi-darkness alone, she wanted to beg God for forgiveness, but would he even hear her?

Her body felt discomfort and her wings seemed broken. When she tried to unfurl them, it stung her. She cried out, deciding to let her wings be.

“Lucifer is here, somewhere, but what can I do? Where can I go?” She whimpered, holding herself.

She lowered her body and stretched across the rough ground. Moving her wings slightly, she covered her form, hoping to hide herself. Were her fellow angels watching her? Mocking her? She didn’t know. Just thinking about it caused her grief. She was once an angel in heaven, serving God, but now she was nothing to him.

As she stayed on the ground, her eyes felt heavy and she couldn’t understand why. However, she gave into the new sensation and closed her eyes.


“Lana,” a familiar voice called to her, causing her to stir. “Lana.”

She fluttered her eyelids and sprawled her form. “Lana, I’m here for you.” The voice became clearer now. It was a male voice, a voice she’d heard numerous times before.

When she opened her eyes – through blurry vision -she saw a head of blonde locks and sky blue eyes piercing her gaze.

A warm smile greeted her as her sight became clear.

“Lucifer.” She trembled, in disbelief of the fallen angel in front of her. He was knelt down on one leg, covered in a black cloak.

“Yes, Lana, I finally found you.” He reached out to touch her, but before he did, Lana leaped to her feet.

The corner of her lips curled into a smile. Overcome with joy, she stared down at her lost love. Lucifer rose to his feet, standing tall before her. His features were how she remembered, handsome. His giant wings were folded on his back, and his eyes still gleamed with a power she’d never seen.

Looking at him, she felt entranced. Her feet seemed to move on their own towards him; her body desiring to feel his embrace.

As she walked towards him, something snapped her from her thoughts. She wasn’t in heaven. She was in a dark place, on earth, casted out and alone. Lucifer was now the traitor, the rebellious angel who opposed God – their father.

She stopped in her tracks, staying frozen in her spot. Lucifer’s expression was puzzled. He stepped towards her and said, “Lana, what is wrong?” Concern laced his voice.

Lana moved back from him, keeping her distance.

“Tell me-Why?! Why did you trick Eve in the garden? Why would you … ” Her words caught in her throat.

Lucifer’s expression then turned grim, ominous. His face darkened. His once beautiful blue pools flashed black, and then back to blue.

“Lana,” he paused, “I told you before. You, most of all, should understand.” He eyes bore into hers.

She hesitated. “Why do you need a place of your own? In heaven we-“

“Lana,” Lucifer said, appearing before her. Lana gasped, trying to escape but Lucifer caught her. He maneuvered her against the wall, towering over her.

Lana stared up at Lucifer in horror. Her eyes widened, body shaking, and her words were stuck in her throat. She was afraid of him. The angel who once held her and flew with her in skies had now captured her, forcing her to listen to him.

“Why? How did this happen to you?” she cried out, wanting desperately an explanation.

Lucifer kept his gaze on hers, changing his expression to one of concern. Using the back of his hand, he caressed her cheek, stroking her gently.

“Lana, before I was controlled. Why should we be subjected to him?” He snarled. “Humans,” he flared his nostrils, “they are weak, unworthy of being created in our image and given this world. I will create a place of our own, and in time, heaven and earth will be mine,” he vowed, staring at her with a serious gleam in his eyes.

To his words, Lana was speechless. Where did this Lucifer come from? What happened to the magnificent angel that was loved by God, and who loved her?

She fought back her tears, but as her eyes watered, Lucifer took a single finger and rubbed under her hazel pupil.

He pressed his body to hers, and made a trail of fragile kisses from her jawline to her ear. Feeling his touch on her skin warmed her, but at the same time filled her with apprehension. She had wanted to give into to him, to let him embrace every inch of her.

“Lana, when I create our world, I will keep you safe; no archangel will be able to enter our domain. They will never take you away from me, again,” he whispered into her ear.

Lana shut her eyes, musing over Lucifer’s words. No Lucifer, I can’t …

Using the last of her angelic power, she summoned all her strength, focusing on her form.

Her body began to glow with a shimmering holy light, catching Lucifer off guard. Quickly he jumped back, deflecting the energy racing towards him. Lana cowered; before her, Lucifer stood, untouched by the celestial power.

Strands of his golden hair had turned black and grew longer down his back.

He took one step forward and groaned in displeasure. “Stop this, Lana. No matter how much you fight me, you won’t win.” His tone was blunt; his impatience with her was evident in his voice.

Lana stood, squeezing her body to the rocky wall. Even if she ran, a part of her knew Lucifer would search for her. Lucifer, could we be together, with you, like this? She questioned her own decisions: Give in to the fallen angel she cared for the most, or run from Lucifer, to the darkest corner of earth where he would never be able to find her?

She froze, feeling the weight of her choice. With her gaze lowered to the jagged ground, she took a step forward.


Lana darted her eyes to the side. Shock spread across her features, at the sight of Uriel. His holy sword was pointed at Lucifer, and his eye alone showed his determination.

Uriel, Commander in God’s Army


Uriel stood before both fallen angels, committed to destroying Lucifer before he could carry out his plan. He glanced at Lana, seeing the panic etched on her face. She stared at him with supplicate eyes, for which he couldn’t comprehend.

Why does she stare at me this way? Is she fooling me? He wondered. He flickered his gaze back to Lucifer, ignoring his thoughts. His priority was not Lana; it was Lucifer and eradicating him from this world.

“Uriel,” Lucifer seethed, baring his teeth. Both supernatural creatures stared each other down. Swiftly Uriel unfurled his silver wings and lunged towards Lucifer. Lucifer flashed out of sight, and then materialized in front of Lana.

Uriel growled. They are on the same side.

Quickly he focused his energy, preparing to attack.

“Lucifer! Stop!” Lana cried, stepping in front of Lucifer, shielding Uriel.

Lana’s gesture broke his concentration, catching him off guard.

“You don’t need heaven, earth or any of this!” She shouted, “Please, redeem yourself and come home,” she begged him.

Uriel’s eyes widen at Lana’s actions. Shock traced the contours of his face. Why is she doing this?

Uriel stayed in his fighting stance, watching Lucifer like a bird stalking its kill. Lucifer remained silent, gazing down at Lana. He reached out a hand to her, cupping her cheek.

“Lana, you always loved heaven and father, but I’ll change that. It’s time, for a new God.” He lips twisted into a devilish grin and as he touched Lana’s form, Uriel could tell she was growing weak.

Her wings slumped and her head titled to her shoulders. Slowly she started to walk towards the wall, with her back to Uriel. No noise escaped from her; she was quiet, like earth before life was created.

What is he doing to her? At that moment, Uriel wondered if Lana was truly on Lucifer’s side. She tried to stop Lucifer, begging him to return to heaven.

“Lana!” Uriel called to her, but she simply stared at him with dull eyes.

“Do not call her name,” Lucifer threatened, strolling across the now shaking ground. As he proceeded to Uriel, Lucifer’s third wing grew from his back, and it was then that Uriel knew the fight would begin.


I hope you are enjoying the past chapter with Lana, Lucifer and, Uriel. Are things starting to make more sense now? What do you think it happening in present time? 

Lucifer has some issues to work out, doesn’t he?  I wonder how all those years has changed him hmmm. . . 

Please comment!


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