Clash of Tides

Merman romance story:


Ever since my father left, I was taught to follow in the footsteps of my mother. Maybe life is just following in the path of another, that we don’t really have a choice in the way we end up. There is no fate, there is no destiny, just the flow of life that we are given. It’s easier to follow the current than fight against it.

–   Elena

In a mystical world, where undersea creatures roam, a young woman, Elena, quickly finds herself a part of their world. She was taught to accept her fate; to not fight against the cards she had been dealt. After being taken by a merman, she thought maybe accepting fate is easier than fighting it, especially when a certain merman has specific plans for her. However, just maybe, accepting fate is not always the answer. Will Elena be able to fight the fate flowed to her, or will she be able to fight against the current, and forge her own path in life?

Warning: 18+ scenes

|Dark Fantasy| Romance| New Adult| Action| Complicated and Twisted Love|

© Copyright 2017 A.M.Bradley

Chapters will be posted on Please follow me there. The story will be posted to completion. Tapas will be easier for you to read on. Thanks!


(Elena, Clash of Tides, main character) 


Assan, Clash of Tides, main character


Seidon, Clash of Tides, main character.


66 thoughts on “Clash of Tides

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    • Thanks for commenting! I’m sorry about the wait, but I’m working on the update for Clash of Tides now. I’m hoping to have chapter 19 posted soon. Right now, I don’t have the story for sell yet =( Once I’m done writing and editing it, I’m hoping to submit it for publication.


  3. I got really hooked on this story but foe some reason chapter 8 and onwards shows a page that says “Well this is embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.”
    What do i do?

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    • Hello!

      Yes, I do plan to continue this story^^ However, I won’t be unlocking the chapters for Wattpad readers anymore. I hope you had a good holiday and happy New Year!!


  4. I don’t even have an account on wattpad and I can’t read it a friend recommended it to me and was really good I got a bit upset that i can’t read from chapter 9 and onwards is their away u can fix it


  5. My gosh! Sounds like a great read! Just a few questions: why is it 18+? Could you be more specific?
    And who did the artwork? The artwork looks very anime-esque, which is EXACTLY the way I envision my own book series. I’m very intrigued!

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    • Lol, thanks for checking out my page. It’s 18+ because I have adult situations and scenes in the book.

      Thanks so much!! I’m so happy you like the artwork =) When I write the story, I always imagine the characters in an anime-esque appearance. I love anime, so that reflects in my stories :3

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      • I mean, what are “adult situations”? Like sexual scenes? Violent?

        Yeah, the artwork is amazing! And I love anime too, it’s a great way to depict book-characters because anime characters are capable of doing awesome things that normal people can’t.


  6. Hey I’ve been reading your stuff for a while and got a bit busy while whating for the chapter 19 update and now it’s locked. I followed over to here about 5 chapters ago from fanfic and Wattpad. Will you be unlocking them again and if not is there another outlet for reading it?

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  7. This is such a beautiful book! I’m kinda shy and never really left much feedback because of that, and haven’t posted many of my stories for others to read in fear that so many others are better.
    This is one of the best books ever! And if it ever got published I would buy it and read it a million times! I hope to read more as for some reason the site keeps messing up. But keep up the good work!

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  8. Hola! I’m from wattpad and have read tour stories for a long while! I’ve always been really shy to comment on your stuff though. But I’m stepping out of my box! Your writing is amazing! And I wish I could read it but it seems the chapters are locked? But I wanted to say, you’ve inspired me a lot, though I’m still too shy to post my works on anything. If you ever publish this book I would buy it, and a copy for all my friends! I look forward to hopefully reading more if I can!


  9. Hello!
    I found you on, followed you to your blog, and read the first 8 chapters. You have really got me hooked, and I binged read it until the I realized you locked your chapters from 9-20. Is there anyway I could continue reading the story? Thanks!

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    • Thank you for reading my story. Honestly, I’m only unlocking the rest of the story for people who will leave me feedback. The first 8 chapters are sample chapters. The rest of the story I’m planning to edit and rewrite for publication.

      If you will leave feedback, then I’ll unlock them.

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you like the story. Right now, the chapters will only be unlocked for readers who leave feedback. If you want to leave feedback on every chapter, I will unlock the rest for you.


    • Hello there! The chapters are locked. Right now, I’m only unlocking them for readers who will leave feedback, as I’m making notes for the rewrite right now.


  10. Hi sorry to bother first I just want to say I love your story. I haven’t had a good read in a while and I cant seem to be able to read chapters 9-13. What should I do? Again sorry to bother.

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the story so far. As for chapters, they are locked and I won’t be opening them again. Sorry, but I do appreciate your comments on the sample I left up =)


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