Part 3: Submerge

Part 3



Once you are submerged in negative emotions, the watery depths has taken you; freedom has drifted.

A/N: Hey! It’s hard to believe we’re already at part 3 of the book, which means, the story is half way over =( Don’t worry though, there is still a lot more to come, and I’m sure everyone wants to know when Elena and Assan will see each other again^^

The song linked to this chapter is the theme song for the story =)

Also, don’t forget about Seidon^^

Questions that still need to be answered:

What is Seidon? And is he ok?

What is up with Mika?

Why is Leona the way she is?

When are we going to learn more about the undersea war?

What role does Elijah play?

When are we going to learn more about the mermaids?

Are we ever going to see Assan’s mother?

Will Elena end up sleeping with another man? (Hint: I don’t think Assan or Seidon would be happy about that, in fact, they may kill someone O_O).

More to come, and if you don’t mind, can you please let me know what you are enjoying about this story? Thanks!


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