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Using Your Talent (For Writers)

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Today’s post is more personal, but I figured I would share it with everyone. People say writing is an art, but writing isn’t visual like most traditional art. Let’s say, for example, drawing, graphic design, and acting. Nope, writing isn’t something people can see without using their imaginations. So for some, reading and visualizing a story isn’t easy. I figured that’s why most people say, “I’ll wait for the movie or TV adaption to come out.” Or, “Why read it when I can watch the movie?”

People say writing is an art, but writing isn’t visual like most traditional art. Let’s say, for example, drawing, graphic design, and acting. Nope, writing isn’t something people can see without using their imaginations. So for some, reading and visualizing a story isn’t easy. I figured that’s why most people say, “I’ll wait for the movie or TV adaption to come out.” Or, “Why read it when I can watch the movie?”

For those who write and read, we know those people are missing out on some great stories. And of course, books usually cover more than a movie or TV show will. So as writers, our work is harder than traditional artists who create beautiful pieces for people to ponder and stare at.

Now, you may be wondering what’s the point of this, and I’m going to tell you. Point blank: use your talent. A few years ago, I was always on DA (Deviantart). If you don’t know what DA is, it’s a place for artists to share their work. So think, drawings, gifs, photography, and more. On DA, fellow artists would draw pictures for other users. The same can be said for artists offline. For example, if a friend is sad, you can draw a picture of them with their favorite fictional character. Those artists use their talent online, and offline.

As writers, we should do the same thing. If you are a writer, use your talent not just to write stories online, for publishing or for yourself. Also, write for the people in your life who love and care about you.

This week, my mother was upset over something my brother did, and I tried to think of ways to make her feel better. Of course, we talked about, but then I thought, “I write! Why don’t I write her a poem.” So, I got my thinking cap on and wrote something short and straightforward:

There is no reason to be mad,
so please, don’t be sad.

Here is a simple message to say,
I am here for you now and always.

Dedicated to my mother, Evelyn. 

I know it’s not much, but it’s a way to use my talent to cheer her up. If I were better at drawing, I would have drawn her a picture of the landscapes she likes. However, that’s a skill I’m still working on. So next time someone in your life is sad, use those writing skills to make them feel better. After all, it is your talent. And besides, if your friends and family see more of your writing, then they may read that book you’ve been working on or, they may finally say, “We have a writer in the family, and it’s (you)!”

Have you ever used your writing talent for a friend or family member? If you did, what did you write them?


Being a Writer in a Relationship (For Writers)


Before we begin, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. Like I said before, I’m trying to focus on finishing my stories before the year ends. I’m thinking of recycling my old blog posts like other bloggers do. That way, new readers can find my old content. ^^

In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to update at least 1-2 times a week.

Onto today’s topic!

Today we’re going to talk about…

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That’s right, relationships!

So yesterday, the man I’m with made a comment about how he missed the “old me.” To further explain, the old me was a lazy bum who didn’t do anything but go to work, play RPGS, and watch TV. Once I decided I seriously wanted to be a writer, everything changed for me. I was involved in writing communities, reading and writing all the time. And when I mean all the time, I mean all the time.

My focus was on improving my craft and not letting anything stop me from being a writer. What used to be me playing video games, was now me reading books on writing. At that time, I finally felt like a part of myself was becoming who I should have been – a writer. My happiness increased (and slightly decreased from writing stress) because I felt I was a part of something. I was growing into a writer, and my world was expanded beyond the boring reality I lived in.

However, with my newfound realization, it took a toll on my relationship. Instead of being readily available to hang out with, I was busy with chapters. When the work day was finally over, I needed to go online to check my stats and read other people’s stories. Needless to say, my relationship took a hit.

We fought for a while, and I was told I was obsessed with writing. To be fair, I was. I wanted to be a good writer, to learn everything I could about the craft. When you are building yourself up, it takes time, but you can’t ignore the people in your life.

After thinking about it, I decided I needed to work on time management. While I would love to write and read as much as I could, I can’t.

Here are some tips on how I balanced being in a relationship and being a writer:

Set aside time – There is only so many hours in the day to spend time with loved ones, so try to work around those hours. For me, the guy I’m with doesn’t wake up until 10:00 am or 11:00 am on the weekends, so I work early.

Explain to them your passion – After we had fought, I explained to him and my family why writing was so important to me. I even used explains of famous people like Steve Jobs and J. K. Rowling. If you want to build yourself as a writer, you need time to write. Once I was able to provide examples and show how strong my desire was, they understood.

Don’t get angry – If your loved ones ever get mad, and say you spend too much time writing, don’t get angry with them. Listen to their concerns and come up with an action plan. For example, for my guy and me, we both agreed that past 5:00 pm, I wouldn’t write. However, that does depend on what we’re doing that day. If he wants to go out, then I don’t write.

Again, I don’t want to make this post too long, but I hope this tips will help you in your relationships :3 If you ever feel overwhelmed, try not to. Other writers have done it before us and have been successful. We just have to find that balance with our own lives.

How do you balance out writing and being in a relationship?

Updates and Life

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been sick the last two days, so I haven’t been able to post anything, but I’m feeling better now.

I plan to answer everyone’s questions soon and post some new writing tips.

First, I want to give some updates to my Clash of Tides readers:

Honestly, I hate having all these notes in my story, but I don’t know another way to let ALL readers know I’m still writing this story.

Right now, I’m working on chapter 19, and I plan to have it posted this weekend or next week. Thanks so much for sticking with this story! I hope everyone is excited about the update.

I try to write quality chapters, especially for Clash of Tides, so I don’t like to rush them^^

Just so I don’t waste an author’s note, can you tell me the following?

How would you describe Clash of Tides to a friend?

What character do you relate to the most?

If you want, please answer the questions. I love reading what readers have to say.

Note: I know this note doesn’t apply to all my followers here, but I wanted to give my readers some updates.



(Read this with the music if you want to. It helped inspire me) 

In my dreams, I see the places I create and the people I bring to life. My dreamland provides me passage into my own mind, to the planet of my creation. When I enter that place – the world filled with magic and things not possible in reality – I see your face. You smile at me while holding me with a tight grip in your arms.

I know this isn’t real, that you are just a product of my imagination. However, even still, I embrace you back, and you tell me, “Please don’t wake up. Stay with me, just a bit longer.”

This piece was inspired by a dream I had. So, before going to sleep, I was reading some chapters in a young adult book. In my dream, I was the main character, and all the guys were fighting for my affection. Of course, one of the guys embraced me. As a writer, I won’t lie; it was pretty neat living out a story in my dreams. However, what scared me is even the guy knew I was dreaming.

Oh, and for now own, I will only be using CCO images on my blog. Also, Love for an Angel will be updated soon!! I’m almost at 300 followers! Thanks, everyone!

Have you ever dreamed about your stories?