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My Return

I'm Back

Hey, everyone!

I didn’t mean to be MIA for so long, but my Vegas trip really tired my body out. I had a great time! I even got inspired to write a new short story that I may turn into something else later.

How is everyone doing? Sorry for the lack of updates. I do plan to update something soon, so I hope you’re ready to read some new content.

Also, I plan to get some artwork of my characters done again! Is there any particular character you want to see?

I’ll catch up with everyone soon.

Right now, I’m working on the following:

Planning my trip to Tokyo
– Learning Web Development, refreshing my Japanese, and working on Technical Writing
– Finalizing Clash of Tides and working on the second draft
– Reaching out to editors
– Plotting out 9/Nine Realms

Basically, I’ll be like

work work work

What are you all working on?

PS. I still need to respond to comments, and I’ll do that soon.


Goodreads, where should we draw the line? (For Writers)

Hey, everyone! It wasn’t my intention to post this topic today, but another writer and I have been discussing this recently.

To give you some background, and some of you may already know this, I learned a few weeks ago that stories posted on Wattpad are considered self-published by sites like Goodreads. You may be asking, “Aka, why is this important?”

Well, I’ll tell you. Some writers on Wattpad, mostly the popular ones, have been getting Goodreads reviews on their books. The issue here is, the stories they posted are first drafts, not finalized products. When we think of Goodreads, we think of a place to review published and finalized self-published books, not first drafts online.

Since the stories posted to Wattpad are free, we’re wondering if it’s right that readers are leaving detailed reviews on unedited work. The “where should we draw the line?” question comes from the fact these stories are free. It is right that readers are posting detailed reviews and rating on books that are still in progress? Giving feedback on Wattpad is fine, but should that also apply to Goodreads? To explain further, I mean that some writers may not want early draft reviews posted to Goodreads, as they still have time to edit and fix their work. Not only that, but the reviews may hinder the writer from posting their work in the future.

Also, Goodreads has confirmed they won’t remove detailed reviews for first draft Wattpad books, as they are self-published to Wattpad. So, even if you, as the writer, request these reviews to be removed, they won’t do. In short, “completed Wattpad books are considered self-published. The same also applies to other websites like Fictionpress.”

However, posting work online as become even more complex with Wattpad’s ads revenue program and websites like Radish. With the revenue program, readers click on ads in Wattpad’s popular stories, thus providing money for the writer. And with Radish, readers are actually PAYING for the story (for those who follow me, I covered this in another post.) On Wattpad, even if the readers aren’t spending their own money, they are providing money to the writers by watching the ads.

My writer friend feels that if a reader paid for the story through Radish (or other sites like Tapas and Kindle, of course, they have a right to post the review on Goodreads.)

For myself, I have mixed feelings about this. It’s a known thing in the internet world that if you post your work online, you’re opening yourself up to this – getting bad reviews, people stealing your work, and losing first publishing rights.

Also, since this mostly happens to popular writers online, it’s to be expected. Honestly, you can’t get 1M+ reads and think you’ll get away unscathed. Some think the number of reads shouldn’t matter, but what do you think?

I do know this has happened to lesser known writers online, too, but not as much. In the end, it’s a moral argument. I’ll be honest about my feelings, though, when you post your work online, anything can happen. Some Wattpad writers and other writers on different websites feel readers are entitled, and I do agree with this.

We can’t stop readers from posting reviews on our stories, free, first drafts, or not, but what do you all feel about this?

The important discussion for today: Do you think first drafts posted online should receive reviews on Goodreads? Where do we draw the line with Goodreads reviews? Do you feel these reviews will hurt the writer’s future with trying to publish later?

(If you have an opinion, please post it. We want to know what other writers think about this. And as a warning, please be careful when you post your work online. We both didn’t know about the Goodreads thing. For this reason, I’m very glad I no longer post my long stories on Wattpad.)

1-year Anniversary!!

I wanted to post this earlier, but I had writing class tonight. So, I saw this in my notifications:

1-year Anniversary


Today, marks a year ago that I left Wattpad behind to create my own website. I’m always amazed how much can change in one year, but looking back on everything, it was for the best.

I’ve met so many writers here, and all of them are awesome, wonderful people. Basically, there are many adjectives to describe them ^___^

I don’t want to list out specific blogs, but I want to say thank you to everyone for supporting me throughout the year. When I first started this blog, it was to ease my pain from another writing site. Over this year, I regained my confidence back as a writer, and my self-doubt has retreated somewhere in the depths of my mind (and I hope it stays there).

If you are struggling as a writer, don’t give up. I know it sounds cliche, but you really have to keep pushing yourself. It’s a scary thought giving up before you even know your real potential. And that’s what I almost did, but now, I finally feel well-rounded as a writer.

So, I don’t have much to blog about today since this is just a thank you post, but I did see this eariler:


The Gunslinger by Stephen King was one of the first books I read that got me into fantasy. As for the trailer, I have my own feelings on it, but it sparked a question I wanted to ask you all.

If you had a choice, what medium would you choose for your stories and why? Would you choose a tv show, movie, anime, or stay in book format?

For my stories, I always imagined them in anime form. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about actors playing my characters. The joy of anime format is the characters can look the way you want since they don’t need a cast. So, what about you, what medium would you choose?


Updates and Instant Gratification

Hey, everyone! I apologize for being MIA, but I’ve been busy this last week. Before we get into today’s blog post, I want to tell you what’s going on with me.

So, last week, I started an in-person creative writing class. The first class was an awesome experience. It was nice meeting other writers and talking about their work in person. In addition to the writing class, I’m been active on Writing.com. On Writing.com, I’ve been doing Contest, Activites, and participating in the discussions.

Since I’m doing CAMP NaNoWriMo this month, I plan to do a lot of writing this weekend. Which means I am going to finish Clash of Tides!!! I am excited and sad, but I’m ready to put Elena’s story on break. For those who follow me, then you know I posted the first chapter of 9/Nine Realms on here. Once I’m done with Clash of Tides, I’ll either start 9/Nine Realms again or pick up a new story, Dawning Dragons. Dawning Dragons is like Eragon in the modern day world. However, the main character is from Baltimore MD, and Dragons aren’t extinct.

After doing period writing for so long, I want to try more modern day work.

Ok, so now onto today’s topic. Since I need to write today, I’m going to keep this short.

Recently, another writer brought up instant gratification when it comes to posting stories online. In a way, getting comments on our stories is like a drug. Getting praise on our stories feeds our egos, it helps us believe we are decent writers with a fighting chance to publish a book one day. However, what is the price for instant gratification?

Well, if we stop getting comments where readers say they love our work, we can get depressed. Our self-doubt will kick in full folds and say, “I guess you weren’t that good after all,” or “See, you blew it! They used to love you and now they don’t.”

As writers, we all know how the old writers did it – they wrote alone, with only a few friends reading their work. Once their stories were polished and ready for the world, then they submitted them. There was no internet to post their stories on, wait for readers and comments. They weren’t competing with other writers and feeling inadequate. It’s was just the writer and their story, and that’s it.

My question to all of you is, “Do you think instant gratification is worth it?”

Please let me know what you think!

Also, I will respond to all comments today ^__^ Thanks for being so awesome, everyone!

I’ve Returned!


Hey, everyone! How has your week been? Well, I’m finally back from my trip. For those who are interested, I went to Sedona, AZ with my family. From there, we did the tourist thing and saw the Grand Canyon.

Honestly, the trip was awesome! It was peaceful looking at the red mountains and listening to the water flowing. If I ever decide to make a writer’s retreat, it will be in Sedona.

During my trip, I reflected on who I am and where I want to take my life. Sometimes, we need to break that daily grind to think about our own selves and desires. My biggest goal for the rest of the year is to have no more self-doubt. A fellow writer on Writing.com told me “If people tell you your writing is good, believe them.”

Now, I think the worst thing a writer can do is receive praise for their work and not believe their readers (fans). That’s exactly what I did, and I won’t be doing it anymore.

Also! I came up with so many story ideas while on my trip. I can’t wait to write some new stories and blog posts. Here are some pictures I took:

Also, I wrote a poem about my experience:


As I stood on the rusty colored dirt road,
my eyes were fixated on the scene before me.

Giant rocks, as they formed through the ages,
captured my sight and entranced me.

Their shapes were mountainous, scary,
but they held an alluring beauty.

Under the desert sun, my worries emptied,
and I reflected on my reason for being.

For I am a writer, and the written word is my course,
and bringing worlds to life is my path.


Next week, I plan to post the following:
Book Review (a fellow blogger’s story)
Chapter 21 of COT
New blog post

Here is my to-do list for the rest of March:
– Write my entry for the Short Shots contest (Writing.com) 
– Finish my prep month (Profile showcase for Writing.com) 
– Upload the revised chapters for 9/Nine Realms (For review on Writing.com) 
– Write my next short story for publication (Submissions!) 
– Sign up for my Creative Writing class for April

Question: When readers tell you your work is good, do you believe them? (Of course, there is always room for improvement, but do YOU believe your stories are good when readers say it?)

Mystery Blogger Award

First, I would like to say thank you for 1,000 followers!! When I saw the alert from WordPress, I was shocked. I never thought this blog would get so many followers, but I’m glad people enjoy my post. Thanks again for following me :3

Also, I would like to thank Rachael (The Crooked Pen) for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award!

“Mystery Blogger Award”  is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.

– Okoto Enigma 

The rules for this prestigious award (courtesy of Okoto Enigma, the almighty creator) are as follows:

1)  Display the award logo on your blog.
award2)  Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
3)  Mention the creator of the award and provide a link.
4)  Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
5)  Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
6)  Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers.
7)  Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
8)  Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
9)  Share the link to your best post.

Three things about me:

  1. I’m a strong believer in the paranormal. Sometimes, I read and watch so many things about the paranormal, I scare myself. I get nightmares at night. =(
  2. Growing up, I was a bad writer, and I mean bad. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I improved my writing skills and got better.
  3. I’m a Disney nerd. I love Disney movies!!! My favorite Disney movies are Frozen, Princess and the Frog, and The Little Mermaid. Hint hint, it’s one reason why I’m writing a book about mermaids and mermen.

Questions from Rachael:

  1. If you had the opportunity to rewrite any novel, which novel would it be and what would you change?  This is a hard question, but there is one novel I would love to rewrite. It’s a paranormal romance book I found on Amazon. I’m not sure what the writer was thinking, but it’s written in third-person limited, present tense. It was soooo hard to read! I want to rewrite it in first person because it would flow so much better!
  2. Name the funniest book you’ve ever read and why it made you laugh. I don’t like reading comedy books, but the funniest book I’ve read is Splintered. The character, Morpheus, was so witty in that book. I laughed at almost every joke he said. =)  
  3. Where is your favorite place to write/read? I like to read in the park, under a nice warm sky. However, I like to write on the sofa. My sofa is so comfy, and the lounge section makes it perfect for writing.

        4. If you could have drinks with any literary character, who would they be and why? This is a tough question; there are so many characters to talk to and learn from. Instead of listing one, I’ll just list out the ones I want to drink with and why.

  • Levi (Attack on Titan) – I want to ask him how it feels to be the strongest human out of everyone else. I would also like to hear his life story.
  • Claire (Outlander) – I want to know how it felt traveling through time. How did she find the will to keep going?
  • Anita Blake (Anita Blake – Vampire Hunter Series) – I want to ask her why she is so bitchy.
  • Darrow (Red Rising) – So many questions I can’t just list one!

There’s more, but I think that’s enough, for now, =)

          5. What’s your philosophy on life?  I believe life should be fun and enjoyable. If you are not enjoying life, then something isn’t right.


I’m not going to Nominate anyone, but if you want to answer the questions, go for it!

My 5 questions:

  • Do you feel like you are supposed to be a writer?
  • What is your favorite book, movie, and TV show?
  • Who inspires you and why?
  • Are you attracted to one of your characters, and if you are, why?
  • What would you do if you become a best-selling author?

If you want to answer in the comments, feel free! I would love to know your answers.

My best blog post:

I have blog posts that are my favorite, so I can’t just list one. Below are the posts I’m proud of, and I feel inspired the community.

When Writers Bully Each Other
Notice Me, For I am Small
Trying Something New (For Writers)
Community Wars

That’s it for me! Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll have some new posts for you soon^^

Q & A Answers!

Hey, everyone! Sorry, it has taken me so long to answer your questions, but I was sick for the past two days. Finally, I’m better again, so I can write and start posting blog posts.

For today, I’m going to answer your questions!

Questions from h5845:

Are you a boy or a girl? Girl, or should I say, I’m of the female gender (born) 

Where do you lived? San Francisco
How old are you? I’m in my 20s

Questions from Shadow Summit:

Have you ever created a side-character that you ended up secretly liking more than your secondary or main character?❤

Ok, so I won’t lie, this was a hard question to answer. To answer it, yes, I have. I really like Erela more than Lana in Love for an Angel. While Lana does have her own unique personality and goals, I feel like Erela stands out more. Lana was created an angel, whereas Erela decided to become an angel. So, I feel like Erela looks at being an angel and heaven’s society differently than other angels do. I have other reasons why I like Erela, but I don’t want to write too much. ^__^

Questions from  Anime_Girls_NYC

Who are some famous Authors that have inspired you to write?

There is so many, but the ones who truly inspired me are:

Stephen King, Anne Rice, Victoria Aveyard, A.G. Howard, and Alice Walker. There is more, but I won’t write them all.

Do you base any of your characters on people you know?

I base a few characters off people I know, but not many. I try to make my characters brand new people. Lol

Questions from Mandie Hines

What inspires you and why do you write?

Wow! This was a really hard question for me to answer, but I think I have a good answer for you.

I’m inspired to write because reality bores me. I like to read because it expands my mind and takes me to new places. I’m also inspired to write unique characters that I want to bring to life. For example, Clash of Tides. I’ve never read a good story about a merman, so I wanted to create Assan.

I write because I want to get the stories in my head out on paper. Imagining the characters is fun, but typing out their story and reading about their adventures makes them even more real 😀

What is your favorite word?

Aka :3 I really love that word.

 Questions from Ankita B

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I was depressed about my writing. I felt like a failure as a writer, and I wanted a place to share my feelings towards writing. I also wanted to help other writers not feel alone. That was about a few months ago, and I’ve grown this blog so much. 

What do you find most interesting about blogging?

I like sharing my thoughts with other writers. It’s also interesting to see how I’m not alone in my thoughts towards being a writer.

Questions from maggiederrick

Who’s your favourite character you’ve written and why?

Honestly, I would say Elena is my favorite character. She’s a part of who I am, and she grows into the person I wish I could be. Her family life is also similar to the way I was raised (having a controlling mom who wanted me to do what she wanted).

I’m also proud of her as a character. She has been through so much, and she still has more to go.

Lastly, she is also the first black female character I’ve really written. Her character is supposed to help other black woman feel like they have a place in fantasy. I know I know, there is urban fantasy, but I wanted Elena to just be associated with Fantasy.

Questions from  creativeminds101blog

When did you decide that you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. 

When I was little, I would get in trouble a lot because I was always writing stories during class. My mind was always in fantasy, and it still is. ^__^

However, I didn’t get serious about it until a few years ago. I told my parents I wanted to get an English degree, but they wouldn’t pay for it. They said an English degree won’t get me a job > <

Those are all the questions I got for now!! If you want to ask me anything else, just comment!!!

You Clash of Tides readers are blowing up my blog!!!! The update is coming! I’m almost done writing the chapter.


Too many visitors today!

Tomorrow I’ll have some new writing tips!!

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