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You want me,
but you can’t have me

We have lost ourselves in this war,
in the battle between light and dark

This quick poem was inspired by Lana from Love for an Angel. She is aware Lucifer still loves her, but she is fighting the darkness he brings out in her.

I hope you liked it!


Time to Focus


Before I begin, I want to thank everyone who commented on my post – Motivation and Writing (For Writers). Many of you said wonderful things about how I wrote that article, and you shared with me your motivation. Thanks again, all you lovely writers out there =) If I haven’t responded to your comment yet, I will soon.


Strange, and it may be just me, but I’ve noticed the number of blog posts, and comments have declined recently.

And sure enough, my suspicions were correct! There are a few bloggers I follow who posted what is going on in their lives. Some are catching up with outside activities, and others are working on their stories.

To copy what they did, I want to let you know what I’m up to.

  1. I won’t be posting and commenting on blogs that much anymore. Since we only have three months left in the year, I want to focus on getting Clash of Tides and Love for an Angel done.
  2. Writing short stories – Next year, I plan to pursue publication. However, before I do that, I want to test the waters, build up some publication creds, and learn to write a query letter. My goal is to write five good story stories and publish them.
  3. Beginning Jan 1, 2017, I plan to start working on my new books:
  • Battle of the Five Kings (Game of Thrones/ Feudal Japan inspired)
  • 9/Nine Realms (Legend of Zelda/ Summoner/ Final Fantasy inspired).
  • Corruption of Competition (Sci-fi/Dystopian/new world order) Formerly, Spoiled Rich Girl. The title is still in progress.

Whew, I have a lot of projects to work on. Not to mention I still have school and work, so there you have it! I’ll be posting new content every other day instead of every day. I hope you’ll miss me 🙂 It will just be me and my characters for a while.

Oh, and this is more of a rant about a book I’m reading right now, but can the instant love stop already. I’m only on chapter 6 of the book I’m reading, and the two characters are about to jump in each other pants. And for the love of all good writing, it better not be because they are mates.

Ok, I’m done now.


Clash of Tides |Chapter 18-Moist| Part 2

Clash of Tides has moved here:

To catch up on previous chapters, click here {Clash of Tides}

This chapter was hard for me to write, which is why it took so long for me to update. I know I shouldn’t be posting my work online anymore. However, many readers have already started the story, and I don’t want to take it away from them. Hmm, I think this story may need so much editing, it may not even matter. Right now, I’m still deciding if I want to trad publish or self-publish it.

Recently, I met a new writer online that advised me to self-publish ad try to trad publish at the same time. Have any of you ever done that?

Alas, writer’s life is not easy.

If I haven’t responded to your comments, then I’ll get back to you soon. It’s been a busy writing weekend^^

Clash of Tides, Elena – Complete

If you have been following my blog, then you know I’ve been posting the various stages of Elena’s character drawing

Well, today, the artist sent me Elena’s final image, and I love it!

For all those we aren’t familiar with her character, she is biracial (half-white/ half-black). The inspiration for her character came from my desire to see a black female protagonist. I know urban fiction has black female characters, and of course, black literature. However, I wanted to write a fantasy story that was neither of those things – just an ordinary fantasy romance. Thus, Elena’s character was born. Writing her story has been amazing! As a writer, in some ways, my characters feel like my children. I am watching them grow and learn. And now, I can see an image of Elena brought to life, not just the picture I see in my mind.

Without any more rambling, here she is, Elena, from Clash of Tides. My first black, female protagonist!


The artist was easy to work with and understood what I wanted. If you want to contact him for commissions, his page can be found here {}.

When I took Clash of Tides down, it broke my heart. I wanted her story to succeed, for young black women to have a protagonist they could connect with. Of course, not just black women, but anyone who could relate to her desire for freedom.

Today, I created this, and I plan to make one for Elena and Seidon!


Maybe when I get better at Gimp, I can make something special for these two, but until then, it will have to be my simple graphics. For those who are wondering about Assan, he is one of the main male characters and a merman =)

Before I leave all of you, I wanted to let you know I’ll be MIA this weekend. I’ll respond to all the comments later. Have a great weekend! And thanks for following me on this journey!!

I hope you like Elena’s drawing^^

Clash of Tides – Elena, Base Color

This morning, I got a wonderful surprise! The artist I got to commission Elena sent me the drawing with her base color.

Again, it’s so strange seeing my character coming to life. Now since I’ve seen her in color, I’m inspired to write her story again. Once the artist completes Elena’s drawing, I’ll splice the following images together:

Seidon x Elena  

Assan x Elena  

Elena alone in an 18th-century setting  

Ahh!! I can’t wait to do the drawings. Here she is with the base color:


(Artist can be found here:

I was thinking of having her a little darker, but she is slightly modeled off Alicia Keys. For those who like the picture, yes, she is biracial. Ah! I can’t wait to do the splice of her and Assan, and her and Seidon. I felt the artist did a great job capturing her innocence. Sigh…I put so much effort into my stories, but it never pays off.

Anyway, I hope you like the picture!

Clash of Tides – Elena

So, I know I said I wouldn’t share any more images or news related to my story, but an artist I commissioned finally started working on Elena. Now, I was going to ask him to cancel my order, but I waited for this slot for like months. I really love his artwork, so I’m excited to bring Elena to life, anime style. When I showed one of my friends the sketch, she said, ”See! Why wouldn’t you want to keep bringing this character to life?”

Honestly, it was a good question, no a great question! I didn’t have an answer for her. Maybe it’s my own failure or disappointment that makes me feel I can’t do Elena justice. Or maybe it’s a pride thing I have going on, who knows!

I always tried to be transparent with my readers – even though now I find it pointless – so here is the rough sketch for Elena. As I said, this artist style is more anime like. I plan to get a realistic portrait of Elena later, but for now, I wanted to follow the same theme as Assan’s and Seidon’s pictures.


The artist page can be found here:

I love anime, and it has greatly inspired me to write. It’s so overwhelming seeing one of my female characters in anime form. Someone once told me I’m so passionate about writing, but I guess the main word now is “was”. Anyway, once I get the finished design, I’ll post it!

Blood and Love (1)

Blood and Love title series

(CCO image and I added the text)

A/N: This is a short series I’ve wanted to write for a while. It’s called Blood and Love. The inspiration for this series is from the song Under the Sheets by Ellie Goulding. I want to keep every piece short for my blog, so it will be posted in parts. 

Like all the boys before
Like all the boys boys boys boys
Like all the boys before
Like all the boys boys boys boys

You left a blood stain on the floor
You set your sights on him
You left a hand print on the door
Like all the boys before, like all the boys before

When we first met, I should have known better, but I learned love does blind a person. My family loved me, and they told me you weren’t right for me. However, I didn’t listen; you made sure of that. After my mom had threatened you with a restraining order to stay away from me, you came to the house. It was either my loving family, or my protective boyfriend who wanted to be with me, or at least that was the lie you told me. Like the fool I was, I said, “You, and only you.”

You smiled then and stroked my hair. You replied, “That’s my girl.”

I screamed at my elderly mother and almost attacked my old dad, but it was for you, for us. I grabbed my stuff, threw it in the suite case, and then we drove away. It was the start of our lives together, of the downfall I was descending to.

A/N: The next part will be posted tomorrow.