Writing Goals

These are my writing goals, and one day I hope to accomplish all of them. None of these need to be finished in any order.

  1. Finish a fanfiction (Through Your Eyes Levi x Reader)
  2. Get certified in creative writing 
  3. Start a blog 
  4. Finish Clash of Tides
  5. Edit, rewrite and edit Clash of Tides for querying
  6. Get an agent
  7. Write more short stories
  8. Go to a writer’s conference
  9. Get 500 followers on WordPress
  10. Publish Clash of Tides
  11. Edit, rewrite and edit Love for an Angel
  12. Finish Love for an Angel
  13. Get a second certification in creative writing
  14. Read 100 books
  15. Join a “real life” writing community
  16. Write a best-seller

7 thoughts on “Writing Goals

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  2. A list of goals is a good thing to keep around. I sometimes write out the running list in my head, and if you’ve perused my blog I think you see that I like to do end-of-month working updates where I publicly expose, er, detail what I’ve accomplished and also what I didn’t accomplish from the list o’ things to do (which is more often than I’d like). Taking myself to task regarding my productivity in a public manner helps keep me honest 😉


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